Review of Umbrella Stroller (Cosco) – The must have for any travel with a toddler

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unbrella stroller

Hi Moms,

Its been a while since I have written. But please expect a lot of exciting blog posts in the coming days. Especially related to travel.

Travelling with a toddler is definately not very easy but at the same time it is not very hard when you travel is planned. You can easily move them around with an Umbrella stroller.

Its perfect for international travels, and can easily pass through the scanners in the airports. When your child wants to walk simply fold it like an umbrella and hang it on your hand.

We have a basic one from Cosco and it could hold it easily. I know there are many fancy ones available in the market. But I preferred a light one as its easy to fold and keep it away when we dont require it. We switched trains many times and it was very easy to keep it in the overhead luggage storage area.


Image Source

When it comes to durability it lasted an entire trip with different terrains. I will surely give you my feedback once I use it on Indian roads.

Cost wise it is very reasonable, I guess we got it at 20$ from the US. So if your travelling to the US you surely know what to buy. Also dont compare it with a regular stroller as this one just helps moving kids around especially in large airports, and helps us with the pain of carrying those heavy strollers when kids want to walk. This is how it looks when folded:

Image Source

Overall a good investment.

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