Trendy lunch boxes for your kids

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Are you done with your preparations for the new session? Is his/her school bag ready? Have you purchased the stationary? If yes, are you forgetting the most important thing, the lunch box? Don’t worry; we have a guide ready for you to select the best boxes available in the market. As per your child’s food preferences, you can select the perfect one.

‘A lunch box tells a lot about the health of a kid’

Below mentioned things can be taken cared of while buying a new box

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Sturdy Ones

You don’t want your kids to feel embarrassed while the oil gets spilled from their boxes, right? Make sure that the boxes they use are sturdy, air-tight and easy to use for kids. Try one from Smily Kiddos; they have a wide range of boxes to choose from. They are so colorful, trendy and will definitely attract your champ. Plus, they have soft edges, air-tight lids, and the most important they are safe for kids.

The number of compartments

As per your kids’ choice and preference, you can select a box. It is important to have the right number of compartments for stuff like green veggies, lentils, bread, snacks, and pickles. Also, you don’t want these things to get mixed in the box. You can either go for a 2-part box or a double decker box, the choice is yours..!

Colour combination

He loves blue, she loves pink or they both love black? If you are also tasseled with your kids’ choices, we have a solution for you. Smily Kiddos has a wide range of lunch boxes that come in various colors. I am sure your little angels won’t say a no to these baby pink, ice blue, and black boxes. They have stylish prints which attract every kid. Brighten their day with bright, colourful box, and let them flaunt some style amongst their peer group with their lunch box.

Material used

Is the material of the current lunch box safe for your kid? Is it made up of cheap plastic causing harm to their health? Or is it too fragile that it can get broken very easily? If the answer to the above question is yes, you should head straight to and select a quality box. Be a mom who is taking care of the kid in her absence too.

Size of the box

Nor too big, nor too small is the right size of the box. For kids, you need to be extra cautious while selecting a lunch box. If the box is too large, it is heavy for them and will be difficult for them to carry and if it’s too small it will mess up the food inside it. So don’t just jump on to the good looking box, but analyze it properly. And, of course, the box should have some space for spoons and fork, just the way Smily Kiddos provide.

If you cook absolutely healthy food for the baby, if you take care of his dietary needs, and if you make sure that your kid is eating freshly prepared food, how can you not ensure the box is right or not? Now that you know the checklist, think twice before buying a box because it’s not just a box, it’s the way you take of his/her nutrition, it’s the way his/her health is ensured and it’s how you take care of your younger one.


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The Dog Who Saved The World by Ross Welford


the dog who saved the world

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Ross Welford’s new novel his fourth, The Dog Who Saved the World.I simply loved this book because it is very well written & fun to read as it is like a science fiction and involved dogs !!

Even though the story is set slightly in the future that the characters were easy to relate to, and that one of the main ones is a dog! I liked the story of Georgie and Ramzy who meet an eccentric scientist and are manipulated into visiting her at her top secret laboratory. There, they get to try out her new 3D virtual reality game – and so the adventure begins.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes time traveling stories and if you liked this one read time traveling with a hamster

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Tips To Help You Parent Your Children With Clashing Personalities


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Every child is unique. The way they interact with the world, the way the view events or situations and even their eating habits can differ. In fact, no two children are the same even in the same family. Having siblings with completely different personalities is actually quite common; the New York Times estimates that siblings are similar 20 percent of the time. For parents of multiple kids, this means that one parenting style or approach can elicit different responses from each child. Traditional Indian parenting styles center around attachment parenting and emphasis on developing moral and educational values. However, in many cases, a preset approach may not be suited to every child. For these parents, a question that is often asked is: How do I parent children with different personalities? As a parent, you want to encourage the development of your child’s personalities, but it can also present some challenges. Well, there is a way to do that, and it all begins with understanding your child’s personality.

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View And Appreciate The Individuality

The best start to successfully parenting of different personalities is to understand the differences and commonalities between your kids. To do this, take the time to understand each child as an individual and their views. There are many tools and parenting resources widely available online that may help you categorize your child’s traits. His/Her everyday actions, reactions, and motivations will be key in helping you here.

According to Hippocrates, there are four temperaments; Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine and Phlegmatic. Each of these has defining characteristics which will help you make the categorization. Only when you have identified your child’s temperament will you be able to successfully build a suitable approach to connect with them. This is also the way you can identify any character traits that could signal temperament conditions and get suitable help. A norm witnessed in India is the dismissal of problematic signs by parents, with the hope that the child will grow out of it, or that it could be remedied using strict enforcement of rules and punishments. This is not always the best way forward, and a consultation with a professional can be incredibly useful in constructing an individual plan.

Cater Your Approach To Your Child

You may find that one child that is happy, quite social and enjoys receiving attention, while another is more strong-willed and outspoken. For these two individuals, one approach would rarely be suitable. In a typical Indian household, mealtimes are preset, academic achievements are revered, and strict rules on playtime are enforced, but not every child will thrive in this environment. This is where you use can benefit from using differing techniques. Keep in mind that this does not mean preferential or inconsistent parenting, but instead refers to using tools and approaches that will appeal to the individual child. For those that enjoy the attention, spending a few extra minutes explaining a task may be the trick that builds your connection, and also gets them to listen. Strong-willed kids prefer to retain some aspect of control, and like to be heard. Including them in key decisions can address this.

 See Beyond The Parent Role – Get Inventive

It can also help to sometimes remove yourself from the parent point of view and attempt to see things from your child’s view. Think of what would motivate each child. While one child may be motivated by the results of excelling in school, others may find their joy in being outdoors or in vocational areas. One great way to get children with different food preferences to eat the same is to use different or fun food presentations or make a game out of it. While it may be difficult at first, the key to achieving it is all about balance. If one child prefers to be outdoors while the other prefers books and crafts, mix activities and get them to take turns. Each time they can alternate activities, with one child choosing the activities each day. Not only does this allow them some form of control, but it also teaches patience, the art of compromise and cohabiting. In short, it allows children to become well-rounded individuals, no matter what their personality type.

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Celebrate World Sleep Day with Beddy Nest Mattress


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Sleep is so important for overall health and Beddy mattress will help you find a great reason to put your young ones to go to bed. The specialized mattress offers a sanitized environment, free of harmful substances protecting the sensitive skin of the infant. Beddy mattress is made from high quality materials, are firm, durable, breathable & have waterproof cover.

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Beddy comes in 3 varieties – Beddy Nest – The Natural, Premium Mattress; Beddy Blossom – For Optimal Support and Beddy Guard- The Multipurpose Mattress. Waterproof accessories like Beddy Protect- The Waterproof zipped cover and Beddy Shield – Water proof Protector are also available for the consumers. Though the mattresses come in 4 standard sizes of 120 x 60 x 10 cm, 85 x 46 X 5 cm, 111 x 65 x 10 cm and 140 x 70x 10cm



.Beddy Nest is made of natural core materials that are certified by Oeko-Tex- and independent testing German laboratory. Natural Latex foam and Rubberised Coir are natural, resilient and breathable materials, that are widely considered the best materials for children mattresses world over. Keeping the child’s needs in mind,the mattress comes with 2 covers, with the outer zipped cover being waterproof and washable. Beddy Nest package includes Beddy Protect – a premium waterproof zipped cover for free




The mattress looks very appealing , very innovative idea that’s waterproof from all sides and washable which i find it very handy.

On this world sleep day rediscover the power of sleep with Beddy mattress , high quality mattresses specially designed to suit the growing needs of infants and children.

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Happy Women’s Day to all my Lovely Readers

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Understanding The Risks Of Parasites And How To Prevent Infections


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A parasite infection can derail your lifestyle and cause great damage. If left unchecked, mild symptoms can snowball into worse conditions that need grave medical intervention. Parasites will thrive in an environment that is suitable to them – a host body that feeds them with all the nutrients. Understand the risks of parasites so you can take the necessary precautions and live a healthy disease-free life.

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Who Is More Vulnerable To Parasites?

You are very susceptible to a parasite infection when you are traveling. Traveling leaves you exposed to more food on the road and water that may not be of drinking standards. This is the case especially when you travel to the tropics or developing regions with basic infrastructure. Here are some tips on how to avoid parasites in foreign countries.

What Can Happen After A Parasite Infection?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that can creep up on you and make life miserable for a long time before you even realize it. It is a complex disorder with its share of symptoms. Parasitic infections are one of the leading causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Here is a simple explanation of how a parasite can lead to this debilitating condition.

The parasite is fed by the host body – the nutrients in the food you are sending into your digestive system are getting hijacked by the parasite and your organs do not get the right nutrition. Over a period of time, you lose your strength and experience tiredness that does not go away even with appropriate rest.

At times, we are guilty of feeding our parasites by adding too many carbs and sugary foods in our diet. If you are experiencing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome it is best to get a proper check-up. The sooner you identify the cause, the better for your body and your overall lifestyle.

Your Digestive System Can Get Affected

Your digestive system gets affected badly if you have a parasite in your gut. The balance of healthy microbes that aid digestion is disturbed and you will start experiencing unpleasant pain and indigestion-related symptoms. Both diarrhea and constipation can be the result of a parasite infection. A fiber-heavy diet is recommended along with treatment from a doctor.

It is not just your gut functioning that gets affected when you end up with parasites. The scale of the damage is very large. Let us scan through some of the serious repercussions that you should be aware of.

One of the most feared scenarios of parasite infection is when the central nervous system gets affected. Some parasites have the capability to infiltrate into the spine and brain of a human being and this can result in very serious conditions, in cases even fatal.

The most vulnerable are those whose immune system is suppressed because of other medical treatments or pathologies. Some of the parasites that are known to infect the central nervous system are toxoplasmosis, Neurocysticercosis – which is found in tapeworm eggs, and Trypanosoma brucei gambiense which causes sleeping sickness.

These are just some of the possibilities when you are carrying a parasite. Keep yourself informed and follow the best hygiene practices to protect your family and yourself from these unwanted guests.

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Bringing Home A Foster Baby- All That You Need To Know

foster baby

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Typically, foster care is associated with bringing home a child to settle in as a part of your family. However, foster care arrangements may vary as you may want to explore the possibilities like taking siblings, teenagers, or even a mother-baby duo as your responsibility. One of the lesser common arrangements is fostering a baby, bringing one home right after the birth. This might be a challenge for first-time carers as well as those who do not have biological children of their own. But if you still want this joyous experience, here are some facts that you should know.

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You can expect a lot of information

Unlike a conventional arrangement, you will be given a lot of information about the baby as well as the general care tips. The best part is that all this information will be very useful as it comes from the expert medical staff of the hospital. They will tell you about the baby’s medical history, her routine and habits that she has formed during the stay in the hospital.

A social worker will soon be there to follow up

When you take the baby home from the hospital, a social worker will probably be there within a few hours. They are there to check the entire arrangements, from the baby’s crib to formula, diapers, medicines and more. In short, you need to be geared up for the responsibility well enough even before the little one comes home and a social worker will ensure that.

It is less common than you may think

Baby foster care is a less common arrangement and you will need to find a specialized agency that provides them. According to Tahir Khan from Perpetual Fostering (       ), foster agencies tend to place more older children than younger children. Still, if you are really committed to the idea, you can do some research and arrange for it.

You will need to be in constant touch with a pediatrician

Having a little baby at home is a major responsibility because young children require constant medical care and monitoring. Additionally, you need to stick to the recommended vaccination routine. This means that you will need to be constantly connected with a pediatrician to give your baby the essential care right from the beginning. It is preferable to check with one at the hospital where the baby was born.

Newbies will need essential training

While veteran moms can play the role of a perfect caregiver, new foster parents should take some essential training for baby care. Talking to fellow parents and a doctor helps while you can check a few online resources to get tips on practical aspects like feeding, cleaning, bathing, and potty training. If the baby suffers from a health condition, you will probably require some extra training from a qualified healthcare provider.

Fostering a baby is a special experience as you get to connect with a little one who brings happiness and smiles for you and your family. This is a connection that will grow stronger with time and help you become a perfect parent sooner than you expect.

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Be An Optimist: Lifestyle Tips For Remaining Positive


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No matter how hopeless or dead a situation might look, there are some people who go through it with confidence, positive attitude, and a smile on their face. They also come out of the situation shining brighter than ever. They are the ones who constantly give hope, encouragement, and strength to their loved ones and friends. They seek to find the good in every experience and situation and are likely to be successful in all areas of their lives.

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On the other hand, spending a few hours in the company of a pessimist would surely bring down our confidence and courage. When we go through difficult times, we often seek help from our loved ones and friends who remain positive and cheerful no matter what they face in life. An optimist is not someone who ignores a difficult situation but approaches it with positivity. People also rely on astrology, tarot reading, and horoscope to understand the situation they are in and how to move in the right direction. Reading this post from will give you insights on tarot reading.

What are some of the ways by which you can remain positive in your day to day lives? Here are a few tips:

  • Practice Optimism

Difficult situations cannot be avoided in life. However, you can stop yourself from assuming the worst while going through it. Make an effort to approach difficult circumstances with a positive attitude. You’ll come out much stronger and wiser.

  • Regular Physical Workouts

Regular exercise is another way to remain positive throughout your day. Endorphins, which are released during physical workouts, boost a person’s mood. This helps you handle stressful situations with a positive attitude and also reduces anxiety.

  • Embrace Challenges And Be Flexible

Not all days are going to be carefree. Blocks and challenges are a part of life. You need to be flexible enough to make adjustments and detours. Facing challenges with a positive attitude instead of running away from them will help you learn from the experience. As a result, you will become stronger and more confident.

  • Learn To Accept Criticism

People who get upset or are offended easily while facing criticism would never have growth in their lives. Positive criticisms are necessary for individuals to examine themselves and their work.

  • Accept Rejections

Not all interviews or relationships are going to work out perfectly. Whether it’s a broken heart that you’ve got to deal with or a project that was not accepted, rejections are a part of life. You could either let your heart become hardened and maintain a negative attitude towards yourself and others or choose to learn your lessons and maintain an optimistic outlook.

  • Smile Often

This might seem like a simple thing to do, but a smile is a powerful tool that helps you remain positive in life. It puts you as well as those around you in a good mood. So smile as often as you can.

Our attitude often reflects who we are on the inside. A negative attitude often stops people from enjoying life. Being an optimist, on the other hand, helps you handle difficult situations in a way that is productive and beneficial to you and those around you.

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skin sensitive

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保濕劑起到保護屏障的作用,可以抵禦環境中的細菌和其他污染物。當皮膚異常乾燥時,這些微生物很容易通過毛孔移動,造成無數的皮膚問題; 如刺激、引致瑕疵、使皮變得異常乾燥。為保皮膚緊緻,請記住在每次皮膚護理程序後塗抹保濕霜,以保濕之用,保幼嫩的敏












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保濕劑起到保護屏障的作用,可以抵禦環境中的細菌和其他污染物。當皮膚異常乾燥時,這些微生物很容易通過毛孔移動,造成無數的皮膚問題; 如刺激、引致瑕疵、使皮變得異常乾燥。為保皮膚緊緻,請記住在每次皮膚護理程序後塗抹保濕霜,以保濕之用,保幼嫩的敏












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Philips Food Processor Review


Foor Processor

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A good value, simple and easy to use machine. It has neat storage of attachments inside the main bowl.

Helps yo make your dough in less than a minute .


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whippingMaximum Variety of Recipes The perfect tool for whipping, whisking or  emulsifying eggs or whipped cream. For best volume increase and fluffiness, use the low speed setting. Creating delicious desserts or mayonnaise has never been easier!

sharp bladeSharp and Strong Stainless Steel S Blade for Chopping The sharp and strong stainless steel S blade chops vegetables such as onions in no time. It can also be used for other ingredients such as nuts, meats or even to make doughs for pie crusts


Stainless stell DiscHigh Performance Stainless Steel Disc Inserts Simply select the right stainless steel disc insert to prepare your favorite ingredient and click it onto the disc holder. Performance has been tested extensively to provide the best slicing and shredding results

powerchopPowerChop technology is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl that provides a superior chopping result in both soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for making purées and mixing your cake batters!

What i like :

  • Chopping is very quick and efficient.
  • The controls are very responsive.
  • Produces smooth results pureeing soup.
  • All the attachments are easy to fit and remove.
  • All the attachments have a number written on them to indicate which speed to use

What i don’t like

  • At times the grating is poor and is hard to push the food through and the motor struggles
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My Little Pony Birthday Party Planner



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What Do I Need For the Party?

  • My Little Pony Caps
  • My Little Pony Tissue papers
  • My Little Pony candles
  • Pinata
  • My Little Pony Table cover
  • My Little Pony Party Popper
  • My Little Pony return gift bags
  • My Little Pony Swirls
  • My Little Pony Blowouts

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What return gifts do i need ? 


You can buy My little Pony Birthday Party decoration package on our store .


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By Cindy,


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