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By Deepti Belliappa Ganapathy,

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Life is a journey and we are learning everyday. As mums we rarely take a moment to sit back n think of what we are learning in this tiring yet fulfilling journey.  So today I take this moment to pen down my assurances.

- I am human and far from perfect and its alright to be that way.

- I am responsible to protect love and raise two loving compassionate self respecting humble and wholesome individuals. While I am doing my best… I am bound to make mistakes which I am allowed to correct.

- I will have plenty of moments where I might overreact or just worry too much.. but that’s only because I care.

- I love my kids everyday and will want to tell them that even if I don’t get a reply or acknowledgement.

- I will help you in ways I believe you should be helped but if I don’t sometimes its only cause I want you to be independent individuals.

- I will be honest with you and tell you things that may not ways be something you like but telling you the truth will always be more important.

- I will talk teach learn play laugh yell cry … with you today and everyday.

- I might seem nervous or sometimes confused … and that’s only because I am learning with you..

- I am not an expert though my very favorite dialogue is mums know everything. .. but what I don’t know I will learn for you and what I need to improve on I will slowly but steadily perfect.

- I will be your friend and guide but will never stop being your mother.

- I understand you will have your own thoughts ideas philosophies and choices tomorrow and that you are entitled to until then let me hold you while you dabble with your options.

- every now and then I will look for my ‘me’ time n vacation… its not because I love you less or am running, its only to ready my mind for our quality time together.

- you will hate me many times and that is fine cause you will see the love when the time is right.

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Author Bio

Deepti Belliappa Ganapathy – a PR and communications professional with an agency and consulting background, is a mum on the journey of self discovery through her two daughters. She leads the efforts at Cavalry Cottage, a 1 acre farm venue that hosts birthday parties, picnics, workshops and unique events for kids and adults who understand the simple joys of life. She has authored the children’s book 366 words in Bengaluru published by Funokplease, Mumbai. As an ardent believer of the philosophy, live-love-laugh, she finds her strength in her family, friends, work, travel and joy in words.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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