Hair Fall after Delivery

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After delivery we suffer from hair loss. Most of it is due to the hormonal changes, sudden change in eating habits, stopping all our multivitamins, folic acid and iron. Also hair that falls regularly holds on to the scalp during pregnancy, all this drops off at once after childbirth.

I have compiled the tips below after consulting a Loreal hair expert.

Here are some of the tips to stop your hair fall:

  • Food Habits: continue eating nutritious food like before, just avoid the fats. Include nuts, spinach, fresh veggies and fruits, egg and fish in your diet.
  • Supplements: Continue Iron, folic acid for some time and gradually stop it. Also continue calcium tablets when breastfeeding for atleast 3 months.
  • Water: Drink lots of water to remove toxins from the body.
  • Oil massage and shampoo: Oil your hair regularly, parachute hot oil is very good if you can bear the smell and use a shampoo with less chemicals and stick to one brand.
  • Hair spa: Do try hair spa once , the steaming opens the pores and removes dead cells and deep conditioning provides moisture to the hair. My favorite hair spa is Wella.
  • Drying: Do not use hairdryer on high heat and don’t comb your hair when wet.
  • Hairstyling: Avoid hairstyling now as your hair is very delicate and will take time to get better. So no straightners, curlers etc etc
  • Haircut: If you’re not able to manage your hair right now cut it short or atleast remove split ends.
  • So relax try to get few hours of sleep, your hair should grow back. You can lose some hair daily, its very normal.  If its unmanageable contact your dermatologist.

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One Response to Hair Fall after Delivery

  1. Megha says:

    My favourite spa is loreal.. Hair get an amazing texture after the spa.. But sticking to the basic point u mentioned.. Health is what we eat and not the external treatments
    Tnks for the info jaish.. :-)

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