Best Body Pillows For Pregnant Women

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Most pregnant women can’t sleep well because of leg cramps and back pain; if you too are pregnant and toss and turn during the night instead of getting a good rest, maternity body pillows can help you find your most comfortable sleeping position.

Regardless of your favorite sleeping position, maternity pillows provide many advantages such as supporting your legs, hips and back, and alleviating different types of body pains. Moreover, they provide extra comfort when you are in bed, and that should help you fall asleep faster and undisturbed.

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C-shaped and U-shaped pillows

Even if you used to sleep on your back or on your stomach, you will have to start sleeping on a side once the pregnancy advances, but a high quality pillow can help you get more comfortable in bed. However, buying the right pregnancy pillows is not as simple as you may think, because you will have to consider their brand, quality, size (whether large or small) and, of course, their shape. Instead of sleeping on several different sized pillows, you can choose either C or U- shaped ones, but consider the main features of each type before purchasing it.

C-shaped pillows are smaller than the U-shaped ones, and their shape makes them provide the best support for your head, neck, stomach and hips. You can lie down on one side, place the top end of the pillow under your head to support your neck and shoulders, keep the middle end around your back to support your spine, and place the lower end between your legs, for leg and hip support. However, if you tend to turn over during the night, you will have to shift the pillow too in order to benefit from the same back support, but this is easy to do and it will help you sleep instead of tossing all night long.  

On the other hand, U-shaped pillows are more flexible and can be arranged into different positions to ensure you receive the comfort needed for a good rest. They provide full balance for the body while supporting the back and the stomach as well. Discomfort caused by back and leg pain can be easily improved using U-shaped pillows that give total support. Moreover, this type of pillow stays put, and this makes it perfect for women who change their sleeping position often during the night. You can just roll from one side to another within the pillow, without having to readjust it every time you move. 

Even though U-shaped pillows are more expensive than the C-shaped ones, their main advantage is that they prevent you from turning and sleeping on your back, because it is recommended to sleep on your side when you are pregnant; moreover, they are made from soft and hypoallergenic fibers for extra comfort. Their size is quite large, so it is best to place them in a king sized bed instead of a regular one to prevent taking extra space on the bed (especially if you share the bed with your partner).

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