5 Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

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By Emma Lawson,


We’re all looking forward to sunny March, warm breeze, and fresh grass after many months of fog, snow, and frost. Sadly, there are many people who are dreading the upcoming season because of the downsides that spring brings: allergies. There isn’t a person who enjoys struggling with sore throats, itchy eyes and sneezes, and people want to take a relaxing walk in the park rather than stay inside all day. We offer you five simple and effective ways to beat spring allergies so you can enjoy spending time outside at last.

Clear your sinuses
Sometimes you may feel like your head is going to explode. Congestion, sneezing and teary-eyes may not be too dangerous but they can certainly make you miserable. The bad side of nasal allergies is that they can lead up to sinus problems later on. To make it easier for yourself to breathe, clear up your nasal passages with some salty water. The process is called nasal irrigation. This liquid will wash out all the mucus, as well as allergens causing it from your nasal cavity.


Stay inside longer
If you are allergic to pollen you might want to skip early morning walks. You don’t have to spend the entire day barricaded in your home, but if it’s windy outside the wind will carry pollen grains and if you breathe them in, they will trigger an allergic reaction. When you go out, wear sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes, and if you have to work in the garden – always wear a filter mask. Also, if possible, avoid going out early in the morning because that’s when pollen concentration in the air is the highest.

Keep your windows closed


It may be difficult to resist the urge to open up your windows and let the spring in, but as lovely as the idea may be it will trigger your allergies. Also, don’t open your windows for a bit of fresh air if you’re travelling. Instead, turn on air conditioning because it will clean and cool the air. Also, you can get an Oransi air purifier and filter for your home which will clear out all the dust and allergens from the air.

Get cleaned up
Different allergens (pollen especially) can stick to your hair and clothes. This is why you should change your clothes the moment you get back home, and take a shower as well. Wash your hair because allergens can stay in your hair for a long time and end up on fresh clothes you’ve just put on. If you can’t take a shower, wash your face and hands thoroughly and tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun.


Change your diet
Different teas and some foods can help you cope better with allergy symptoms, and you don’t need a prescription to get them. Butterbur is a lovely plant whose extracts are used to treat nasal allergies, fever, and headaches, and it can be bought in form of tablets or tea. You can also try diluting apple cider vinegar with some water or lemon juice and sip it from time to time – it will help break the mucus in your body and allow you to breathe again.
Some allergy symptoms may not be as dangerous as others, but they can make it difficult for you to enjoy spring. You will not be able to appreciate the smell of cherry trees, roses, and freshly mowed grass with those irritating symptoms, but there are ways to win the war on spring allergies.

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