10 Baby Hygiene Rules Every Mom Should Follow

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Baby bath-BBBeing a mom means 24*7 hours duty where you look for rest when baby sleeps. No wonder looking after a baby is not any child’s play and you need to be careful about handling this bundle of joys. In the series of taking care the very first thing involved is personal cleaning. You may not be aware that by performing small chores for your baby you strengthen your relationship with them. To look after the newborn you need useful baby products like creams and lotions apart from oils, clothes and wipes. Here are a few things one must ensure for a healthy and happy baby:-

  • A refreshing bath- Some babies love to bathe and some are scared of water. Handling and bathing a newborn requires a lot of care and expertise , and being a new mother this can stressful . Giving an oil massage before bath will strengthen the baby’s bones and help him sleep soundly. Hold babies gently with your hands support and give him a bath carefully. After a bath don’t forget to apply baby cream to keep his skin soft and supple.
  • Trim the nails regularly- Baby’s nails need extra caution. Slowly peel them after a bath as the water makes them soft and easy to remove. If you are using a nail cutter be extra careful to not hurt his skin underneath.
  • Clean the head-  Clean the head regularly and comb the hair afterwards to keep dirt away from it. Improper cleaning can trigger problems like cradle cap.
  • Clean nose and ears- Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime in the nose and ears. The best way is to take luke warm water in a dropper and put 1 or 2 drops of water in each nostril one at a time. This will soften the crust and make it leave its place easily. Remove this crust with a damp cloth, leaving baby breathe effortlessly.
  • Remove dirt from eyes carefully- When the baby is bathed with water, it brings out any dirt present in the eyes. Clean eyes with a soft muslin cloth. Don’t force any activity on the baby.
  • Clean all folds and joints- Usually babies love to fold their legs and hence the joints accumulate dirt. Carefully and gently clean the joints and wash area properly. Use baby diaper or nappies to help then stay dry and ensure complete hygiene.
  • His first tooth-The habit of brushing teeth is taught with the first tooth. Take a damp cloth and clean the mouth after every feed so that a child develops the habit of regular cleaning afterwards.
  • Don’t compromise with milk bottles- The feeding bottles that are given to babies should be of excellent quality otherwise it will upset his stomach. Boiling bottles after every feed is certainly a wise decision.
  • Sterilize all toys- Children are born with the tendency of putting everything in their mouth. Make sure their toys are washed and sterilized before being given for playing.
  • Don’t forget to help baby with burping- Ensure that baby burps up after every feed otherwise he will split off some milk every now and then. This may also make him feel restless.

Happy Parenting !  

Happy Parenting BB

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