Why Meditation Is Good For Moms

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Having a child born is wonderful, which is a biggest challenge that every mom has to be best prepared for it. Many of us know that parenting is not easy, especially for new moms who encounter significant changes mentally and physically.

The question is how to cope with problems during the prenatal and postpartum recovery. In this case, consider meditation as priority thanks to the countless benefits it brings for the body and mind. Meditation, along with proper diet and regular exercises, helps mothers stay healthier and stronger.

Improve Sleep

What makes most moms’ problem is the chronic lack of sleep after bearing a baby. New moms are usually disturbed several times midnight by their child’s crying, and they can’t tolerate the sleepless for many days that they are enforced to suffer from. As severe as it may prolong, moms can get insomnia with exhaustion and distress. Fortunately, practicing meditation, especially mindful awareness practices, is indicated to reduce fatigue and stress and provide a better sleep with surplus energy. As a result, this will help moms take care of their babies better.

Reduce Risk of Depression

It might be a sensitive question for this unnoticeable sign; however, nearly 20 percent of new moms can hardly resist perinatal mental disorders related to depression, melancholy, anxiety and even obsessive-compulsive, according to a study. It is also concluded in the end of the study that the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy can diminish the risk of getting those symptoms in many future-moms. This also encourages the chances of having a healthy born baby.

Have More Patience

Patience is one of the biggest benefits of meditating. You will no longer get angry with your kids’ annoyance, be happier to take care of them, and have restful breath for the new days. As a bonus, you will have deep understanding to your children, learn how to control temper and be nice to accept the motherhood reality. There are stages that your children need to go through, so nurturing well and giving them all the best from the beginning stage is what make moms happier and more energetic.

Give Happier Babies

For pregnant women, researches have shown that the newborn babies have a better health if their mom has practiced meditation during pregnancy period. They are more active, smile more and can regulate themselves away from negativity affects. Smiley babies always give their parents blissfulness of being new moms and dads.

Reduce Labor Pain And Enhance Immune System

It is studied that labor intensity may be harmful for women in the fragile period. A group of pregnant women, when attended 20-minute instructional session program of mindfulness meditation, admitted that their pain was eased efficiently and some proved that it was even better for their postpartum recovery. They also got relieved from some discomfort such as breast tenderness and body aches after childbirth.

Meditation is also proved to enhance immune function for both the mom and the newborn child and reduce the risk of getting immune-related disorders after birth.

Increase Milk Production

Suffering from low milk supply for new born child is always stressful for new moms. Moreover, stress can influence negatively on the breastfeeding quality. Indeed, meditation during post-pregnancy helps a lot in enhancing milk supply and quality for moms.

Limit Risk Of Premature Birth

Stress and anxiety are two enemies that result in premature birth during pregnancy. Reducing stress levels through antenatal meditation assures better condition for you and your baby to grow healthier.

Decrease Childbirth Nervousness

It’s always better for every mom to prepare a solid mind before experiencing an important transition in women’s lives. Research has shown that pregnant women experiencing mindfulness education know how to lessen anxiety towards childbirth process. This practice even supports them to be physically healthy when the childbirth date is nearby.

Better Motherhood Compassion

Compassion plays an important role for every mom as they prefer to have a permanent close-knit connection with kids. Parenthood isn’t easy; especially it is a real struggling for newbies. Even though you get sick of your kids’ crying and want to give up, compassion is a good remedy to help you get through it. Meditating can help you live in the moment, giving you more joy and creating a strong bond with your baby. Take a deep breath and let mindfulness meditation process relieve yourself. You will experience a greater self-compassion and a gentle mind, no more complaining about your kid’s mess up and be more positive about parenting life.


There are different forms of meditation that pregnant women can practice, let’s get started by fitting these meditation advices into your schedule:

1.    Do Short Sessions Daily

You don’t have to take hours for meditation techniques, if it is rather difficult to fit in your busy schedule. Instead, you can take about five minutes each day and still reap the benefits. Before nap or after your kids’ bedtime is the perfect time to start these short sessions.

2.    Do Long Session Weekly

When you get meditation into the daily habit completely and find no problem with it, try to increase the process to one hour in length, at least once per week. Let the world be shut off and enjoy your inner thoughts, exhale and inhale gently and deeply. You are rewarded by stress relief and self-energy boost for the day.

3.    Deep Breath Meditation

This technique is to only focus on your breath and harmonize your breath pattern. What you need for this practice is to lie down with your feet and shoulder to be wide apart. Close your mouth and inhale slowly through the nose. You can feel your stomach swell as the air flows into the lungs and diaphragm. Hold a second and then exhale through the nose. Take at least 10 slow breaths daily.

It helps relieve muscle tension and decrease heart rate, connect you with your innermost feelings and quickly bring you to a deep sleep.

4.    Concept Meditation

This requires imagining an object that make you feel peaceful and comfortable, such as a blue sky, a sea wave, a beauty bouquet, a crystal, a leaf or your own baby sleeping. Learn how to concentrate in quietness for long periods, with all stress and anxiety wiped out from your mind. These tranquil images make you more sophisticated observant. As a result, you can visualize their colors and shapes, thereby building a sharp focus and silence mind with full of patience.

5.    Walking Meditation

Doing morning meditation by walking help you calm your mindfulness and relax your body. For moms who cannot stick to the status quo, they can change the practicing environment by choosing a natural, tranquil place to walk and focus on their breathing and pace.

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