Must-Know Do’s and Don’ts to Defy the Signs of Ageing

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By- Ross Geller


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As our skin ages, our skincare habits and routine need to adapt. Mature skin has different needs as our body’s experience metabolic, hormonal, dietary & lifestyle changes. To help guide you through what you need to change and do to keep your skin youthful and healthy, we’ve supplied this handy set of do’s and don’ts for mature skin. Follow our advice to not only be rewarded with fantastic anti-ageing benefits but reap wonderful skin repair benefits as well.



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Do use a good anti-ageing serum. Anyone with mature skin needs to apply a serum straight after cleansing. The anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant effects of an anti-ageing solution such as SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum is essential. It is perfect for all skin types and gives guaranteed results. As a multiple award-winning serum the results are astounding. Its combination of antioxidants gives you eight times your skin’s natural protection against photoaging. Dry skin rejuvenation antioxidants help to protect the skin against free radicals. They steadily improve density, elasticity and protect you from the sun while promoting glowing healthy complexion. Don’t think that you can replace your moisturizer with a serum. You need both. Your serum needs to be applied directly after cleansing or toning and always before applying a moisturizer. A good serum will boost the hydration benefits of your moisturizer. SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum works synergistically, supplying deep hydration and anti-ageing benefits.




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Do choose a foundation for mature skin. You need to pick a foundation which matches not only your skin tone but the undertones as well. This is essential to ensure that all inconsistencies are covered. Look for a foundation that contains moisturizing components and incorporates SPF protection. As your skin ages, it needs all the hydration it can get. Most products like this have a light finish which is exactly what you need for blending. Don’t buy a powder foundation or foundation which lays on thickly. Throughout the day, the foundation will end up settling into creases as your face moves. Cracks and lines show up amid your makeup which actually makes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles worse.

Anti-ageing Cream


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Do apply an anti-ageing cream which prevents and corrects. The best products for ageing skin will assist lipid loss. Lipid depletion happens when the skin starts running low on ceramides, cholesterol, and essential fatty acids. When this happens, the signs of ageing are accelerated and the skin’s natural repair process is hindered. Try SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 for outstanding aging correction effects. It’ll restore your skin’s elasticity and reduces pore size. Its deep hydration is perfect for aging skin while this cream also provides a barrier locking in moisture. Don’t buy any anti-aging cream which contains sodium lauryl sulfate, BHA, triclosan, parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, or any synthetic colours or fragrances. These harsh chemical additives will do nothing other than strip your skin’s natural beauty over time. Extended use will accelerate your skin’s aging and bring out lines and wrinkles rather than hiding them. Your facial skin is extremely sensitive and it becomes more sensitive as you age. Only go for products specifically designed to match your mature, delicate skin.



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Do use lipsticks which feature moisturizing agents. They’ll give you the colour that you need while keeping your lips full and smooth. There is no better way to mask the thinning of lips which typically comes with age. Remember to apply a light lip liner to help fill out your lips as well. Your lip liner needs to be a match to your skin tone and the shade of your lipstick. Nothing more than a light over-line is needed. Pencil in lightly just on the outside. It gives a great volume boost. Don’t use bold, gaudy lipsticks or anything that leaves a matte finish. As with all matte-finish products, they’ll settle into cracks making your lips look far thinner and much more wrinkled. As you age, you’re looking for a lip colour which is free from gloss, shimmer or excessive shine. Aging lips mustn’t look wet and you don’t want over-line too much either.

Eye Makeup


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Do apply neutral tones to your eyelids. This emphasizes the shape and colour of your eyes. You’re looking for a shadow which brightens without being too bold. It must match your skin tone and skin colour while leaving a smooth, satin finish. Don’t use any eye makeup which glitters or leaves a matte finish. As the day progresses, you’ll be shocked at just how quickly these products settle into creases. Dark eye makeup should generally be avoided. It often emphasizes any inconsistencies of your skin, while creating a slightly hollow facial appearance.

Eye Balm


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Do use an eye balm to help correct any signs of aging and age-related damage. The delicate mature skin around your eyes needs dedicated treatment. A rehabilitative emollient for aging skin like SkinCeuticals Eye Balm protects and heals the skin. Suited to all skin types, it’ll firm up the area around your eyes by gently stimulating collagen and hyaluronate production. You’ll love the way that SkinCeuticals eye cream calms irritated skin while even reducing puffiness and correcting any pre-existing skin conditions. Whether your skin is too dry or too oily, this balm with help. Don’t apply eye balm or any eye cream on your top eyelid or directly below your bottom lashes. Try applying SkinCeuticals eye cream or your chosen product using your ring finger. Stick to the orbital bone only. The only place that needs treatment is the eye socket itself.

Stick to Anti-Aging Solutions for Mature Skin


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Ideally, you want a full selection of skincare products designed for mature skin. Look towards good brands such as Medik8 and Jan Marini for a total selection of the best products for mature skin available. When you use a specifically formulated solution to time-old problems such as smile lines & wrinkles, you’re guaranteed results. Mature skin needs a total range of care which supports the body’s own natural health. Keep our advice in mind, and you can rest assured that your skin is always receiving the best treatment.

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