Essential Baby Skin Care Techniques You Should Know

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Aside from giving them the right amount of nutrients and preventing any possible risks, parents must also take ample time in ensuring their baby’s get proper skin care. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, extra care and protection is needed to prevent any possible skin problems. Unlike an adult’s skin problems, which can be solved with products like Skinfood, there are limitations on the kind of chemicals that should come in contact with an infant’s skin.

In the case of newborn babies, their skin requires time to adjust to its new environment since they still need time to grow. Within the first few months, a baby’s skin can be prone to allergies which can cause discomfort and even possible skin concerns in the future.

Here are some steps on how to take care of a baby’s skin:


 Bathing a baby keeps unwanted dirt and other toxins away from their sensitive skin. It also prevents itchiness and potential allergies. Here are some tips to remember on how to bathe your baby:

1. Getting Prepared

Parents who are unsure of what products to use on their baby can seek advice from a paediatrician. Generally speaking, a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive so it’s best to avoid shampoos and soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are various baby shampoos and soaps available which are made with gentle formulas to ensure no allergic reaction occurs.

2. Keep Water Warm

Ensure the water is lukewarm and not hot by using your elbow. Fill the tub with no more than 2-3 inches of water. Prevent your baby from getting cold by continuously pouring water over their shoulders. Dip a clean washcloth in soapy water and use it to wash the baby’s scalp with shampoo. For the face, use a moist cotton ball and gently dab on areas. Avoid getting water in their nostrils, mouth, and eyes.

3.Dry Them Off

Wrap baby in a hooded towel afterwards and bring them to a room, make sure to turn off all fans and air conditioners beforehand to avoid chills. Apply gentle baby lotion. Remember to ask your doctor for any recommendations on what is safe for the baby.


Babies need general diaper switches since they are unable to relieve and clean themselves regularly. Prolonged exposure to bacteria in a used diaper can lead to skin irritation and discomfort. Prevent your baby from these risks and keep their skin safe with these handy tips:

1. Be Mindful Of Diapers

Not all diapers are made the same since the materials used in some can be irritating to the skin. Make sure to buy diapers that allow breathing room in the child’s sensitive areas to avoid locking in bacteria. Some mothers also recommend switching between diapers and nappies to avoid prolonged exposure to diaper adhesives.

2. Clean Between Changes

Between diaper changes make sure to wipe the baby’s skin gently with unscented baby wipes or a moistened towelette. Pat dry and wait for a few moments for the skin to be completely dry before applying diaper cream. Allow the cream to dry as well before putting on a fresh new diaper.


SPF Care

Newborn babies should not be exposed to direct sunlight until they are 6 months old. Once they have reached this age, apply SPF on their skin 30 minutes before heading out. Make sure to ask your doctor which products they recommend as certain brands may be too harsh for a baby.

Use Loose & Comfortable Clothing

Since a baby’s sweat glands are underdeveloped, they can become very susceptible to heat rash. Parents who are ready to take their little one out should make sure to dress them in loose and comfortable clothing plus a hat to shield them from the sun’s rays.

Winter Care

During winter, consider investing in a cool mist humidifier in your nursery to keep the air moist since dry weather can irritate a baby’s skin. Remember to clean the humidifier regularly to prevent mould from growing. Make sure to keep your baby hydrating as well and give them lots of water.

 Taking care of a baby’s skin is an essential step in making sure they will have healthy skin as they grow older. While there are various products available on the market, parents must remember to research on certain items before making a purchase since not all products benefit each person. Additionally, parents should also schedule regular visits to their doctor and ask for skin care recommendations..

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