Buy iCandy Orange to Beautify Your Baby’s Early Days

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By Diana Perkins


Your baby’s early days are most important for you. Until the age of 3 years, they completely depend on you only. Even till 1 and a half year, they can not speak what they want. Your bundle of wonder cannot tell you that he wants to go out to explore the wonderful world. So, if you want to give him the best rides in his best time, you should buy iCandy Orange prams.

iCandy Orange prams are made with the brilliant engineered mind. Thus, it has so many features that will mesmerize you. Plus, it will really charm yours and your baby’s wonderful days. The features are as below.

  •  Design
  •  Facility
  •  Ease
  •  Safety
  •  Flexibility
  •  A special feature


iCandy prams are known for their beautifully crafted design. That is because iCandy’s team of designers is bold in style and unrivaled in ambition. Thus, the new iCandy Orange pushchair offers incomparable functionality, which is ignited with flawless style and rich textures.

The iCandy Orange features high attention on crafting the best facilities. The orange pushchairs look more decent with the minimal ornament on display, and a sleek and desirable design.


It has the lightweight chassis which makes it easily accessible. It also has the gigantic basket to put all the needed things during the ride in it. Moreover, you can upgrade the orange pushchair to double pushchair or twin pushchair. With all these facilities the orange pushchair can cater any parent’s all need.

The orange pushchair has thirty unique configurations and combinations, which no other pushchair on the market can currently match. These configurations provide the orange pushchair with unlimited flexibility.


The pushchair is unbelievably easy to use. The designers of iCandy have woven two fabric materials together. This is to create a unique two-tone fabric. The two-tone fabric made a smoother pad for your kid. Plus it is a reflection of a modern trend.

The Orange also swagger a soft touch leatherette handle and bumper bar. This bumper bar rotates to provide easy access to your child.


iCandy has given proper attention to all the safety features. They have one push breaks and enough safety harnesses to ensure that your kiddie is safe and sound. Plus, the mechanism is done with such accuracy that there are no chances for your kid to get caught his little fingers anywhere.

Flexible seating arrangement

Another ground-breaking feature invented for the iCandy Orange pushchair is the addition of unique iCandy riser adapters. The iCandy risers can be used to create the first iCandy ‘cinema’ seating design. That means a parent can maintain all important eye contact with both of their children when in double mode.

Reversing the seats is also possible with the iCandy prams. With this feature, it is possible to put children into any desired position. You can make them look at you or at the world.

A special feature

Key to the design of the Orange is its length of service. iCandy Orange allows adopting a double travel system in your pushchair to grow with your family. Furthermore, iCandy have added a unified strong and stylish ride on board to the Orange pushchair’s frame. This feature will surely surprise and delight you if you are having an infant and an older kid.

The integrated ride onboard holds an impressive 20KG and provides total ease of use. It eliminates the need for the separate ride. Plus, it can be pocket-friendly too. It also adds incredible flexibility to the use of the product.


The iCandy Orange pushchair is a gem to gift your kiddie and yourself. It is a perfect bundle of style, safety, and ease to charm the early days of your little wonder. You just need to make sure that you are buying it from a promising store. Well, you do need to worry about finding a proper store, just pick your phone and visit the site of Baby Direct. This is one of the most promising stores available online.


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