The Best 23 Herbal Teas For Weight Loss You Should Check Out!

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By - Lucy Alvet


Tea leaves not only help fight off various diseases, but they also help increase the metabolism, reduce stress, quell hunger, and shrink fat cells. To ensure that you choose the best teas for your weight loss goals, discover the most potent weight-losing teas from around the world.

List Of Herbal Teas For Weight Loss At Home People Should Not Miss At All Costs:

There are many herbal teas that can be used to lose weight and belly fat. And, in this article, we will show you some of the best herbal teas that you should try out!

1. Green Tea

This is actually the very first thing we would like to introduce in the entire article today and encourage readers to make use at home as soon as possible!

Green tea contains fat-burning properties called catechins, which helps boost the metabolism, increase the release of fat and speed up the fat burning capacity. According to a research, combining regular intake of green-tea with exercise can maximize the benefits of weight loss. In a recent study, people who drank 4-5 cups of green tea combined with working out 25 minute s daily lost 2 more pounds than others who did not.

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2. White Tea

White tea not only prevents the formation of new fat cells, but it also increases the body’s ability to convert existing fat into energy. Addition to this, chemicals found in white tea can help protect the skin from unwanted sun-induced stress, which can lead to the cell damage and premature aging.

3. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a great weapon to fight against weight gain because it can help prevent fat absorption. Some studies found that high content of antioxidants found in oolong tea can inhibit the ability of the body to absorb fat by 20%. Addition to this, oolong tea can be used to reduce blood pressure up to 65%.

4. Red Tea

The leaves of the “red bush” plant can be used to make rooibos tea. What makes this tea good for weight loss is its powerful substance called Aspalathin. According to a study, flavonoids and polyphenols found in the “red bush” plant can inhibit the formation of new fat cells by up to 22%. Moreover, chemicals found in red tea also help with the fat metabolism. Plus, this tea is sweet in nature, so you do not need to add sugar.

5. Black Tea

Some researchers found that the daily intake of black tea could help improve cardiovascular function. And, a study found that consuming 20 ounces of black tea on a daily basis can make the body secrete 5 times more interferon, which is very important for the body’s infection-protection ability. Just ensure that you keep away from the dairy. A study revealed that while black tea can increase blood circulation as well as blood vessel dilation, mixing milk in the tea can counteract these effects.

6. Lemon Tea

If you are looking for herbal teas for weight loss, you should not skip lemon tea. Whether alcohol or salty foods are the reason for your blimp-like belly, you can drink lemon tea to help deal with the bloat due to its content of D-limonene. This compound has been known for its diuretic ability for years.

7. Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha tea helps reduce stress hormones that can have negative effects on your waistline. A study revealed that Ashwagandha root extract safely improves the quality of life. When it comes to losing weight, stress is your enemy. People who have bad reactions to stressful situations may have higher levels of inflammation. And, this inflammation is directly linked with obesity and other diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. When you have high levels of anxiety, you may also have cortisol or “the belly fat hormone”. This hormone can pull lipids from your blood flow and then store them in your fat cells.

8. Mate Tea

Mate tea is famous for its thermogenic effects, which mean that it helps increase the body’s calorie burning process and boost weight loss by enhancing insulin sensitivity. In a study, researchers found that participants who consumed this herb had more beneficial effects on their metabolism without needing to work out. Addition to this, mate tea also contains powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants and chromium, which aids to normalize blood-sugar levels.

9. Bilberry Tea

According to a study, consuming bilberry tea may help reduce inflammation that causes bloating. In a finding, participants who drank 1.5 cups of bilberry tea had less inflammation than others who did not drink this tea. Besides, this tea can help balance the sugar levels, making it a great solution for you, especially if you are cravings for sweets and other fat foods. This appetite suppressant should be taken at night, ideally before having dinner. This will make you eat in smaller portions, making it easy for you to digest. Therefore, if you want to lose weight naturally and effectively, you should consider enjoying some cups of bilberry tea.

10. Chamomile & Lavender Tea

Chamomile & lavender tea fights off depression and fatigue by reducing the stress related to insomnia. And, lower levels of stress helps reduce levels of inflammation, which has been linked with obesity and diabetes. According to a study, chamomile tea helped improve the signs and symptoms related to a sleep deprivation, and reduce the levels of depression. Besides, this tea helps improve digestion and suppress appetite. By being rich in calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin A, it offers many benefits for health and beauty while managing your weight.

11. Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the best spices on the planet because it offers many health benefits. According to a study, ginger can be used to reduce stomach pain, and block some enzymes that promote inflammation. Besides, ginger tea is free from calories, making it one of the best teas for weight loss. Aside from stimulating the digestive enzymes, ginger helps balance the pH level in the stomach, hence allowing the body to absorb the essential nutrients and flush the non-essential nutrients.

12. Goji Tea

Goji tea can help increase the calorie burning by 10%. This is a traditional medicinal treatment for diabetes in Asia, and it also stimulates a slimming effect. You can mix goji tea with green tea for better results.

13. Garlic Tea

This is another one among herbal teas for weight loss that we want to mention in this article. Garlic is rich in allicin, which may send signals to your brain that you feel satiated and full. If you do not like the taste of garlic tea, you can add some honey and lemon juice to the tea.

14. Star Anise Tea

This tea contains diuretic properties that have been found to be effective in losing weight. If you are suffering from digestive problems, star anise tea can be a great solution for you. However, you should drink it with caution because excess consumption of star anise tea can cause toxicity.

15. Mint Tea

While some scents can trigger hunger, others can suppress the appetite. According to a study, people who smelt peppermint once every 2 hours lost about 5 pounds per month. Generally, mint tea can be effective in improving digestion. When combined with green tea, you can create a more powerful infusion for weight loss.

16. Valerian Tea

It is not yet known whether alcohol or  lack of sleep negatively affects the body’s hunger. On the other hand, having enough sleep can stimulate the production of fat-burning hormones. Therefore, sleep quality is very important when it comes to losing a few pounds. Valerian is a mild sedative herb, and it can be used to improve the quality of the sleep.

17. Barberry Tea

Barberry tea is a weight-loss weapon. The fruit, stem as well as root bark of the barberry plant contains a fat-fryig substance called berberine. A research has been proven that berberine can prevent the development of insulin resistance and weight gain. Other studies have also revealed that consuming barberry can stimulate energy expenditure and reduce the number of receptors on fat cells.

18. Pu-erh Tea

When it comes to herbal teas for weight loss, this fermented tea can be helpful. According to a research in rats, the pu-erh tea reduced triglyceride concentrations and belly fat. Although the outcomes could be slightly different from those in humans, these findings are still worth when it comes to weight loss.

19. Kava Kava Tea

Kava Kava has been found to help improve sleep latency, and duration. As you know that anxiety is a common trigger for weight gain and drinking kav kava tea can help reduce the levels of anxiety. However, you should sip this tea with caution because excess consumption of kava kava can cause liver toxicity.

20. Fennel Tea

This is worth mentioning in this list of herbal teas for weight loss. According to a research done in 2015, fennel tea contains inflammation-fighting properties.This sweet licorice-flavored tea has been used to treat bloating as well as other gastrointestinal problems.

21. Hops Tea

You can consider soothing your central nervous system with hops tea. The hop is a sedative plant that increases the effect of the neurotransmitter called GABA to fight against anxiety.

22. Rosehip Tea

This tea can help promote the digestion. Apart from its weight-losing benefits, Rosehip tea is also good for toxin removal and constipation. Besides, this tea is also rich in nutrients, so it can also help give the glow and youthfulness to your skin.

23. Chickweed Tea

This is another one among herbal teas for weight loss that you should not look down, yet consider consuming for good. Chickweed tea contains diuretic, tonic, laxative, and expectorant properties, which are known to help with weight loss. According to a study about herbs for weight loss [1], chickweed is known as an appetite suppressant that helps break down fat.

Hope that some of these 23 herbal teas for weight loss are helpful for you. If this can support your weight loss regime, do let us know by dropping your comments below. If you want to know more about health and beauty tips, you can visit our Healthy Guide.

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