Wish I knew / could … Heres what new mommies think..

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A few things that nobody tells us and we wish we had known

- Experience the pregnancy phase and enjoy every moment of it and not just wait for the
baby to pop soon.
- Flaunt the baby bump with the latest range of maternity wear and accessories
- Laze on the beach sipping lemonade or a fruity mocktail on my babymoon
- Boost your spirits by catching up with your friends or just getting a foot massage .
- Not necessary to eat for two. Talk to your doctor on how much weight is right . Eat healthy to stay fit and monitor your progess
- Pack the hospital bag atleast a month before the due
- To shop only for the essentials that will be required by your baby post birth
- Shop for good Inner wear to be used Post birth
- Labour pains !!! the less said the better … but all forgotten once the baby is in your arms.
- Latching issues are common ; You are not the only one facing it
- Breastfeeding gets easier with patience and practice
- And on perfection you slowly start feeling like a COW !! ;)
- Though breastfeeding is the best, use of formula milk is OK when in dire circumstances
- Take a break from the monotony to keep your sanity
- Accept help , its good for you and your baby
- Ask your partner directly what you help or advise you need from him. Dont expect or wait for
him to offer.
- Spend quality time with your partner as well
- Set a comfortable routine for you and your baby . This is good for your baby’s growth and development and will also help if you plan on getting back to work.

This is my comprehensive list, do you have more to add??

Enjoy Pregnancy
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About reks

Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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One Response to Wish I knew / could … Heres what new mommies think..

  1. Jaishri says:

    Reks how I wish I had a babymoon.. Anyways i loved your point on asking your partner before expecting him to offer help.. so true..
    And the latching issue.. so true.. I thought I was the only one 8-O

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