Review of Nestle Nan Pro Stage One Infant Formula

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By Jaishri

nan pro prof
I still remember the night after my C section, I was longing for some sleep and my baby was crying non stop. There was no ways to soothe the baby other than breastfeed. And breastfeeding while sleeping was very difficult. The baby was too small and it was impossible for me to sit up and feed.

The milk that comes out during the first day is called colostrum, it is a clear liquid and has all the essential antibodies for the child’s well-being. For few people it does not even show up on the first day, but the only way to get the milk flowing is to allow the baby to suckle.

So the milk produced on the first day was insufficient for my baby and we had to introduce formula milk. Only that consoled the crying baby.

Please note: I am not promoting formula feed, breast milk is the best for babies, but there are some unfortunate mothers who are not able to produce breast milk. So mommies without BM don’t worry formula milk contains most of the nutrients of breastmilk but it does not contain antibodies to protect your baby. So you need to take some extra care of their immune systems.

My pregnant friends here do take this very seriously and start eating foods that increase lactation, from now as your body is already gearing up for Breast feeding.

I used to give my baby formula milk once in a while after coming back from the hospital. It was quite useful later on when I used to take her out, she would drink formula milk in the car.

The milk is prepared with boiling water, be very careful to mix the exact amount of water and always dispose the milk. Don’t reuse.

For bigger babies who feed on solid food, I would suggest you to add a spoon of this powder to their porridge or fruit or vegetable mash as the calcium in mother’s milk will not be sufficient.

nan pro2
Description from Nestle Website:

Nestle NAN Pro 1 Is a spray dried infant formula for healthy infants from birth when they are not breastfed. It contains a combined of problend, Immunonutrients, Essentials fatty acids and bifidogenic nutrients that help support immunity along with growth and development.

-A protein blend containing whey protein. NAN Pro 1 is predominant in when protein. Whey proteins are easy to digest. The protein content is suitably modified to reduce the overload on infant’s kidneys.

-Nutrients like Nucleotides, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A and C support the immune system.

-Bifidobacteria are predominant in the gut of infant fed on breast milk. NAN Pro 1 contains a combination of nutrients that support the growth of bifidobacteria. A healthy gut flora helps in supporting the immune system.

-LA (omega 6 fatty acid {FA} & ALA (omega 3 FA) are precursors of ARA and DHA which are important for defence system.
-ALA, Iron & lodline helps in brain development. Vitamin A contributes to healthy vision.

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About admin

Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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280 Responses to Review of Nestle Nan Pro Stage One Infant Formula

  1. neha says:

    My baby is 4 months 15 days.. she is 5.7 kg.. Her feeding pattern is as follows ..
    5am,6.30 am- breast milk
    10am, 12 am- 60 ml of expressed breast milk..
    2-2.45 pm -90 ml Nan pro 1
    4-5 pm- 60 ml of Nan pro 1
    6.30 pm, 8.00pm, 10.00 pm breast milk..
    Is it enough for her?? Or I have to increase formula feed day time

  2. Prachi Ravikiran Gavade says:

    Hi Admin,
    My baby is of 2 months but being a working women I have to get back to my work so after doctors consultation I have start giving him nan pro 1.I wanted to know if I add formula in the water than for how many hours I can keep that? Or I have to prepare it for one time feeding :lol:

  3. Piyali das says:

    Can I use nan 1 for my 1 month baby..Pls tell me..

  4. Yamini says:

    My gal was having dexolac from birth till 4 months m no issues but recently it finished n I moved from India to dubai ! Changed to nan 1 as that was only available in stores nearby.firat day she did no potty .2nd day eve did total liquid n green potty .ghird day first half green n later half semi liquid yellow is third day and she is doing potty every time I feed her formula milk .little quantity n yellowish .sometimes I see red color in it as well.what could be the problem n when this could be resolved ? Shal I see a doc ??

  5. Sophia says:

    Please ma between these infant formula which one is better for new born baby: similac advance infant formula one/ similac IQ plus with DHA stage 1/ Enfamil A with DHA stage 1.

  6. Kiran says:

    Ma’am pls guide me my baby is 2years 7 month old can I give nan pro2 or which kind of energy drink I can give pls guide me

  7. Arpit says:

    I giving my baby nan pro1 after doc. Advice but my baby not pooing now from 2 days. His belly seeing gassy & wants more drinks. His mom also breastfeeding him & we giving 2 time 60ml nan pro1 drink to him.
    Now we worried about pooo.
    Can you suggest us about it & tell us about right drop for his belly gass.

    • admin says:

      Colicaid is good for gassiness. But remember kids are just like us, their stomach needs time to adjust to the formula. So he will be fine in few days.

      • Arpit says:

        Thanks mam for advicing, now my baby is very active & healthy but one prblm presented till now- stitchy eye mucus coming from left eye with watering in it. My baby is only 1 month old pedritician recomend me simethicon for his gassy tummy can it be safe for him or colicaid is better.
        Also suggest stitchy eye drops.
        Also advice me mam- can we use air cooler in night sleep?
        I asking this because my husband have svere headache with blocked nose after he wake up early in the morning from aircooler can this air effect my bebu. :-|
        Thanks admin mam
        This site helped me a lot & I bookmared it on my homepage.

      • Vijitha says:

        Hi admin..

        I hv 3 and half months old son, unfortunatley who is formula milk right from his birth as I hv no sec of BM..recently we shifted to nan pro 1 from prenan as per our dr’s advice, nw he is hvng loose stools 4-5 times per day continously and count of urine passing has come down, and our dr is ok with it but I am not..pls can u suggest me something in this issue..

        Thank you in advance.

  8. drugs says:

    Hi, after reading this amazing article i am too glad to share my knowledge here with colleagues.

  9. Bargavi says:

    My baby is 4.5 months old and he was initially both on Nan Pro and BM and after one month he is completely on Nan Pro.

    For the past two weeks he takes really long to finish his bottle. Like an hour or hour and a half. Is it ok to feed on a bottle so long?

  10. Chand Akhtar Ansari says:

    My baby boy is 12 days old, My wife has got c-section delivery, Doctor advised to feed the hungry baby with lactogen 1. Since the baby is feeding lactogen, he is refusing to drink mothers milk. Please advise some solutions to feed mothers milk.

  11. Manisha jena says:

    Hiiii admin. My baby is 11 months now, m giving her naan pro 2 frm 7 months 2times a day. Now which stage of naan I hv to give?

  12. Partha Roy says:

    my baby is 2months old how much and how many time I feed my baby nan Pro. Nan pro take is it safe in brain development.

  13. Shaista Zafar says:

    Hi Jayshri,
    Can we prepare nan pro2 in cool water(I mean water boiled for 5mint and then get cool at room temperature)?
    When my baby get hungry, he need it immediately, so I mix little hot water in cool water(previously boiled n cooled) to make it lukewarm n then mix nan pro. But not sure is it OK or not. Kindly guide me.
    How long we can keep prepared unused milk in room temperature’without losing its nutrients?
    Can we use boiled water for 1-2 days.
    Can we use cooled water of previous day n hot water of same day to make milk.
    Looking forward for ur kind support.

    • admin says:

      Hi, you can use boiled an cooled water. You can store in a flask for 2 days. Prepared milk I suggest dont keep for more than 2 hours. Throw it and prepare again.

  14. Veerappan says:

    Am using nan pro 1 to my 4months baby.May I use the water 5mintes later after boiled or instant?

  15. Shaista says:

    Hi Jayshri,
    Can we prepare nan pro2 in cool water(I mean water boiled for 5mint and then get cool at room temperature)?
    When my baby get hungry, he need it immediately, so I mix little hot water in cool water(previously boiled n cooled) to make it lukewarm n then mix nan pro. But not sure is it OK or not. Kindly guide me.
    How long we can keep prepared unused milk in room temperature’without losing its nutrients?
    Can we use boiled water for 1-2 days.
    Can we use cooled water of previous day n hot water of same day to make milk.
    Looking forward for ur kind support.

  16. Surekha says:

    Hey ma baby is 36 days old.he doesn’t suck ma nipple.I m giving him bm olmost 20 ml per by pressing ma boobs.plz suggest me wat should I it ok to give him 20 ml of bm with fm

  17. Sushma says:

    Hi admin, my baby is 5 months old.. I am giving her lactogen1, but recently I heard nan pro is better then lactogen and lactogen is more sugary and consists more cholesterols :-D .. Can you please suggest me which formula to give to my baby .. I am really concerned…

  18. jass says:

    my baby is 3 months old how much nan pro 1 can be given in one feed

  19. sonali says:

    Hi. Actually I want to know what is difference between nan pro1 and nan pro2
    My baby is 7 weeks older.i used nan pro 1 before this. can I give him nan pro2 now and later

  20. merengeese Ambapardiwala says:

    hi pl tell me how to prepare formula milk..
    i m using NaN Pro1 for my 3 months old baby..
    i use to boil water in morning and use that same water whole day. Is it right method to use or i have to boil water every time when i m giving him

  21. Banupriya says:

    My baby is 21days old.I m not getting enough breast milk.Can I give lactogen to my baby?how much ml can I give.I’m feeding my baby for 8times a day but when I takes his mouth from nipple he is crying a lot.he is turning a head to feed again.He s passing stool three days this normal?please help me regarding this.

    • admin says:

      As far as your kid is happy why do you want to start formula milk. Kids always want to nurse as they like the feeling of being nursed, does not mean they are hungry. Three days once is normal.

    • Seema says:

      Ur baby may not be getting enough milk judging by the symptoms…Same as mine…Plz consult a paediatrician asap…They may start supplemental formula feeding and give u some medication to improve breast milk production..Plz hurry up as ur baby is actually going hungry.

  22. Shama says:

    Hi Admin,

    My boy is 3 months old, and I have been breastfeeding him. As I have to get back to work, my doc suggested to use Nan Pro1. But my kid doesn’t take it. seems he doesnt like the taste of it. Also he seems to be used to the comfort of nursing. Please advise how I can get him used to Nan.


  23. Imsifa says:

    My baby is 6 months & takes only 90ml lactogen 7/8 times a day. I think its so small quantity. Plz tell me its ok or not? :wink: :-|

  24. hema says:

    Hi I have questions to ask you can you help me ? How long can keep that mixed formula milk nan pro 1 .

  25. preet says:

    hi admin my baby is 3 month old i will giving formula milk , but with Nan pro formula milk my baby have suffer from gas problem , so now i will started to give cow milk is there any problem to give

    • admin says:

      Please dont give cows milk to kids below one year. All kids have colic problem till 4 months. Give colic aid or try other remedies.

      • Sushantanu says:

        My son is 40 days old
        I m feeding him with nanpro1
        He is suffering from gas pblm
        N dark green poo
        Should i continue with nan pro???

  26. preet says:

    hi admin ,

    my baby is 3 months old there is problem to give formula milk , with formula milk he suffer from gas problem , so i will started to give cow milk , its fine to give

  27. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    My baby is 45days
    I am giving her lactogen
    But we are facing gasses problem continuesly
    I want to shift on nan pro
    It will beneficial for her
    Or this nan pro is create same gasses problem
    Suggest me

  28. Gayathri says:

    hi, my baby is 2 months old. til 30 days i am ok with my breast milk after tat i am out of supply so introduced lactogen as per doctor advice , but my baby poop in green and once in three days with very difficulties,, so thn for past one week introduced nan 1 , pooping once a day. but i think quantity intake of formula milk is reduced when campared to lactogen. he use to take feed 8 to 10 times a day but now its only 6 times. and he sleeps a lot for past one week. is it because of nan ??? is it normal. confused 111 pls revert back :(

  29. Saranya says:

    My 10 month old is in Enfamil (US version). Are the contents of Nan pro same as Enfamil? I’m planning to switch to Nan pro:

  30. Sonia says:

    My baby boy is 20 month old. Can I add Nanpro 4 with his Buffalo milk as an extra supplement? Please suggest.

  31. Waseem says:

    My baby is 11 month old but he not gains weight he is just 6 kg and having Lactogen 2, should i change to Nan Pro – 2 will it works for him, Kindly suggest

  32. Sara says:

    Hi I gave birth to boy baby . He was 10days old. I gave 90per BM. But it was insufficient for my baby. I ask doctor for alternate , she suggested BM . But my baby was crying lot. Please any one suggest wat do. Shall I go with nan with this early. It will help?. Please reply…..

    • admin says:

      Please consult your doctor, but Nan is given to newborns and is safe. Does not replace breastmilk but helps a lot in gaining weight.

  33. Uvalekha says:

    My baby s three month old….she drinks nan pro 1 frm his birth… she vomiting continounsly……shall i change nan

  34. Nishant says:

    Hi admin,
    my baby is 5month 10 days, we have started giving him nan1, but he develop rashes where it get in contact with his skin and also puke the intake amount , We have tried Lactogen 1 also but rashes is getting developed like Nana however he doesn’t puke it.
    Please suggest the option for feed.

  35. Waseem says:

    My baby is 9 month old but he not gains weight he is just 6 kg and having Lactogen 2, should i change to Nan Pro – 2 will it works for him, Kindly suggest

  36. ppp says:

    does it contain fish oil? I am veg and cant tolerate such content for my baby. Did you mentioned it on label??

    Give me information about it….

    • Sam says:

      If such , u shouldn’t have sugar as well because even sugar also made of beef bones to give a finishing.. Cow bones are used to make a sugar. Even bones are non veg…

  37. Amit says:

    Hi admin.. My baby girl is 4 weeks old and her 90 % feed is mother milk however still she feels hungry so v give her 60 ml dose of main pro 1 once or twice of 60 mil in a day.. Can we give more if she needs it !!!

  38. Che says:

    Hi admin,

    My baby is 49 weeks old. Ive been using enfamil and I want to change into nan pro, is it okay? Wouldnt he be constipated or pass stools hardly? And also ive been using wilkins mineral water only. Without mixing boiled water since baby is born. I think hes okay.. But if I switch to nan pro, should I stop using wilkins only?

  39. Shaifali says:

    My baby is three weeks and I started giving her nan pro 1 about a week back as she was not getting enough breast milk and was losing weight.

    But she is having lots of gas … Should I try some other milk brand

    • admin says:

      Kids get colic at that age, its very normal and its more with formula. Nothing to do with the brand. Give gripe water or colic aid in the evening.

      • ajay says:

        I differ with Admin, I think babies should not be given colic aid & Gripe water before 06 mths of age or till such time the baby starts having solid feed… because such small kids never have colic…It’s only gas…try burping, moving the legs little bit or roll your hands over his tummy gently..hope it will help him out this way.. :)

        • admin says:

          Babies do have colic during the first 3 months. I totally respect your comment, I have given both to my baby with doctors advice. So I think the best thing would be to ask your doctor.

      • Mitra says:

        April 9, 2016 at 2:43 am
        Hello There,

        My baby is 3 months and 3 weeks. She is on
        Formula from day first. For the past 3 weeks
        I am having trouble feeding her, she makes
        Funny face and act like she is going to throw
        Up when I offer her bottle. She cries and
        Then she drinks a bit. She used to consume 900
        To 1000 ml every 24 hrs when she was 1 month
        Old and now it is reduced to 500-600 maximum! Along
        With lots of trouble.
        Seems she doesn’t like the taste( enfamil a+)
        Do you recommend similar advance or nan pro 1, in regards
        To its taste?
        BW, I have started giving her a smal tea spoon
        Of rice cereal and she loves it. Also she is ok to
        Drink water from her bottle but not milk.
        Doctor suggested change its nipple to a bigger
        Hole one, it didn’t help. Once she sees its milk
        Then she starts acting funny. I feel bad to see she is suffering.
        Please advice.
        Thank you

        • Shee says:


          My kid too had the same prob..doctoe suggested to keep the milk in fridge for 5 mins before feeding and it worked.
          Just try this out.

  40. Sne says:

    My daughter is 4 months old. Have started nan pro 1 for her since a week as I have to join office soon. She was initially refusing bottle, but later accepted it. Giving her nan pro 3-4 times a day n rest of the time breast milk. But, she has been crying excessively at night and during day. Is it due to nan pro. Does it cause colic. I gave her colicaid, she was fine. But still she has been crying excessively after 1-2 hrs again.Which other products are good for her. What shd I do.

  41. Joice says:

    My baby girl is 4 months old she is not taking beast milk at all wish infant formula is good for her please I really need help

  42. Mrunal says:

    Hi, I have given NAN Pro 1 to my 3.5 months old baby first time.He was completely on BF before. After giving 3 oz of formula, he did vomiting and there was allergic rashes all over his body. Please suggest whether it is the reaction due to NAN. Can I try some other formula milk?

  43. Mujibu says:

    Hi my son have completed 2 mnths, prblm is he needs more feed for each half an hour and he is grunting and groaning while breastfeed… I think so he is not satisfied with the quantity of breast milk…. Shall I give him nan pro 1 without doc’s advice bcoz I explained this to doc and they are strictly saying exclusive bm for 6mnths… Wat can I do??? pls help me out

    • admin says:

      Please take doctors advice. If you still feel feed is less there is no harm in giving once. as the child feeds more the supply will increase. But there are many kids who never grow on breastmilk and nan is safe from what I know.

  44. Shirley says:

    My lo is 45 days old since my milk supply was insufficient doc asked me to give lactoge from 7th day, I still breastfeed him and give 2 feed of lactogen per day but he gets constipated and feels very difficult to poo should I switch over to other bran ? plz suggest me one

  45. Shanthi says:

    My baby is 4 month old. He is drinking formula milk due to lack of breat fwes milk secretion. He is urinating more than 30/times in a normal or need to be taken care?

  46. Shanthi says:


    My baby is 4 month old. I am giving him nan pro 1 formula milk since day 1. Due to lack of breast feed milk. He used to urinate around 30 times in a day. Ist common or any issues these many times urinating? Kindly reply for my query

  47. Cerelac says:

    Cerelac is great way to fulfill your baby daily dietary and nutritive requirements. It has Iron, Calcium, Fatty Acids and Vitamins that’s helps child in early stage development. Regards from me!!!!

  48. shalini says:

    hi, my lo is 2 months old she is on top feed since day 1 due to less breast milk secretion. i used similac advance but she was highly constipated . she cried alot while passing stools now when she turned 2 months old i switched to nan pro with probiotics now she passes stool 3-4 times a day almost after every feed. Doc says similac is better . is it fine to switch to nan pro. Also she has started spitting after using nan pro but stool is not hard now. she is very colicky and cries alot.

  49. Jp says:

    Hi my baby is 3 wks old , iam feeding my baby on bm and also on 3 to 4 servings of lactogen , but Doc suggested me to completely avoid any formula, I tried but iam not able to produce enough bm to satisfy him. Plzz suggest()

    • admin says:

      Hi there is no harm in giving both formula and BM

      • Mitra says:

        Hello There,

        My baby is 3 months and 3 weeks. She is on
        Formula from day first. For the past 3 weeks
        I am having trouble feeding her, she makes
        Funny face and act like she is going to throw
        Up when I offer her bottle. She cries and
        Then she drinks a bit. She used to consume 900
        To 1000 ml every 24 hrs when she was 1 month
        Old and now it is reduced to 500-600 maximum! Along
        With lots of trouble.
        Seems she doesn’t like the taste( enfamil a+)
        Do you recommend similar advance or nan pro 1, in regards
        To its taste?
        BW, I have started giving her a smal tea spoon
        Of rice cereal and she loves it. Also she is ok to
        Drink water from her bottle but not milk.
        Doctor suggested change its nipple to a bigger
        Hole one, it didn’t help. Once she sees its milk
        Then she starts acting funny. I feel bad to see she is suffering.
        Please advice.
        Thank you

        • admin says:

          Hi, it happens during growth spurts, kids are cranky. You have to introduce rice cereals only after 6 months, maybe your child likes that taste now.
          You can try a different formula.

  50. Deepthi says:

    Hello. My son is 3 month old and we have used Dexolac premium for a month and he is constipated with it. Also tried similac advance but he didnt take dat. Now iam using enfamil a+ from last 3 days. His gas reduced to some extent but not completely. Please advice which is best among enfamil and nan pro.

  51. varindergill says:

    my baby is just of 15 days old..i had C section..I m giving her Nan pro 1 since the day one because of low supply of my milk..I m confused about the quantity of milk …plz suggest me the quantity …I m giving her 75 ml or 80 ml..although I m giving her my feed too but every time she refused to take it..then I pore my feed to her bottle and then she take it..
    I m tense because she is not taking my feed?? Is it safe to give her artificial milk???
    suggest some tips to increase the my feed..

    • admin says:

      Hi please try to give her breastmilk. Slowly reduce the formula milk. The more you feed breastmilk your supply will increase. Body takes 24 hours to analyse how much the baby needs. The formula milk quantity is ok.

  52. Koki says:

    My baby is 4months old now, I used to give him nan pro1 he was bit colicky but stools were normal yellow. Since he was colicky I am giving enfamil A+, but he seems to be passing green stools. Otherwise he seems to be active and fine. Kindly help me on this.

  53. Archana says:

    Hi i am 3 months old baby. Doc suggested t give 40ml every 2 hours but wen he’s awake in a hour interval i need t feed him with 40ml r more. I am giving him nan pro 1 per day i am giving him like around 16 times is it safe for him i am bit worried abt it please revert back
    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Are you not breastfeeding. Please stick to the doctors advice. Kids sometimes just want to feed or nurse for comfort. There is no harm but kids tend to be overweight and obesity and it is not healthy.

  54. sumi says:

    Hi…my son is four months completed. He born in 29 th week itself. From day one I don’t have BM.. That is not sufficient to my baby so Dr suggested to giv dexolac. After 40 weeks then I moved to lactogen 1 by the advice from Dr. Earlier it was okay only. but past 10 days my baby stool is in green colour I consulted wif Dr. SDr said nothing to worry. I use to give lactogen 90 ml once in 4 hrs. Pls advice can I change to any other power milk and which is best.

  55. ipsita mohapatra says:

    Sir,my baby is now 2momth old,please suggest me,how much quantity nan1 I will give her….

  56. Shri says:

    Hi. My son is 3 months old.. BM is fine but doc suggested nan for weight gain. He has told to start with 1 oz twice a day. Can I give this in paaladai? I.e the small traditional cup used to feed infants. I have a silver one. I’m skeptical abt using a feeding bottle so early. Is it fine to sterlize silver articles?

    • admin says:

      Hi you can, you also get bottles with spoon. But as his intake increases it many become difficult to feed with paaladai. I suggest you get a good colic free bottle from Avent/Nuby.

  57. Hai sir
    my son is 26days milk is not sufficient for him and not suck directly.suck through nipple very few quantity of milk is available.i give naan pro1 of30ml fullday at intervel 2hrs daily .is it sufficient?.he is demand for more milk.i am not satisfied for this formula.pls guid me.can i feed 60ml of naan at an interval of 2hrs full tim that means day&night.

  58. Sue says:

    My baby was on prenan for first 45 days as he had very low birth weight.Now He is 2.7 kgs and switched to Nan Pro 1. I breast feed him thrice a day, rest 7-10 feeds were of Prenan. We recently started Nan Pro 1 and his stools are loose, yellow about 5 times in 24 hours.With Prenan his poop was pasty but solid.Do i reduce the water ( now using 2 scoops 60 ml).I m worrried if its a sign the formula doesn’t suit him.

  59. vishpala athavale says:

    Hi admin my query is my baby was premature n she didnt had sucking capacity so sge was from hospital used to bottle feed.. she was earlier on pre nan at that time her poop was yellow and now she is on nan1 her poop color is greenish yellow or greysih yellow or somtines it us grey bt in liquid form.. bt she poops only once in a day please guide me

    • admin says:

      Hi kids on nan dont pass motion often, once a day is good. How old is your baby, Nan one is for 6 months plus right?
      Green most often means an infection. Make sure you are sterilizing bottles and only mix nan with boiled water, boiled mineral water is good. Not sure about grey, please check with your doctor.

  60. nisha says:

    One of my cousin is 2months old.sheis on nan feed since birth.Now since last two weeks she pass green stools it due to the presence of iron in NAN

  61. yogita says:

    Help me n give suggestion for milk

  62. Ma says:

    My baby is 45 days old after using nan pro he is going urine very rarely

  63. Marium says:

    Hi..I have been breastfeeding my baby along with formula nan since her second month.she is now close to completing her second month. She takes the milk and her weight gain also has been normal. Just skeptical and worried if my baby is getting DHA & RHA. I just want to know if she gettin what is needed for a better growth. Also, I be noticed that she’s getting very colicky… Is that because of nan ??

    • admin says:

      Hi RHA and DHA will be there in breastmilk so nothing to worry. Yes kids get colicky because of formula, make sure you burrp her, use an anti colic bottle. Give her colic aid, colic is very common in kids, it will vanish after the third month.

  64. geeta says:


    I am giving Nan pro to my baby since birth due to low supply of my milk, my pead recommend to give Vitamin d3 and visyneral Zince till he is 1 year old, now he is 7 months old, he is not taking Iron or Calcium, my doc said both are included in formula milk, is it correct??? iron and calcium is not necessary?I start giving, carrot, pees, dal , rice purees,smashed Banana and apple Juice, sometimes cerelac (wheat). Please suggest

    • admin says:

      Hi, Yes most formula milk has CA and Iron. Now that your child is 6 months you can directly feed these through food, so artificial supplements are not required. Wheat, rice and veggies have rich iron and CA.

      • geeta says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply.

        I would like to reconfirm with you that NAN PRO has DHA and RHA and from where I can check it????some says nan pro does not have DHA and RHA and enfamil is better then Nan pro, is that true???


  65. Shilli says:

    Please suggest is nonpro good for babies? Now my baby boy is six month old, I’m giving nan feed daily three times from a day since he is three & half month,

    Is there any side effects with with giving nan pro,
    Some doctors told not to give nan

    • admin says:

      Hi There is no side effects I know off. Now that he can eat solids if you give too much on nan they wont be able to eat. You can start off with rice porridge, dal pani, mashed fruits at this stage

  66. Geetha says:

    Hi my baby is 2months 11days old, m giving breastfeeding and formula DEXOLAC, I want my baby to put on weight, please suggest me what should I do to gain his weight

    • admin says:

      Hi Geetha,

      Dont worry about weightgain, not all chubby babies are healthy. If you are feeding the baby as per demand its more than enough. Please dont overfeed.

  67. Geetha says:

    Hi my baby is 2months 11days old,m doing breastfeeding and giving formula DEXOLAC, I want my baby to put on weight,please suggest me what should I do to increase his weight

  68. Nazish says:

    Hi.. I’ve a 2 and a half months old son. I have been breast feeding since his birth. Recently my paed suggested me to formula feed him for weight gain with Enfamil. But at that time I couldn’t find enfamil so I feeded him nan pro 1 as suggested my one of the NICU nurse. Now he is having nan pro 1 since 9 days and I’ve got Enfamil A+ 1 of Enfamil brand. How safe is it to switch between these formulas based on their ingredients and please tell me the best way of switching formulas so that my baby doesn’t suffer.

  69. bunny says:

    hi ,
    my son is 2 months old bm option is not their from day one. we were feeding him for first 45 days pre nan and then nan pro 1, my questions is when he was on pre nan he was all happy and playfull,but the day we have started nan pro 1 he has become more cranky. he does not have his whole feed he use to have before. he is unstable for the whole day when he is awake. now from 4 days he is vomiting his every feed. what should i do, shall shift from nan pro 1 to pre nan again or shift the brand itself.

    • admin says:

      Hi Im not sure how Nan pro will affect mood changes or crankiness. Try givin him the old one and see if it works, else please check for other problems like colic, constipation, indigestion etc.

  70. alyssa daphne cas says:

    Hi. Goodpm. My daughter used pre nan since she is 35weeks when she was born. So when she reached 38 weeks, i shifted to nan pro 1. But i observed that her stool is loose so i observed it for 2weeks. Still her stool is loose. Is it normal? Hoping for you response. Thanks!

  71. Swapnil pandey says:

    My baby is 26 days old n her hunger is not satisfied by only my breast milk so after every breast feed i give 60 ml of nanpro1. But m tensed whtr she is getting sufficient nutrients or not, as my bm is nt proper. Plz reply

    • admin says:

      Hi this is the most common problem by most mothers. Dont worry as your baby feeds the BM will increase. You can give Nan but try to keep feeding BM, the more the bbay pulls, the more the body will understand to produce more. Try to avoid too much Nan especially during evenings as it can cause a little colic. See our article on how to increase BM.

  72. DHANYA says:

    My son is 4 months old.juz started to give nan pro 1 as I hav to back to work soon.but when I give nan pro1 he dnt have it. He startdcrying every time when I gve.I dono what to give?juz starting so I mixed 30ml powder with 50 ml(approx) water.please give me suggestions. Whether I have to change mixing proportion? Are can I try sum other formula drink?

    • admin says:

      Hi please dont change the mixing proportions. Please follow whats on the bottle. Kids do refuse as they are used to breastmilk. But eventually they will drink. Try changing the bottle, go for a soft bottle like Nuby. First try giving breastmilk in bottle so that he gets used to it. Then you can start formula in a bottle

      • DHANYA says:

        Thanx a lot..I gave with right mixing proportion..he slightly started to have nan pro 5th month started can I start giving nestem?once in a day.plz reply

        • admin says:

          Hi Dhanya, yes you can start nestum from 5+ months, I suggest cerelac as it has rice and milk and is not heavy, nestum has only rice i guess. Start wheat only after 6 months.

  73. vidya c gangaiah says:

    hi, my baby is of 28 days for 2day, i statred nan pro 1 wen she was 22days as doc suggested me 2 do so as my BM was very very less nd was not sufficient for my baby, as given on the box for 3 to 4 weeks baby the feed should be 120ml of water and 4scoops of formula 5tyms a day but i use 60ml of water n 2scoops of formal for 6 to 7 tyms a days n 2tyms of BM is it ok wat i am doing? i m very much confused pls guide me regarding this..

    • vidya c gangaiah says:

      plz do reply for me…. m very much worried….

    • admin says:

      Hi Vidya its fine, you are mixing correctly and the feeds are also ok. But keep feeding the child your breastmilk too, dont worry if its less, the more baby sucks, the more the body will produce, it takes 24 hours for your body to understand the need ofthe child. Do read our article on increasing breastmilk. Drink plenty of water 3-4 litres, lots of milk, dill leaves, if non vegeterian eat shark fish meat and minced mutton made with dill leaves.

      • vidya c gangaiah says:

        thanx for ur reply. I was really in confusion, now m relaxed n i eat dill leaves n minced mutton and i have observed that the day i eat these iteams the BM quantity will b more… and i advice the other mothers who are not satisfied with the quantity of there BM can try tis dill leaves and also minced mutton if ur non veggi. and i would also like to share that the nan pro 1 has made my baby put on her weight.. M really happy with the results of nan pro 1, thank you.

  74. Vidya says:

    My baby is of 28days n der is no sufficient BM… its very vety less in me so as doc consultation i have started nan pro 1 i feed her 60ml 5 to 6 tyms a days and twice my milk is its ok wit it or m i feeding her more…. m very confused…. as d instruction on d box is 130 ml 5tyms a day…, can u plz guide me

  75. Bem says:

    Can i use the hot water from a mineral water dispenser? Once the milk is prepared, how lost will it lasts assuming the baby haven’t been fed yet. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi you an use hot water from any dispenser. Once you prepare the milk it may last for 1-2 hours. But make sure you dont reaheat.

  76. natasha says:

    My child is 4 months old and I gave him 90ml nanpro thrice in a day..but he seems unsatisfied.. He demands more.can I increase the quantity,if yes by how much?

  77. Anna says:

    Hi my baby is 2 months old who is exclusively formula fed and occasionally breastfed due to lack of milk, I use nan pro 1 since her birth for her, now for past three days my baby’s stool is green, which was yellow before..Its not diarrhea or watery type, its normal in its form I consulted pediatrician who.gave lactospore and cefixime tablet which I discontinued but again stool is greeny, anything to be worried?

    • admin says:

      Hi Stools which are green may indicate infection, please make sure you sterilize the bottle properly and use boiled water only to prepare the formula. Its also a sign thats the body is cleaning the infection in the stomach, if its just once or twice its ok. More than that consult doctor, especially if its frothy.

  78. anuj says:

    Hello, my wife gave birth to a baby boy on 13/5/2015 one month premature and due to hellp syndrome she passed away on 22/5/15. Doctor advised me to give d baby dexolac but i searched on google and found nan pro 1 to be a better option so i switched widout consulting d doctor is der any better option den nan pro 1 ? I am also giving Ayurvedic doses for his immunity since he cudnt get breast milk ever.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anuj, Im so sorry for your loss. Dont lose hope, fathers can be great mothers too. Nan Pro is totally safe, dont worry about immunity,he will be totally fine. Nan has probiotics so it will help his digestion. I know many moms (my own SIL with twins and friends) who did not have breastmilk and they have healthy kids who were only on formula milk. Kids are 12 years now. If you have any queries please feel free to post here or on our FB page or mail we will surely help you.

  79. pradnya says:

    my baby boy is slow he taking almost 1hr having 90ml long we can keep nan pro caz after preparing .

    • admin says:

      Once he starts drinking its ok for an hour or two.

      • simmy says:

        Hi am having triplets so I started to giv pronan1 since my BM is not sufficient I feed with formula milk 6_7times is it safe

      • simmy says:

        And since they r having formula milk not taking my breastfeed can anyone suggest wat can b done

        • admin says:

          Hi Simmy first of all congrats on having triplets. There is no harm in giving formula milk to infants, its totally safe and has the same composition of breastmilk. Just that it lacks natural antibodies that build immunity, so make sure they are kept in a clean and hygienic environment at all times and make people wash their hands before touching them, Otherwise there is no harm and no need to feel the guilt, its too stressful to feed triplets. You can manually extract some milk and mix a bit in all their formula.

          • simmy says:

            Thanku for ur reply ..can I know if I can get any offer from nan as am feeding 3babies we require more quantity…if possible ply let me know it wil be very useful for us…

  80. mathi says:

    i’m having 3 month old girl baby…
    due to BM sufficient i have already introduced lactogen from her 2nd month itself…but after introducing lactogen she had constipation problem and her stool becomes very greeny…am very scared and immediately stopped giving lactogen..
    then due to some others advice i start to give cow’s milk now..
    is it safe for 3month old baby??is it help her to increase weight??

  81. shankar says:

    How does nan HA4 work for a 2+toddler

  82. george says:

    Does nan ha 4 work efficiently for kids 2.5-3 years old?

    • admin says:

      Its better to give your child cows milk if he is healthy. You can add pediasure or junior horlics.

      • Shrikant says:

        Cow milk should be avoided till one year. Ayurveda also recommeds to avoid cow milk. In most urgent situations, add required/prescribed quantity of vavading or Embelia ribes

  83. tapas says:

    My son is just 2 years old, so can i put him on nan hA 4 and also would like to know until what age can i continue it

    • admin says:

      Hi if your child is not lactose intolerant you can give him cows milk. Pediasure and junior Horlics has added nutrition. Not sure about Nan H4, if he is not underweight its not required.

  84. Shobha n says:

    My baby 2 month 7 days I am feeding my baby
    Non pro 1 4 time it’s ok
    Becos my friend toled me he will get sugar
    Plz help me with this ansur

    • admin says:

      Hi Shoba Nan Pro is made for infants only, there are few kids who are not fortunate to have breastmilk, does not mean they will get diabetes. Try to reduce the number of times as yoru breastmilk might reduce.

  85. kehkashan says:

    One thing more I want to ask on the NAN1confort it is written that once it is opened you have to finish it in 3 weeks. If it will not get finish then after 3 weeks will it get expired? So I cant use that?

  86. kehkashan says:

    hello, my baby is 2 month old and i think i have enough breast milk to satisfy my baby but the problem is he sometimes do not want to take milk because of milk vomit, or sometimes he wants to sleep rather than to take milk, i tried a lot to wake him up and give him feed but it did not worked out. Then i started to give him pumped breast milk while sleeping so he drinks while sleeping at night. His weight is not satisfactory so my nurse asked me to start Nan1 confort from 1 onz. Is it good to give him rather than breast milk? she asked me to give breast milk first then give Nan 1 confort. Will he left breast feeding after taking powder milk? how long this milk can survive on room temperature? if I am using mineral water do I need to boil it? and do we need warm water to make it or normal water? instructions on the bottle does not mention this. every time when I make milk should I boil the bottle? Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi there is no harm giving the baby Nan, but dont confuse feeds at the same time. Once you give Nan and next time BM. Kids dont leave breastfeeding but if you give the bottle more than 3 times, they refuse BM later. Try to restrict it to two times and during late nights as it might cause more colic than BM.

    • Taniya Mukherjee says:

      do remember to boil water and store it in a flask…. don’t give un boiled water

      • admin says:

        Thanks for your comment Taniya. Yes its very important to give boiled water even if its mineral water.

  87. sandya says:

    Hi,I have 2 months old baby girl,here my problem I have very less breastmilk
    hence I am unable to satisfy my daughter so I started nanpro1 from day my baby weight is reduced from 3.2kg to 2.4kg,can u help me how to gain.

    • admin says:

      Kids of that age can only feed on treadmill or formula.
      Make sure she does not sleep off during feeds, else tickle ears or cheeks and make sure she drinks enough. Or change the bottle,sometimes they go through nipple confusion. Keep trying many bottles till you settle on the right one.

  88. sheela says:

    hi…my boy baby 4 months old …i dont have not enough breastfeed… can i use NAN pro 1 pls reply………..

  89. DhanyaSanthosh says:

    My son is 45 days old he is on formula milk nan pro 1from the day he was born and twice a day i give him bm he used to pass motion very often or twice a day but the problem now is he does not pass motion for two or three days and he strugles to pass gas.Dr suggested colic aid thrice daily still its the same. He also wakes up for every one hour is it safe to feed him wit formula milk for every hour.

  90. meena says:

    I was started to give nan pro1 to my baby from 8th day onwards. Now she is 4month old. When I started to give other foods? If that feed remains will I reheat that milk for next feed?

  91. Sulagna Roy says:

    My baby is 2 month old. I have started NAN PRO1 from his 2nd month.I give NAN to him once in the morning. He just taking it aprox 1oz. and then refused to drink. He is also passing gas more than before and cries a lot. He poops once in 2 or 3 days and last day it was slightly greenish. Is NAN pro1 suits to him?

  92. Sweety says:

    Hi, My baby boy is 4 mths now and on both BM and Nan pro1 since he was 2 mths old. I had to introduce formula as production of my milk was not sufficient then and even now. At times my baby gets so cranky of hunger that he cant even wait for me to prepare the formula.. Can we prepare the feed beforehand and keep it ready in the night time. If yes , how long it can be kept and under what condition.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sweety, please dont prepare formula before hand, it has some probiotics which will change the composition. Reheating also is not advised. Add some cold water to bring down the temperature soon.

  93. poori says:

    Hi..My baby is 1 month old. initially I had very very low secretion of breast milk and 1st 2 weeks after birth baby had lost 15% of weight due to lack of feed.Later I was asked to giv Nan as a top up. So I allow the baby to suck BM for half hr and then will giv her Nan. BY doing this she use to wake up for every 3 hrs for feed.After a month now my secretion has improved a lot and I think it is sufficient for the baby now. But she use to cry within half hr or within 15 min sometimes immdtly after my feed. So it is like I hav to feed her all the 24 hrs..Because of this I am getting a doubt that whether my milk is still not sufficient for her. But she passes urine more than 7 times with BM alone.I have a big doubt that whether she is crying for hunger or for something else??
    I have a confidence now that my BM secretion is sufficient for her. But am confused when she cries… I can say my hard breast becomes supple once I finish feeding her. Dunno Still why she cries??

    • admin says:

      Hi Poorni, from your comments everything is going fine for you. Babies loose all the water weight initially and if your confident about your breastfeed, please continue to feed.
      There are many reasons why kids cry, If its immediately after a feed its not hunger. Babies cry for comfort, some to nurse and sleep, lots of kids below 3 months cry the whole evening and night because of colic. Make sure you burrp even if it takes you 10 mins. Colicaid is very useful. As they grow bigger they will surely fill their tummies.

    • anonymous says:

      Hello.. I’m facing the same problem as yours. My baby cries 15 mins after breastfeed and I am forced to give him formula. I suppose its my supply issue. May I know what’s your situation now? What action you took?

  94. Honey Maurya says:

    Farex Vs Nan pro 1.
    We were giving Nan pro 1 to our kid 2 months now. Our doctor switched him to ferax. His part of say was nan pro 1 is a bit sweeter and sometimes kid stop taking mother feed over nan pro 1 and he also said it is more economical. Can we getany suggestions on farex vs nan pro 1.
    Thank you


    Hi i am mom of 1 month 5 days of baby boy and i am not able to feed my baby sufficiently and consulted a doctor and doc suggested to feed baby nanpro1 but i am worried as my baby cry all night and is suffering from gas problem.

    • admin says:

      Most babies cry even when they are on breastmilk. Babies have colic problem till 3 months. Make sure you burp the child well even if it takes 10 mins. Give the child colic aid drops or gripe water for instant relief.

    • Jinu says:

      hi sayantani are you the one who was in wipro?? kolkata BT process ?? Call me your Friend Jinu From Delhi 09650254902

  96. pramee says:

    my baby (boy) is one year old. can i give nan. which level should i must choose. i want to avoid BM. at night times he is very troubling me to give milk. he will not sleep early. he will playing and asking BM. so please suggest me shall i give NAN. if okay which one please suggest me. i am trying to stop BM but he is not listening. tell me what to do.

    • admin says:

      Hi Pramee you can give your child cows milk as he is one year. Natural milk is a better option for one year old’s. But the problem is weaning one year olds off breastmilk is a little difficult. Start during the day and slowly move to the night.

  97. lhyne says:

    Hi… my baby is about 1month & 1week old.. i change to nanpro1 since my baby become constipted aftera week of using s26. So far my baby’s poop is ok. . I just have noticed that there are somany bubbles in the bottle when mixing the milk.. is it ok to feed the baby with the bubbles inside the bottle?… thanks…

  98. dr shalini says:

    Your comments r very good

  99. pooja says:

    hi,my baby s 5month old ,from birth she s in nanpro 1,recently my ped said switch for zerolac …so is zerolac s gud den nan …plzzz suggest me ………

  100. nithi says:

    hi,my baby is 3month old…right now im giving BM only….by doing 45 days vaccination her weight is 4.3kg after tat 70 days vaccination she gained only 300 grams(i.e.,4.6kg)….so i fed my baby around 6-8times per day….so one of my friend suggest me to give nan pro1…bcz to gain weight of my baby… can u tell me shall i go wit nan pro 1 to my baby…..and one more thing my baby sleep at 11pm and she wakes up by morning 8am…so on the time i didnt do breastfed my baby is it ok for doing like tat?so plz reply

    • admin says:

      Hi Nithi, your baby is perfectly fine. Kids dont grow week by week, they suddenly have growth spurts. If you have good breastmilk supply there is no need of Nan. But again there is no harm if you feed your baby nan once, its better in the morning than evenings to avoid colic.

      • nithi says:

        thanks :-)!!!!and one more thing my baby is not looking chubby….so can u suggest me some few tips…to make my baby chubbier…..and to gain weight quicker… it possible by giving nan pro1 makes my baby chubbier?:-)

      • nithi says:

        hi jaishree…now a days secretion of my BM get reducing :cry: ….so im giving nan pro1 to my baby….but she is not taking…so plz help me ….. how to give nan 1? :-|

  101. Chaitra naveen says:

    Hello all new mommies.
    Nan pro 1 s really amazing. I had a 3week pre term baby thru Ceseran on 14th oct. He was as usual kept in NICU for 2 weeks and i had to keep running to and fro to hosp and home. Due to which i suffered frm back ache. Cos of the worry of back ache i cudnt express the sufficient amt of milk to send him for his feeds. Baby returned safe and me the strong lady became weak as i had to protect him safe. BM secretion lowerd even more and i had lactogen to give him which i never wanted to give him as my milk is his strongest medicine to get rid of his illness.
    Husband supported and said hw much poss give him BM and if u cant give more, no worries give him formula. I somehw was convinced and gave him lacto1. In a weeks time he was very healthy and and had put on 600gms. Frm 1.9 to 2.5 which doc said a magic. Later doc itsrlf suggeated Nan 1 as it had probiotics and i was lil relieved tht he will get lil bit of immunity thou its nt as much as BM.
    he wasnt sleeping wel at nights. Till 4 i used to b awake playing with him and i gt severe fever and eye pain. When i switched to nan1 under doc guidance, I give him 3 continous feed at 10pm,2am and 5am. At 7 am i give him my milk as by tht time milk wud b sufficient for me and for the rest if the day as wel. Lacto was nt makingbhim sleep peacefully at nights as i have observed.
    So mommys this s my experience and i am happy with it. Just dont worry if u dont have sufficient milk. Feed them urs hw much ever possible. Be positive and think ur baby s getting atleast so much BM to keep him/her safe which many mommys wont b able to. formula has sooo much nutition to keep ur baby healthy and immunity comes frm ur milk. :lol: be happy, dont tense and lower ur BM even more :)

    • admin says:

      Thankyou so much for sharing your experience Chaitra. Im so glad your baby is fine. …………………jaishri

      • Chaitra naveen says:

        Hey jayashri mam. My baby boy is 3 n half old nw.. When can i start nestum rice to him? He s very naughty n does lot of nataks to take feed. He keeps talking to me n give me a whole bunch of smiles. Even i respond to him
        I will have lot of work at home snd can’t take one whole hr to feed him all the time. He s 5.2kg nw and s gud at everything
        So i thought i csn start with nestum when he s 4m. Can i,?? And wht quantity? And hw much watery the feed shud be?

        • admin says:

          Hi Chaitra, doctors dont recommend solid feed till 6 months. At 4.5 you can maybe start with a little apple juice or Dal pani. Start solids only after 5.5 months in diluted form similar to milk.
          Dont worry about him not feeding properly, when he is hungry he will feed fully. At this stage only breastmilk or formula.

  102. jennylyn says:

    planning to shift to NAN PRO 1, please advice me on the water and formula ratio? my son is 3 months old now. thank you.

  103. Bala says:

    First of all,, I would like to thank you for the effort that you are putting in and the good work done here. God Bless you.
    My question is like so many ones above, my son is 7mths old now and has been on BM till date. From 6mths onwards we started his on solids too, a serving of fruit & veggies each and 2 servings of cereal is what he has in a day apart from innumerable BM feeds. Off late, he’s been up like clockwork every 2 hrs at night for a feed,, I think its time to start him on a top up kind of Formula feed. The question is,, Nan Pro2, Similac Advance Follow up 2 or Enfamil A+ Stg 2?? Pls reply,,, m stuck here

  104. Linda says:

    hi my baby is one months 14 days i want todo breastfeeding exclusive but it seems my milk is not enough for her. can i supplement it with nan 1

  105. nandhini says:

    My pediatrician suggested abbott similac stage 2 for my 8 month old healthy baby only on nights when he cries in hunger and could not manage all time wit mother feed n solids. . kindly suggest if I can give the same or nan pro as many mom’s suggesting it.. If so what is the serving size for one feed.. Thank you

  106. nitin sharma says:

    Please help me i have 20 days old baby girl how much time i feed baby in a day as she is cleaft problem please advice

    • admin says:

      Hi, you have to feed her every 2-3 hours if its breastmilk. If the baby is on formula please follow the instructions on the cover of the formula box.

  107. gail says:

    My baby boy is 45 days old I breast feed him as well as introduced to lactogen 1 since he was born premature andhe needs to gain wrought the nurses in the hospital already started him on little formula for the first day after my c section when he was in the NICU but now he is crying and staying up all night with Gas and struggles to pass motion only once a day is this ok can I change to Nan pro what do I do about the Gas n constipated??? Please help

    • admin says:

      Hi Gail, most kids are gassy at this stage and passing motion once in two to three days is perfectly normal. Formula milk makes them slightly more gassy than breastmilk. If he has adjusted to lactogen then there is no need to change to nan pro. Most kids have colic problems till the end of 3 months. You can give him some gripe water or colic aid to relieve the gas, but do consult your doctor once.

  108. mousumi mukherjee says:

    dear sir
    being a working mother i was bound to introduce formula milk to my baby when he completed 2 months . during 3 and a half months vaccination his weight was 6.3 kgs and within 15 days when visited the doctor for his skin rashes , it showed 5.6 kg. For last one month he is only having lactogen-1, because he is unwilling to have breast milk . Until his mentioned vaccination his growth rate was normal though during birth ,his weight was 2.1 kg. but present weight made me tensed . Although his physical activities, urination, (average 15 – 20 times per day )bowel movement (3 -4 time per day ) is normal . what I will do ?

  109. Fouzia says:

    My baby is 8 month old. She’s been exclusively breastfed till now and on solids. I tried giving lactogen two-three times when she was 5 month old but she refused it. Donno whether she didn’t like the bottle or formula. I used Philips Avent bottle. Now I want to start formula for her as a backup for breast milk and also while traveling.
    I’m confused as to which formula to buy….?
    Nan pro or Enfamil.
    Please advice.

    • admin says:

      Nan pro is good fouzia, but kids who are given the bottle so late generally refuse. In case nan pro does not suit her, try enfamil. The problem is that kids are quite smart at 5-6 months they easily know the difference between BM and formula. Its not the bottle or the formula. Start with breastmilk in a bottle and slowly give her formula.

  110. pooja says:

    plzz reply for my old msg

  111. pooja says:

    Hi my daughter s 1month 17days old after csection my breast milk was very low due to this problem from day one my daughter s in top fed nanpro 1 …….but my grandmother says if baby s n formula milk it wont be healthier ,active nd more intelegent Dan other kid ………is my granny s right …….pls suggest me

    • admin says:

      Hi Pooja there are many kids who are not fortunate enough to have breastmilk and they are exclusively fed on formula. Formula milks these days have the same nutrients as BM but they dont have antibodies that will protect your child from illness and build immunity. There is no connection between BM and intelligence. I know every intelligent people who have not been breastfed.

  112. pooja says:

    My daughther s 1 month 14days old wen.on wch month i shuld start give her ceralac …

  113. pooja says:

    Hi my daughter s 1month 13days old ……….frm day1 she s n nanpro1……i have a doubt dat i am using boiled water to prepare Nan but while feeding it must be cold r else little hotter.pls guide me…….whether hotter milk may damage her intenstine

    • admin says:

      hi Pooja. always use boiled and cooled water to mix nan pro. Never give hot milk to babies it should be warm. cerelac can be started during the 5 the month, you can start with cerelac rice and wheat from 6 the month.

      • pooja says:

        Thank u

      • pooja says:

        Hi my daughter s 1month 17days old …after my c section my breast milk s very low ..due to this problem from day one my daughter s n top fed nanpro1 ………..but my grandmother says if baby s n formula milk it wont be healthier ,active nd more intelegent like other kid…i am worried is my granny s right …………

  114. RUBAN says:


    my son, 3 months old we give daily 3 times Nan Pro 1 and mother feeding. during doctor checkup doctor told my son have mucus. they suggest to stop Nan Pro.

    my question is mucus infected due to Nan Pro ??

    • admin says:

      Hi Rubin Nan pro would not cause mucous, however it might aggravate the cold if the water used is not hygenic and if the milk is cold. Its best to breastfeed when the baby is sick. Once he is alright you can continue, kids anyways refuse to feed on anything when they are unwell.

  115. parathana prakhyat jain says:

    i am parathana. my baby is 5 months.. n since frm 3 months i am using nan pro 1n also breastfeeding . its going very good my baby is gaing weight also n he is active.. but the promblem my baby is facing is tht gas promblem. n he crys a lot while passing gas.. so plz help me

    • admin says:

      Gas problems are very common in babies. It will stop after the 5th month. Try to increases breast feed and reduce nan. Drink plenty of water and include papaya in your diet.

  116. sir,my baby 5 months old i started giving her nan pro ones she s weight 7.2 kg……its normal

    • admin says:

      Kids fed on formula feed are a little heavier, as far as the activity is good you don’t have yo worry. It’s fine.

  117. Sumi says:

    I have 1 month twin boys. The doc told me to alternate with nestle nan pro 1 and Breast milk … It helps in gaining weight for them..but lately they want breast milk even after having formula !!they are satisfied only when they drink from me!!! Are there any twin mom out there who can blog about their feeding schedule n tips for coping this first three months !!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sumi sorry that we dont have moms with twins on our team. You can join first moms club on Facebook and post yoru query, you will get answers in less than 5 mins.

      • ritz says:

        Hi I am the mother of twins, baby girl and boy, even I am facing the same problem which you ate going

        • Simran says:

          I am simran mom of 4 months old baby girl she is on only top feed and i am giving her nanpro 1 initially for first 1.5 month i had given her my milk with lactogen but after that my doc suggested for nanpro1 as of know i got one brand available enfamil a+ Is that good or nan pro is better please suggest

  118. suvidha says:

    pls suggest me can i give my 3 month baby nan pro 1 .

  119. rose ann junio cisneros says:

    Hi my son is 1month old. I gave him bona for the first week till third,but now that he is 1month old i switch to NAN hw w/o prescribe by pediatric. Is it oj for my baby ?thanks in advance .

  120. rose ann junio cisneros says:

    Hi mga mommy baby ko po 1month old na. From bona nilipat ko po sya sa nan hw w/o recomend ng pedia.ok lang po ba yon ??

  121. sakthi says:

    My baby is 4 month old.crying night sometimes.
    So nanpro 1 is giving now.
    How to give that nanpro with spoon or feeding bottle

  122. pallavi says:

    My daughter is just 3months old. I switch her to nan pro 1 with pro biotic. She is having green pasty bowel moment twice a day…. is that symptom to stop the formula fed.

    • admin says:

      Hi Pallavi Green bowels does not really mean an infection it is quite normal. As far as she is passing twice a day its ok. Just check your water (use only boiled and cooled water) and if your also breastfeeding check if you ate a lot of green food in the past few days. Sterilise the bottle properly.

  123. sugu says:

    my son he is not taking BF,he is 2 month old,can u suggest me in this case? can i give nan pro :?:

    • admin says:

      nan pro is safe to give.. But he must be going thru nursing strike.. Don’t stop breast feeding try feeding when he is very sleepy..

  124. s k says:

    I am giving non pro 2 as she is more then six month old.there are bubbles appearing while mixing with water..these bubble stayed till baby funishes milk .I was giving nan one also in that this issue I have never seen..pls advise

    • admin says:

      Im a little surprised, did you try mixing with lukewarm water? Also since the baby is 6 months there is no problem of colic, its fine if the bubbles are there.

  125. Chrissie says:

    My baby is 4 month plus.i just start change my baby milk from babynat to nan pro ,
    I just wonder why the milk have many bubble?

    • admin says:

      Hi Chrissie the powder is very light and has been filtered and powdered finely to suit infants. Just wait for all the bubbles to settle down and mix with a spoon and dont shake the bottle. Too many bubbles will cause colic. Use lukewarm water to mix.

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  127. Maria says:

    Hi my daughter is 3months old she is on lactogen and not gaining weight can i change to nan pro.

    • admin says:

      Hi Maria, yes you can change to Nan Pro. It is one of the best formula’s in the market. If you are breastfeeding track your schedule and make sure your baby feeds atleast 20 mins on each breast to get the hind milk. Eat all the food that increases breastmilk. You cab see our post on the same.

  128. jubin says:

    sir pls tell me the right food for baby of 5 month because her mother is a school tr

    • admin says:


      For a 5 months baby you can start off with Cerelac rice, dal pani (try using organic dal like 24 mantra), cerelac wheat/wheat apple, apple juice, vegetable soup, carrot juice. Everything should be very watery even the cerelac, till your baby turns 6 months.

  129. Sri Ramya says:

    I totally agree. I had c section too. My back used to hurt very badly because of excessive weight gain and my baby cried all night for nearly three months. Initially we were introduced to farex but he was always gassy and cried more. But when we shifted to nan pro his gas issue reduced much and he slept better. Also the weight gain was good.

  130. sam says:

    i want to give nan pro to my baby even thou i m doing BF. He is not gaining weight since birth even thou doc is saying to have patience. He is 2.5 kg and is 45 days old. So really worried and i want to give little bit of Nan pro so that he gains weight and has strength to suck more efficiently.Can anyone suggest whether it is good or not.

    • admin says:

      There is no problem in giving nan pro to your baby is he is not gaining weight.Make sure you use a good bottle like Avent so that he learns to suckle well.
      Mothers milk is the best but lot of people also give formula milk with mothers milk but dont admit :) ………….Jaishri

      • harsha says:

        My baby is 1 month old.. I started giving him nan pro twice a day 2 ounces since he was 20 days old… initially I started coz of less milk production.. now the milk production is fine but I still want to continue with nan pro as eventually I have to start it when ill be out at times.. also my baby looks much satisfied after the top feed. Nw ive started giving him 3 ounces. I want to know what should be the quantity in his coming months.

        • admin says:

          Hi I would like to say that breastmilk is the best source of nutrients for the baby, but now formula milk powders have almost all teh goodness of breastmilk, except it cannot provide immunity. So balance out the two. I would suggest limit the intake to 1-2 times a day. If you increase the formula milk intake then your breastmilk production will reduce. And always feed him breastmilk early in the morning as teh supple is rich. For now 2 ounces is fine, each month you can increase one ounce twice a day.

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