Review of Little Moppet Foods – for Babies and Kids

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Hi Moms,

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Here is an interesting range of baby and kids food from Little Moppet Foods.  The food range is completely organic with handpicked ingredients. The food has been specially created by Dr Hemapriya who is a doctor and blogger by profession. My daughter tried all the baby food and totally loved it. The flavor and smell is just awesome you can smell the freshness. Also, dont forget to try their organic cookies.

A lot of you have been asking me about weight gain recipes, the entire range is perfect to add a few pounds to your kid’s weight. Though its baby food, it can be given to toddlers as they will still enjoy the flavors.

Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder



Multi-grain Health Drink Powder




Sathumavu Health Mix



Moong Dal Rice Kichdi Mix



Why do we love My Little Moppet Products

- The products are completely organic.

- Its a boon for working moms, you just need to mix it with water and use

- Its great for travel, you can easily carry it in your bag.

- No preservatives or added sugar and salt.

- Made with care in a doctor mom’s kitchen

- Ecofriendly packaging

-The food is extremely tasty and flavorsome.

About Little Moppet Foods

Little Moppet Foods is the answer to every busy Mom’s prayer! We have baby food instant mixes, made of 100% natural ingredients without any kind of preservatives or added flavors. Our foods cover a wide range of grains and lentils and are completely vegetarian. We also have a section of travel foods, where all you need to do is add hot water to the mix and stir.

About admin

Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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19 Responses to Review of Little Moppet Foods – for Babies and Kids

  1. Najma says:

    I ordered 3 items from little moppet,Sprouted sattumavu,sprouted ragi and normal sattumavu.
    Started with the sprouted sattmavu and noticed that when given for dinner my baby is gagging and vomiting the first day.Thinking it might go I gave him the same for dinner on next two days and to my horrror he vomitted in the middle of the night and his stools were green.Doctor prescribed an antibiotic and I doubt it might be due to food allergy.
    I STOPPED it altogether and switched to cerelac in nigjt and he ws fine.
    Now i dont want to give the products again ,wondering what to do with them .
    Its verycostly to simply throw it.
    Something in the powder made my baby sick and i doubt he suffured the food allergy named ‘FPIES’.

  2. Rajshree says:

    I have ordered ragi powder, oats and dry fruits powder for my son. Ragi and oats was nice but i am not sure about dry fruits powder since i couldnt feel it was valid. But my son liked ragi powder thats reaĺy nice

  3. Pon Archana says:

    Hi, As I am the regular customer of Mylittlemoppet…I am really happy about the products purchased on mylittlemoppet and really surprised with delivery it’s fast and awesome..faster than any other online shopping…thanks team…

  4. stellamary says:

    i’m blessed with girl baby, currently she is 10month old but her weight is only 6kgs.
    please help me to boost her weight.


  5. Priyanka goyal says:

    Ordered moong dal khicdi mix…terrible…d taste is disgusting…js tasted a spoon n i dint dare to giv it to my baby…plz dnt mislead peoplw..waste of money…

  6. suha says:

    Hi, I m using multi grain health mix and banana powder, its very nice and I m highly satisfied about ur product. I put my msg in this blog, since I don’t think many comments r true. Then every time if I put an order, I m receiving the product within 2 or 3 days. Thanku hema

  7. Harika says:

    Hi hema,
    Received kerala banana powder , ragi powder, saatmavu intime. Tq for dat. Vl update my review soon.
    Question is can i start giving brown rice n dal homemade to my baby who is jst 6 mnts old?? I heard brown rice is not easily digestible.. is dat true?
    And when can i giv sprouted saatmavu mix??

  8. Depika says:

    Nice Blog. I recently order Banana Oats Cereal for my baby from BabyOodles. It is an immunity booster for babies.

  9. Concerned mum says:

    I just received the khichdi packet…absolutely terrible! First off its asking me to add 4 table spoon of the powder in 100ml….that turned out to be wrong amount. Too much powder in very little water…. then i added more water and this thing tastes really terrible. I did not dare give it to my baby .

  10. Sumitha muthanna says:

    I ordered sprouted ragi and dry fruit mix powder on 16th Nov but still I haven’t received my order after following up soo many times still I haven’t received any response from them very bad service.

  11. Richa says:

    These products seem to be life saver !!! Will definitely buy thanks for the info!!!

  12. PaS says:

    I’ve been giving home made sprouted ragipowder for my baby all this while and have purchased the sprouted ragi mix from MLM. My baby started getting constipated, giving black poop etc. This all happens only with the SR powder I got from MLM. When I try giving my home made stuff, it suits her.

    Upset over this. Not sur e u guys r using the organic stuff…

    She does fi ish the bowel but the ragi just comes out undigested all the time…

    Note – I cook as per the guidelines mentioned ed on the back

    • Hima Bindu says:

      why do people always react for positive reviews how about somebody is screaming about the concern about the sprouted ragi powder why dont you reply to her if your products are genuine then why dont you give answers to such concerns, now I am very skeptical because I ordered so many products from them by seeing positive reviews and I am not sure how my child will react to it.

  13. Hemapriya says:

    Dear jaishri,

    We are happy to share that we are now making 100% Organic Homemade Baby Food with carefully picked ingredients from our preferred organic partner Organic Mandya :)

    Thank you for your support



    • Himanshi says:

      I don’t know abt the quality of the food they r offering bcz im still waiting fr delivery….bt one thing they really need to improve on is the delivery time taken. It’s irritating wen u hv to wait fr stuffs even after ordering 15 days back. Their website too is very unfriendly…. no contact no.nothing….. frm last 2 days iv been trying to track my order….finally found sum no.thru internet n called bt to no help…..the vvips work only frm monday to sat on fix timings… this professionalism?Moreover their courier partner is awful….my 1st experience of shopping wid little moppet was pathetic. I dnt think im ever coming bk or even suggesting anyone to shop frm here. 1st try to deliver ur products properly n on time in india….then only claim of shipping abroad. Poor service

  14. Rekha says:

    Nice review. I’ve been buying these products from many days. Request you to remove fake information. These are very nice products my baby loves them. but these are not organic. i’ve checked with them too.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rekha, I can put you directly to Dr Hemapriya, She can answer your concern. But why do you feel its not organic.

    • Dear Rekha,

      Hope you and your little one are doing good, very happy to know that your little one likes our products :) , I just needed to clarify the organic issue, we are in process of upgrading all our products to organic this month and the review items were sample organic products , sorry I didn’t mention the Mommyswall team about it. Do check out for our Organic products in our shop very soon !!

      Happy Feeding



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