Review of Chicco Comfort Quick Ear Thermometer

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Im one mother who totally freaks out when my LO has fever. I have to check her temperature often. My pediatrician told me that the best way to check temperature is to place the back of your palm on your kids stomach. But the most accurate reading is definitely obtained by using the thermometer. We first used a digital thermometer and the readings were taken from the underarm.

We all know how disturbing it would be for a baby while sleeping and also it takes so long to give you the accurate reading. So I was determined to get a ear thermometer as its the most accurate and easy to use. My cousin who has a 12 year old daughter still uses it. So it goes a long way.

Why should you buy Chicco ear thermometer (from their website):

Comfort Quick is extremely user-friendly and its smart design guarantees exceptionally accurate
readings. It comes with a practical holder which provides secure storage of the thermometer and all
its accessories; it is also ideal for ensuring correct installation of the disposable probe covers.

Other characteristics:
✔ Beeps when reading is complete
✔ 25 memories
✔ Display of the previous reading
✔ Acoustic signal (Fever Alarm)
for temperature over 37.5°C (or
✔ Lithium battery
✔ °C/°F selector

Maximum Hygiene.
Comfort Quick comes with special disposable probe covers; they are easy to install and guarantee
maximum hygiene levels. This product comes with 20 disposable probe covers; packs of 40
disposable probe covers can be purchased separately.

How to use:

Just place it inside the baby’s ear and press the reading button, you will hear a beep in 1 sec and your done. The baby would never know.  Its so easy to use. It also record previous readings and you can set the reading based on degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Price: Rs 2999

You may find it a little pricey but it last for a many years so I think its a good investment.


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4 Responses to Review of Chicco Comfort Quick Ear Thermometer

  1. Charlotte lozada says:

    how can i change battery on this thermometee, can somebody please help me?

  2. Ratchaneewan says:

    I have a question about the product. How i can change my ear thermometer for fahrenheit to celsius chicco? Please help me :)

  3. Isabel says:

    H. I need help please. HOw do I change the temp reading ffrom fahrenheit to celsius?? I lost my manual.

    Thanks much!

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