5 Healthy Diet Snacks (Cooking Time : 1 Minute)

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Hi Mommies,

Do you have the luxury of dieting? Following a diet plan and cooking food that is specific to your diet?. Im sure most of us dont have the time. We eat right but go wrong only with the snacking. So I compiled this list of short eats that can be made within a minute, as they are excellent fillers. The key to weightloss is decreasing your carb intake, but then you need a filler else you will be starving. So increasing the protein intake is essential for weightloss. Here’s my list:

Avocado Smoothie

This one is a definite winner, it can even be had for breakfast. It cuts out all the hunger pangs, and yumm too. Avocado is very good for the heart. Im not not very fond of the plain fruit but love this smoothie.

Procedure: Scoop out 1 Avocado, add half a cup of yogurt, honey/maple syrup/sugar to sweeten, a pinch of salt and blend. You can eat this till your full.

Grilled Broccoli:

What if you dont have a grill at home like me, dont worry we can still make this yummy Broccoli which is rich in vitamin C.


To boiled or steamed broccoli add salt, chilli powder, lemon juice and a tsp oil. Now skewer it and place it on the flame, it take few seconds to mildly char.

Please Note: Broccoli needs very less time to boil or steam, just a min will do.

Boiled Peanuts:
Place peanuts, salt and water in a bowl and cook it in the microwave on high for a minute.

Boiled American Sweet Corn:
Rub some salt, chilli powder and lemon on the corn and place it in the microwave, cook on high for a minute, your done

Microwave Egg

Have you cooked egg in a microwave, it tastes similar to poached egg. Just break open an egg into a bowl and sprinkle with salt and pepper, or chilli flakes and oregano and cook on high for a minute.

Now you dont have any reason to gorge on those chips and fried food. Eat healthy, lose weight. best of luck.

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  1. Corn on the cob – lovely. Garlic mshrooms also a quick dish to make!

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