New Technologies in Infertility

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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the mostly used fertility treatment in busy cities like Mumbai. This busy life and stress especially during the most fertile days of a month has led to infertility issues and thus the increase in fertility centers in Mumbai, especially Malad which is in the northern part of Mumbai city thereby rapidly increasing the number fertility clinic in Mumbai on the whole.

IUI is a method giving a head start for the low mobility sperms and improve pregnancy rate. It facilitates the weak sperms by artificially placing sperm in the uterus for fertilization and helps more sperms to reach the fallopian tube and thereby increasing the chance for fertilization.

IUI is encouraged when there is unexplained infertility or ejaculation dysfunction or in case of any cervical scar due to past procedures may disturb the sperm entering the uterus.

Previously carried out the procedure for IUI is proper medication and drugs for ovulation, followed by careful monitoring of eggs getting matured.

The semen preparation for IUI is done to separate the sperm from seminal fluid and then inserted carefully into uterus thereby increasing the possibility of conception.

For a couple to take any infertility treatment cost is one major criteria they think about the united states charge upto $865 for using own partner’s sperm, the charges vary based on the medicines required and if there is a requirement of donated sperm then cost goes even high.

Most of the people prefer IUI treatment nowadays because it is the initial try for any infertility reasons and also the time taken for the entire process will come upto 15 to 20 mins, done in a small clinic. It is also recommended for it requires no pain relievers or medications.

Male fertility problems are best solved by IUI than just timing intercourse. IUI being the less invasive and less expensive than any other assisted reproduction technology, such as IVF makes it more popular among couples.

Even though IUI is an advised and successful treatment, it’s success rates depends on variable reasons like couple’s fertility problem and age. Natural IUI method gives about 4 to 5 percent and in case of drug usage the rate if about 7 to 16 percent.

There may arise lot of questions in a couple taking fertility treatment regarding their wellbeing after the process. It’s absolutely fine for having sexual intercourse at any point after IUI is performed. In some case if the sperm count is low for the partner then having sexual intercourse may increase the sperm count in the uterus thereby improve possibilities for pregnancy. And the female partner can continue with regular work if preferred by them personally.

It’s more important that the mother should also remain healthy after such an artificial pregnancy. Possibilities for reflux is also there for the uterus may contract a bit after insemination which will squeeze the fluid out. In most cases, there will be plenty of sperm that stayed in the uterus to produce a pregnancy.

Negative signs are revealed by getting periods after 2 weeks of IUI. In case if you are using progesterone vaginal suppositories periods may be a bit late but that is not a sign of pregnancy.


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