Newborn Photography Tips for Great Baby Photos

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By Stephanie Lewis,


Newborn photography can bring you so many surprises! Most mothers get excited to document pictures of their new born babies in best ways possible. Whether you are a professional newborn photographer or someone who is looking to photograph some nice pictures of his/her new born baby. Make sure you have a nice pro camera and other essential accessories for photography before you start capturing images. I’ve compiled some unique and simple tips that will help capturing gorgeous baby photos. Have a look:

Give the Baby a chance to inspire you

Motivation is found everywhere – even at Pinterest. It is always best to prepares poses before starting the photography session. Just like for the wedding photography or landscape photography you let the events reveal their beautiful happenings naturally, for newborn photography, I trust the best pictures are spontaneous! You can take inspiration from the unique features of each baby. No matter if it’s the adorable dimples, enormous lovely eye lashes, full-lips, or incredible curly hair that you want to attempt to highlight in the pictures.

Stay in the moment…


Give the baby a chance to turn, yawn, and get easy. New born babies have magnificent, sweet ways to move and stretch. Don’t worry about capturing the ideal poses every time.

Get Mom in the photo frame


Get the mother in the picture. She will love it and so will her new born after some years. One thing to keep in mind here is to keep mama/infant postures simple and with no such exertion required from the mother. There are chances; she’s yet a little awkward and taking her time to recover from a surgery so photographing her with the baby smartly and gently is the key to get good pictures.

Babies Sleeping Time=Babies Best Pictures

Beside trying out different poses and a couple of way of lifestyle shots, one thing “to do” in my tips list is taking close ups of babies while they are sleeping. When I photograph infants, i want to catch close-ups of infant’s toe, tiny hair on their hands, pouted lips, and ears, and so on… The best time to do this is when they are asleep.

These close “detailed” shots are charming as well as they are extraordinary for family photo albums. As you will be focusing using macro lens, the ideal time to shoot such pictures is the point at which the infant is still. (In deep sleep)

Use Props


Use cute props/wraps/covers/headbands to photograph babies. When you have props, it gets easier for you to construct poses in mind and click better photos. You can be inspired by so many ideas you will find online. Make props at home with your family or order some really nice customized ones to use them for your new born baby photography.

Have flexibility and be creative!

I realized when I turned into a parent that enjoying your time with your kids brings out the best in you. Similar strategy is valid for baby photography. On the off chance that the baby wouldn’t like to rest to pose after you’ve have made all arrangements, try some lifestyle shots and continue shooting. Wrap him/her tight and attempt to have eye to eye connection. Get pictures of mother kissing the baby’s forehead, shoot a picture when the baby smiles or when the mother rocks his cradle. You can try out different backgrounds, big blankets, hats, flowers, baskets etc. Be creative and adaptable – the session doesn’t generally go as arranged and that may give you some unique pictures at some point. The absolute best chances frequently originate from surprising moments. Good look!

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Stephanie Lewis is a writer and a new born photographer. She joined Photography Concentrate team in 2017 and since then she has been trying to pursue the best photography and editing practices. Besides photography, she loves having coffee, meeting new people and travelling to exotic places. Read more photography blogs at



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