Mishri Mawa – Simple Sweet Dish

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                                mishri mawa
For making mishri mawa u need mlk,curd,sugar, elaichi pieces(optional) and pista(optional),kesar (optional)
I m stating this recipe quantity as per requirements in 1 litre milk which will be suficient for 2-3 ppl.
Take 1 litre milk preferably full cream milk and put it to boil.
Meanwhile take 4 spoon of curd in a bowl and add 8 spoon of sugar to it..mix curd and sugar very well and keep the mixture ready.
Once the milk is boiled for the first time ..add 1 spoon of mixture (curd and sugar solution) to the milk and keep on stirring it….gradually let the milk boil..after sometime add again another spoon of mixture to the milk and keep on stirring it……..Do note tht everytime u just need to put 1 spoon of mixture at one time and not more than that…also add mixture and let the milk boil for 5 minutes .keep stirring in btwn…and then add second spoon of mixture….this is the only thing u need to keep in mind and gradually let the milk reduced to 1/4..
once the milk has reduced to half in btwn u can add elaichi pieces for flavour..u can also add kesar…once mishri mawa is prepared spread it in a  glass bowl …sprinkle it with pista and refrigerate in fridge.
Dont be in a hurry to put curd and sugar mixture together in  milk as milk might get spilt and leave water..so just be careful.Keep stirring occassionally
Once cooled u can either cut in pieces or just serve as it is in glass bowls


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6 Responses to Mishri Mawa – Simple Sweet Dish

  1. Anjjali says:

    Jaishri it will be sweet…u will not even realise there is curd in it…for measurment of curd and sugar take teaspoon in use

    Megha u will prepare this dish for ur mom and dad and surprise them..its very simple dear..bas dont be in a hurry ..nahi toh mishri mawa ki jagah paneer ban jayega :-D

  2. Jaishri says:

    Sorry one more Q, spoon is tsp or Tbspn?

  3. Jaishri says:

    Anjj.. wow another quick and fantastic recipe.. I have all the ingredients at home.. Just one quick question.. will it have a little tangy or sour taste because of the curd??

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