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By Heather Roberts,

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Home cleaning is a very time taking and hectic job. You will hardly meet any people who enjoy performing this duty. But still it is something that cannot be ignored and you have to do it anyway. Specially, it gets very difficult to manage it after coming from your job. After a busy routine when one gets into performing this job then it feels to be an accomplishment when it is done successfully. A spotless, clean and clear home gives you a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Obviously, everyone would like to have a clean home after coming back from work. This sight will really give you a pleasant feeling.

The messy home will add up stress to your life. Most of the people who do work and are busy in other things do feel themselves limited with time when it comes to house cleaning. But always remember every job has its own importance and you cannot really ignore it. Another issue with this job is budget. Not everyone can afford hiring professional help. The best thing is to manage it in fewer budgets. Following are few ingredients that can really help you in accomplishing this job in fewer budgets. All these ingredients are commonly available at home and you do not need to especially get them from the market. Also, all of these things are affordable.

Sometimes it gets really difficult to perform your oven or grill cleaning. Also, we do love throwing BBQ parties at our homes but the aftermath is very tiring and tough. Everybody loves partying but none of us would like to clean the stuff. One of the difficult jobs is to scrap the residue off the grills. A lot of energy is wasted at this stage.

Onion- You can save your energy and time by grabbing an onion. The onion will do wonders with grill cleaning and will also make it easier for you.

Shoe polish is something that none of us would have ever considered to be of any other use apart from sparkling our shoes. Never underestimate the power of shoe polish. It really is a cure for the worn out leather furniture. But always remember that you can only use it for leather furniture. Just use it as you do for your shoes and then notice the fresh look of your leather furniture.

Sponge is one of the cheapest and dirtiest materials that are used to clean the dishes and countertops. Nobody could ever think that it can kill up to 99 percent of the germs in your microwave oven. You just need to wet the sponge and place it in the microwave oven. Operate the microwave oven on high heat rate for two minutes only. It will not only perform microwave oven cleaning but also will sanitize it.

Coffee Beans- One of the cheapest air refresher and fridge deodorizer can be the coffee beans. The coffee beans are commonly available at almost every home. The best thing about them is these are not going to leave any kind of bad odour or smell of chemical. It is a natural ingredient and you will get a natural aroma all day long. You can put these beans in any small unused container and place it over the countertops or on windows.

Salt and lemon- The chopping boards do contain a lot of bacteria even after getting washed. These bacteria are really unsafe for the health and can cause serious health issues. For its proper cleaning, you can make use of salt and lemon.

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