How to Look After Your Elderly Parents while Pregnant

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By Chris Palmer,

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There are many ladies out there who are taking care of their elderly parent while pregnant. Pregnancy is a time in woman’s life when she needs to be taken care of. Such women face trouble with battling fatigue, and chronic stress. As much as your elderly would be happy about a new family member coming but let’s get real, they cannot help much owing to their limitations imposed by age. But there are ways in which you can take care of them and yourself simultaneously. Just stick these few tips, and you should see the results.

  • Take long walks. During the first trimester, pregnant ladies tend to suffer from fatigue, and various smells can cause aversions as well. Walking is very beneficial for pregnant women because this exercise doesn’t cause any strain on the body and therefore there aren’t any chances of miscarriage happening due to this exercise. Walking is equally beneficial for elderly people, sot taking long strolls in the morning or evening in a park is the best way of caring for both yourself and your beloved elderly parent.
  • If you’re not using in-home care services, then I’m assuming you’d have taken up most of the tasks of your elderly parents, such as washing their sheets and cleaning their room, etc. Sometimes, the room of elderly people can smell awful and as I explained above pregnant women, especially during their first trimester suffer from terrible smells. In this case, you can try using a scarf while performing the cleaning activities or wear a mask. Using air fresheners and lemon and lavender flavor helps as well.
  • Seek help from your spouse. Mostly, spouses are very understanding and they can super helpful in such matters but if you see that your spouse doesn’t perceive the act that you need help, have them sit with and talk about how they can be of any help. Most of the time, problems get solved only because one communicates their needs to people who can be of any aid or assistance. So don’t be shy, and do seek some help from your loved ones.
  • Get a nurse! You can approach some in-home care services, and I’m sure they will be of great assistance in such times. Even if you usually do not trust a caregiver or agencies that provide caregiving, for your good you must have to select a suitable and dependable nurse for at least the last couple of months before your delivery so that you can make sure your child remains healthy and fit.
  • With the divided attention, your elderly parents might end up feeling lonely. Be careful about the social needs of your parents. If you cannot take them out to parks, museums and events, etc. you can try using befriending services so that they do not end up feeling lonely. I’m sure this will help them stay cheery and happy.

I hope these simple tips would help you get through the rough phase with a lot of good memories.


Author Bio: This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on:

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