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Saira Mohan is the mother of an adorable 2year old – Sasha. Saira owns and runs a preschool with her friend and partner Shilpa Mohanan, who is the mother of two – the lovely Thanmaya (7yrs) and the cuddly little Shanaya (1yr).

Hear it straight from Saira….

On completing PG I became a slave to the corporate world and soon after that the passion to do something by myself arose. A very difficult manager at office coupled with long and endless working hours just pushed me to it. That was the inception of MapleBear Canadian Preschool in Whitefield. It was a colleague (now ex-colleague) who gave me the idea of a preschool and soon I found a friend who wanted to partner with me in the venture. Both of us wanted a career that would keep us going but at the same time give enough flexibility to be able to spend plenty of time with our kids (I was pregnant while setting up the school).


The biggest challenge was finding a spacious house in a good locality. Three months of leaving no stone unturned, we finally found the perfect space to run the school.
Then it was a months effort to convert the bungalow into a child proof and friendly preschool. Once the school commenced – it was all about ensuring that the school was run and managed properly with qualified, efficient teachers providing high quality education to children. Maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety is an ongoing effort.
Since our inception, it’s been an endless series of challenges, but the journey has been a good one and the learning- Great!!

Best part of the job- Running your own thing is an adrenaline rush, it makes you feel so good about yourself, feels like u’ve accomplished something. But I guess – the best part about it is the flexibility it gives me, leaves me with ample time to be with Sasha.
Advice to other aspiring mompreneurs – Most of us find it challenging to juggle a baby and a job. We should figure out what we are good at or what we like to do and make a career out of it. As Nike says ”Just do it!!”

MapleBear Canadian Preschool with extended DayCare facilities is in it’s 3rd academic year now and has close to 100students. The preschool follows the Early Childhood Learning program which is a highly exploratory and experimental method of teaching. Preschool has kids aged 2 to 6 in various classes and daycare caters to age groups 6months to 8years. Please log on to for more details.


About reks

Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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  1. abbu bakar says:

    Preschool has kids aged 2 to 6 in various classes and daycare caters to age groups 6months to 8years..yes ur right but what are facilities your offering..
    Best preschool in Bangalore

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