Interactive Rhymes on Chu Chu TV which Engages your Little Ones

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By Varda Agrawal

During early days babies only feed, sleep or cry….their everyday activity is limited to only this.

At that stage, we think… why doesn’t our baby play n laugh with us… oh how much we crave to play with them…

But time flies really fast … soon they learn to turn, sit and crawl…. Stand and walk… and soon start running all around the house.

During this phase of their growth, toddlers needs to be kept entertained & engaged as they are so full of life and energy. It is very easy to keep them engaged when outdoor with friends. But it is very tough to keep them entertained indoors only with their toys.

And my little prince is going through the same phase of growth. He is curious, mischievous, playful and full of life. He watches & learns things very fast…

So to keep him engaged at home…. along with his toys, I needed something more. I didn’t want him to be engrossed in TV cartoons all day. I wanted something that will teach him something along with entertaining him. As it is said that children learn quickly if taught in a fun way I was in search of such a medium of entertainment(and learning too).

Then, a friend of mine, a mom like me, told about ChuChu TV, a YouTube Channel, which is home to animated videos of well-known nursery rhymes and other kids’ songs.

I tried it, for my kiddo, a 20 month old toddler & I was amazed watching his responses.

So, today I am reviewing, the same, and hoping to help other moms too.

About ChuChu TV

ChuChu TV is a YouTube channel, which offers a collection of colorfully-animated nursery rhyme videos. The channel’s mission is to connect with children throughout the world with colorful, upbeat songs, each one featuring a memorable cast of ChuChu characters.

Why I Recommend ChuChu TV:-

  • It’s content not only educates but also entertains and engages toddlers who watch them.
  • The nursery rhymes are created to instill a positive impact on the little ones who are watching it.
  • It instills good and happy thoughts in their mind.
  • It’s content is entirely new & original.
  • They don’t create the usual kids type of music. Instead, they are creating peppy songs loved by today’s little kids.
  • The animation in each video is different; hence each video is unique with lots of new artwork.
  • Though characters are animated , they seem to be very realistic
  • Along with the nursery rhymes … it also has educational songs, which teaches colors, numbers, etc.

Image Source

Image Source 

My Experience:-

My kid loves ChuChu TV, as it is colorful, interactive. It has interesting yet realistic animation, that too unique for each video, so he is like waiting eagerly to see what comes next. He keeps searching for my mobile to watch videos non-stop. He has also learned to say ‘Chu Chu’ & calls characters in it ‘Babu’.

Quick Links:-

You can view the videos on the links given below

Channel YouTube Link –

Web Site –

So, go ahead & open the world of Interactive & engaging rhymes for your little one.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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