Home Remedies for Eczema and Dry Itchy Skin

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I somehow hate winters as everyone at my place has extremely dry and itchy skin. Worse is skin turning into rashes or eczema. There are some hereditary factors which needs to be treated by the doctors. But if you have eczema due to the weather, home remedies greatly help.


- Taking early steps will help reduce dry skin. Its best to cover the skin as much as possible during winters, as the skin dries due to less humidity.

- Eat good fats during winters like coconut oil and olive oil. Kids can eat butter and ghee in moderation.

- Always keep the skin moisturized

- Its great if you can use a humidifier especially if you ave babies. You can see our review of Crane Humidifier here.

- Reduce chemical products, rinse clothes many times to remove all detergent. Use natural bath soaps and lotions. Do not use the same lotions for summer, change your lotions to winter care ones and keep it organic.

- Reduce eating allergens like too much gluten, sugar and eggs.

Home Remedies to Treat Eczema

- Take an oil bath every alternate day and all few drops of coconut oil to your bath.

- Apply a mixture of neem leaves and turmeric on the dry skin patches.

- Apply a mixture of gycerine and rose water (2:1 ratio) on the dry skin

- Use aleo vera gel or natural moisturizers like cocoa butter to the skin.

- For babies you can use Atogla/Cetaphil/Sebamed lotions in winter.


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