Father’s Day Special: 5 Ways For Him To Connect With The Little One

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By Sweta,

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Mr. Hubby & I couldn’t be any less grateful to God for having gifted us the most priceless person in our lives. Nuwan, the magnet, who brings all positive & happy things into our lives. One of which is the motivation to move on in life in the best possible ways. Thank God I have this blog where I can keep talking about my precious little without tiring :P

When we brought him home, I stayed at my mum’s place for close to four months. I feared Nuwan would not be able to connect with his father since the only person he saw day & night was me. I must say Mr. Hubby has been the best husband & father. Had it not been for his persistent visits after those tiring office hours, even if it was for just an hour, the two wouldn’t have bonded as well as they do now. What I mean to relate is that Nuwan therefore connected with his Papa well, albeit a little late.

I figured that there are certain aspects why Nuwan kept clinging onto me when he was 4-6 months old. I came back from my mum’s place & the only person he knew well was ofcourse me. I felt bad for Mr. Hubby. The two would get along only for a while; if I was missing for long he would start howling! Something needed to be done. This did not help me either; I hardly managed to finish any of my work, simply because Nuwan wouldn’t leave me for too long.

Then we decided to follow some very simple habits. We did not change anything in the beginning, we did things together at first – all three of us. Slowly Nuwan started acknowledging his Dad, even shouting out in delight to see his papa come back from office. Now both the boys do so many things together, I no longer have to be present always.

So here are 5 Most Important Ways to connect; Start slow, start together & see HIM become his favorite person.

1. US- Time:

Nuwan loves to be massaged, so this was the easiest to start with; followed by bath time- now they just can’t get over each other in the shower :P

Babies love activities- so playing or even going out just for a walk is an amazing way to let him know that his Dad is his future partner in crime!

Food is security; let him feed the little one as often as possible. Nuwan is a messy eater, so this was kind of the last option we tried because he needs a lot of cajoling to take a bite.

The bottom line is let them just be with each other exclusively, doing things that he enjoys doing.

2. Talking: 

It may sound stupid but this also helps in your baby’s language development. Babies want to be talked to, Nuwan was very responsive from a very early age. You don’t have to be politically correct. It could be about anything, howsoever gibberish, just let them listen to you & if you are among the lucky few (touchwood!) you will also get a response :)

Babies are smart & very social individuals, talking to them makes them aware of their importance & helps them build a good vocabulary from an early age.

3. Soothing: 

If he is in a cranky mood, let your better half handle the tantrums. Let both of them learn that they are there for each other. Rocking, talking, patting all will help in soothing the little one if he is ill or in a bad  mood. He will learn from a young age that his papa is someone he can always reach out to. That his mother needs some shopping time too :P

4. Sleeping: 

Bed times are important for the highly developing baby minds. Babies like the feeling of someone close to them when they are sleeping. (Am not a supporter of babies sleeping away from their parents, in a separate room). Also bedtimes are fun times. Let him sing a poem or a jingle or read out a story or simply allow sleeping on papa’s tummy! Such a good thing for the little one to sleep in peace knowing he has a strong physical presence by his side; No monster can break his happy sleep because papa strongest is there to protect him.

5. Carrying Him/ Her Around:

I always make it a point that if we are travelling & Nuwan is not in any of his mobile gears (pram or stroller) he is carried by his papa. We often use the MEE MEE carrier to keep the hands free! This body contact keeps him warm, secure & happy. Goes without saying that I enjoy my hands free time doing a lot of socializing or… shopping; keeps me free of baby, bag, feeding bottle, napkins etc. Yes it has happened on several occasions & I wished if at Nuwan’s birth I could also develop an extra arm!!

So here are my tried & tested ways to baby to connect with Papa. Did you face a similar situation? What did you do? Do share your experience with us.

Love & Hugs,


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  1. Neha Jha says:

    Father’s day is a day for our real superheroes and surely there is a special bond between Father and a child. Sometimes, children don’t speak much with their father but there is respect and pride. Read more about parenting and child care at:- Just Dakhila Blog. Google it to know more!!

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