5 Things You Should Do Before the Baby Arrives

By- Diana Smith   Image Source  Once you’ve entered the second half of your third trimester you’ll probably start to think more about what you need to do prior to the delivery. Organization, cleaning and preparation ‒ three words that …
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MyCute stickons- Labels u’ll love

By- Varda Agrawal   Image source As parents, we wish that our kids develop a very independent & unique personality. For that we support them in each & every way possible to us… it may be by giving them an …
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Innovative Solutions For Your Children's Clutter

By Heather Roberts Is your children’s room constantly cluttered with toys? If that is the case, you need to take some measures and create storage solutions, or else you find yourself in need of constant home clearance. Image Source  The …
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Natural Mold Cleaning Tips

By- Heather Roberts One of the most important problems you may face in a home is the very persistent mold you can find in humid environments. Mold and mildew can seriously annoying to work on during house cleaning, so you …
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DIY Hello Kitty Cupcake Stand and Cloth Napkin using HP Deskjet 4535 All-in-one Printer

Hi Moms, I have been so obsessed with my new HP Deskjet printer and have been constantly trying new experiments with it. I came up with two interesting DIY’s one is a cupcake stand and another is a cloth napkin. …
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How to Personalize your Christmas Gifts using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535 Printer

Christmas is a great time to share and remember your loved ones. Every year we visit our friends during Christmas and carry our surprise gifts. We love exchanging gifts and we also make sure that we send some gifts to …
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Beautiful DIY Stuff with Pens

By Emma Lawson, No one says that you need a bunch of material when you are making a DIY project. Sometimes just a pen and couple of extra items are more than enough. Not only that you can make beautiful …
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DIY- Desi Ghee/Clarified Butter from Milk Cream and Butter (2 recipes)

Today Im feeling really happy after I made ghee/clarified butter from scratch. Ghee can be found in every household especially with a baby or kids. Its a safe fat and you need to make sure your kids eat at-least 1 …
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Recipe of Mixed Fruit Jam

Hi Moms, I was so upset with the lead content in Maggi, so I decided to make my own sauces and Jams at home. I want to reduce the intake of processed food. In that attempt I started making my …
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Celebrate Mother's Day with this Love-Filled DIY gift

Dont forget to Subscribe to the MAD Stuff with Rob Youtube Channel. There is nothing more special than gifting your mother a handmade card. But have you ever thought of making a special envelope to go with the card, which will …
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Mad Stuff With Rob - Head in a jar

Hi Moms, Im sure your kids are keeping you occupied this Summer. I thought ill share some simple DIY videos with all of you to make your Summer time more fun. Do your kids love POGO and the MAD show …
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5 Beauty Treatments That Can Be Done at Home

By Zaini, Hi Moms, Have you ever thought of how much money you spend at the beauty salon? A survey says that an average urban woman spends 700-5000 per month in a beauty salon. No wonder salons and spas are …
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DIY: Homemade Moisturizer/Multipurpose Cream for Winter

Updated a better picture from Reks: she washed the ghee 20-25 times and the yellow tint is cause she added a drop of vanilla essense (great idea!!!) This one is very similar to TBS body butter. Many moms have been …
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Barbie Themed Birthday using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer

Hi Moms, Im on a printing spree these days, Im sure all of you would have figured it out by now. Since my daughters birthday is round the corner I have been hunting for birthday party supplies and I was …
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DIY- Photo Curtain using HP Deskjet Printer

Hi Moms, Im back with another simple, yet innovative DIY photo curtain using a printer. I used my HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer to create this simple craft. It just takes few mins to make this amazing curtain and you can …
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Step by Step Procedure to make a Paper Aquarium

Hi Moms, As promised before, I have an easy craft for your little ones which was made using my new HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer. It can be easily made for your kids science projects in school. All you need …
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DIY Projects: Organize with Magnets

By Fiona Greyson, Image Source It’s sometimes difficult to cover every cranny, nook and drawer in your house when doing the chores. Usually cleaning focuses on the most common areas and many parts stay unattended. It is a good idea …
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What do DIY projects teach our children?

By Fiona Greyson, With all the modern technologies and inventions which the contemporary world offers, it becomes harder and harder for the children to teach proper values. Seems like they don’t have to work to achieve anything because most of the things …
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DIY Homemade Coconut Oil/ Step by Step Tutorial

IMG_2228Hi Moms, Few years back, I used to dread eating anything containing coconut oil. I had read somewhere that it is harmful to the heart. But now theories prove that it is actually good for the heart as it is …
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Mint Tonic or Kasaya Recipe for Cold and Flu

Hi Moms, Today ill share with you a recipe from my mom. She always prepares this syrup when someone catches a cold and we have it in the form of a soup. Its both tasty and soothes the throat. You …
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Skincare with Fruits and Vegetables

By Anjjali Image Source Hello friends, There is no chemical product in the world that can beat all-natural . To give my skin a boost here or there, I like to use vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables. We all know that …
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Laundry Tips for Parents

Image Source Dealing with your own laundry can be challenging enough, but as soon as you have children, having enough clean, fresh clothes (and preferably not being swamped with dirty laundry either) quickly becomes a real luxury. Babies and toddlers …
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DIY - Homemade Fruits and Vegetable Wash

Hello Mommies, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. I know we have not done too many posts during the last few days, as we are all chilling out before the year ends. Here is my …
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The Baby Herb – Acorus Calamus/Vasambu/Bach

Image Source This one is from my mommy and my aunt who used to force me to give this to my baby. Although I was hesitant at first I started using this herb after consulting my doctor. The herb itself …
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Diy Mosquito Repellant Spray for Babies and Kids

One of the main purpose of starting this blog was to promote natural and organic methods of upbringing. So we have started a new section on Do-It-Yourself products for the baby and kids. Do Like our page on Facebook for …
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Baby Food 6 Months Plus- Homemade Baby Protein and Cereal powder

Hi Ladies, I would like to thank my darling friend Saps and her very sweet mom in law for sharing this recipe with me. It has really helped my little one gain some weight and she quiet likes the taste …
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