Amazing Tips to Keep Your Home Fabulous and the Energy Flowing Freely

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By Chloe Smith,



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Getting stuck in a rut can happen very easily and it can happen to any of us. Doing the same things over and over again, day after day, can intensify the feeling of dullness. That is when most of us find shelter in the comfort of our cozy homes. But what happens when relaxing at home does not help you feel energized enough to face the day, when you just don’t feel the vibe anymore?
The solution lies in several tips and tricks that will make your home flowing with positive energy. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and many things you can do without any additional help. Just focus on what makes you feel good and create a place where spending time will have therapeutic effect, on your mind as well as the whole body.

De-cluttering and minimizing

Start with de-cluttering to achieve harmony. Put away all excessive things you don’t really use and avoid over-crowding shelves or any open-concept surfaces with too many items. Surround yourself only with things that are necessary or connected with good memories. It will make you feel motivated and pleased. Also try creating more empty spaces. Beside the fact that it will make your home visually bigger, creating more space will help the free flow of positive energy therefore influence your mood.
Minimize the amount of furniture you own or position it so it encourages comfort. This too will help creating more room and make a good vibe. Push sofas or chairs against the walls so you have more space in the middle while creating coziness by surrounding the room with furniture. Use a lot of pillows made of different materials for decoration as well as enjoyment. Try to put away your TV, computer or any electronics that you own. If you don’t have extra storage or generally have a problem with storing unnecessities, consider investing in an easy storage option. That way your excessive belongings will be stored safely and you will have more time to work on keeping the positive energy flow in your home and in your body.

Connecting with nature



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Use calming, warm colors for walls but add colorful details. Make sure you use the right and convenient tools for all the work. Try bringing in more natural materials like unprocessed wood for floors and shelves or add some character combining rocks and shells for coastal feeling. Put different works of art on your walls. If you are more of an outdoorsy person, you can also use outside finds for decoration. For example, if hiking through forest is something you are keen on, you can simply use odd looking tree branches as wall pieces. That way not only you will make your home connected to nature but you will also have an interesting story behind every item you find.

Bringing the light inside

First, get rid of curtains! Let natural light illuminate your home. Open windows to let the air circulate through your house. Use fragrance sticks if you love oriental aromas or fill your rooms with your favorite scented candles. Using them instead of lamps will create a warm and homey atmosphere and make you feel calm and relaxed. A Himalayan salt candle is also a good option since it will cleanse and deodorize the air as well as increase your energy level.

Adding greenery


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Adding greenery to your home is very important for keeping the positive energy flow. Your home will look more outdoorsy and taking care of plants will help you connect with nature. Purchase exotic plants like lemon or orange trees for extra mediterranean essence or just keep it simple with plants that you think will look decorative indoors. When it comes to greenery in your home, there is no such thing as too much. Buy whatever you like and find inspirational.

Motivating yourself

Start practicing yoga or meditate. You can do it in the comfort of your house just by investing in a yoga mat and having willingness to start. Try meditating whenever you have spare time. Keep in mind that It will help you feel more calm and will help you clear your mind. You will feel more energized and more grateful about things you have. If that is not enough to keep you motivated, try putting up your favorite motivational messages all around your home or office to remind yourself not to quit. Use them as wallpaper on your phone as well, if it helps. Making your own is an option if you are handy and crafting is your cup of tea.
By following these simple tips you will make sure that you have created a peaceful place where spending time will boost your energy and recharge your batteries enough to beat the daily routine with ease. It will give you more strength to cope with the stress in the time ahead.

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