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baby budget

Hi Guys, I had never thought of how much we spend on our little one, but a friend of mine was all worried since she is having twins. She wanted to know if she can afford to give them all that they need during the first year. So I thought of this post.

There are some couples who plan a baby very cautiously, for others it just happens. Given a choice Im sure everyone would like to have many many babies, but then today’s cost of living would not allow us to do so.

In this post Im representing urban India, how people manage in big cities with high rent, and very high standards of living. It’s almost become a necessity for both the partners to work. However if you plan well one person can take a break during the initial years.

So for expecting parents here is an overview of your baby’s first year budget:

Delivery cost is 70-90k in any good hospital, if you have insurance, you may still have to shed out 20-30k

Your initial expenses for baby is more like home changes, baby clothes, blankets, woolens, baby bedding, baby wardrobes, baby bath set, baby creams, lotions etc – may cost you 10-15k

If you have functions planned, treats – totally variable

Monthly diaper cost: 1.5 to 2k for diapers

Baby soaps, lotions, oils – average Rs 500- 1000

Baby clothes- every 3 months from Rs 2000- infinity

From 3 months baby food an additional Rs 500 per month (cerelac, formula etc)

At 6 months you may invest in a pram around 4-6k

6 months plus you may buy some baby utensils 1-2k

Baby food will cost you 1000+ if you’re planning to feed only organic food, if not no special expense just feed what you eat.

Baby vaccinations during the first year will be approximately (8000) every 3 months

This is just the basic expense for online shoppers like me I just keep picking up everything I get attracted to, which I should strictly stop.

So this is it, plan well, Ill end saying having a baby is priceless..

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  1. Seriously as you said having a baby is a priceless feeling , but if you look into the expenses , baap re …rightly said .. :roll: :-D

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