Book Review: Bringing Up Your Baby by Komal Porecha

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Hello Moms,

Today Im doing a book review, its Komal Porecha’s much awaited book on the baby’s first year. We all know that the baby’s first year is the most critical. They go through so many changes in a year from rolling, standing, sitting and walking. For parents too this one year brings in so many surprises that we have never seen for many years put together.

So here is a mom of 3 (her twins and her dog) as she has mentioned and her story. The first thing I liked was the cover of the book. Then I read through the introduction and her story. We all would have felt like her and gone through her journey at some point of time. Its like a casual mommy talk that moms have when we catch up.

From the Publishers:

A month by month guide on baby care with a practical and contemporary approach to parenting that reflects the way we live today.

Once you’ve delivered your baby, you know that the fun has just started. From your parents, to friends and neighbours, everyone has advice to give you about how to care for your baby. And as well meaning and confusing as they may be, how do you know what’s right for you and your angel? After all, you want to give your precious newborn the best, don’t you?

Bringing Up Your Baby features a wealth of information on topics such as vaccines, babies and learning, baby illnesses, postpartum depression, etc. It is the first of its kind in India providing helpful forms for recording information and important dates and is  packed with charts and schedules.

What I liked:

It has pages throughout the book on medical advice and important tips on baby’s month-wise growth. The book is a short read and can be gifted during baby-showers. It will really help new moms and worried pregnant mommies. Her experiences with raising two kids is cute, and stressful at times. There are charts and schedules that would be handy.

But do not expect this book to act as a bible for all your answers. Parenting is a very vast subject and I would not blame anyone for not being not able to cover all topics in one book. So read, learn laugh and keep enhancing your knowledge on parenting.



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