Bohemian Chic Style For Moms

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By Sally Writes,

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Keeping up with the latest fashion trends as a mom can feel frustrating at times. But the good news is that style is entirely personal and it is easy to incorporate seasonal trends without trying too hard. Enter Bohemian fashion: this is a trend that continuously shows up every so often characterized by floral designs, baggy outfits, bold jewelry, and hippie looks. Popularized in the 70s, the Boho chic style is loved by young people which makes it interesting as you can coordinate outfits with your children. Shopping with your kids is a great opportunity to bond.

Prints and patterns

Bohemian fashion is simply earthy, baggy, and hippie. Choosing the perfect bohemian outfit significantly relies on nailing the right patterns, colors, and fabrics. As such floral patterns and animalistic prints are critical especially for the maxi skirts and bottoms. The maxi skirts should be free-flowing instead of baggy, and having a monochrome color is advisable for starters. A nice idea would be to buy a floral maxi, a monochrome color, and an animalistic print one. For the tops select kimonos and knitted sweaters. Denim jackets add some chic to the outfit. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics such as nylon and opt for linen, cotton, silk, and suede as the idea is to look earthy, and natural.


This is probably the make or breaking point of the bohemian style. When shopping you will want to look for bloom bracelets, lotus necklaces, and hoop earrings. Bold accessories such as silver Buddhist earrings on a dull maxi skirt and a brown knitted sweater is a completely chic outfit. Paisley or floral headscarves should always be toned down such as with a white lace dress. Alternatively, you can select dull headscarves to wear with floral dresses. Indian tapestries, banjara prints, and Kutchi embroidery also work just fine. Finish off the look with flat strappy footwear.


Natural makeup is on the popular again with nude lipsticks flooding the Indian market. Boho fashion is earthy and minimal natural makeup is encouraged. A touch of lip balm, semi-matte nude lipsticks and peachy hues compliment the other pieces which work just fine with earthy colors, bold accessories and natural fabrics.

Unlike other styles, Boho is very particular and even though experimentation and individuality is permissible, you really have to consider the whole outfit before putting it on. Avoid too many patterns and colors in one outfit. Leaving out the jewelry, headscarves, and bag when you have more than three items is advisable especially if the outfit is for your child or for a formal function.

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