Belated Happy Birthday Sijy – My Dearest Friend

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By Jaishri

I dont know how I manage to forget your birthday every year but this year Im sure I have an excuse because Im a mommy. I dont know the difference between day and night, month and year, time and day :(

Wishing you a great year ahead and lots of babies.

For the readers: Sijy is my dear friend who literally lived every moment of my pregnancy with me. I shared all my sadness, happiness, and fears with her. She was such a moral support during my pregnancy.

Even before Maanvi was born she had done all the shoppping for me. Initially I wanted to start just to show-off all the stuff she had got for Maanvi and me.

I think everyone should have a friend like her.

Sijy lives in the US so I thought the best gift for her would be to do a post on her from me and Maanvi.

Love You Lots!!! Miss you :)

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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8 Responses to Belated Happy Birthday Sijy – My Dearest Friend

  1. megha says:

    hey sijjy, belated happy birthday..sowieee i got late.. :-P

  2. Anjjali says:

    Wow Jaishri and Sijy u r both indeed blessed to hve each other.

    A very happy happy bday Sijy

  3. Sijy says:

    Thanks everyone for all your wishes.
    Thank you so much Jaishri for such a nice gift of blogging this. I feel very special and honored to have such a wonderful friend. Thanks for being a great friend. You have been such a great source of inspiration and strength to so many people through this blog
    Jaishri has gone through so much during her pregnancy and I just looking at all the pain she went through couldnt take it and understand how she endured. Everyday of her pregnancy was a milestone she had to cross. Maanvi is so blessed to have such a lovely mom.

  4. reks says:

    Many many happy returns of the day Sijy!!
    Hope you have loads of fun and make sure you come down quickly to meet your dear friend Jaish..

  5. Prarthana says:

    Birthday wishes :-P :lol: :lol: :-D

  6. Diya says:

    Happy Bday Sijy.. Jaishri your such a sweet friend.

  7. Minal says:

    Happy Birthday!!

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