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By Hemapriya

Beans Puree Mylittlemoppet

French beans are very nutritious but as a baby food they taste bland and most babies reject it if given as puree. Giving the beans in combination with other veggies disguises their taste and also yields a smooth texture.

Green beans are difficult to make a smooth puree if blended alone, adding potatoes to them gives a smooth texture and an added flavor too.

Try this beans puree only after having introduced potato before, so that it will be easier to track any allergies the baby may have due to French beans.

Always follow the 3 Day Rule before introducing any new food to your baby.


French beans – 10

Potatoes – Half

Butter – Half teaspoon (optional)

Jeera powder – a pinch


  1. Wash the French beans and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Wash, peel the potatoes and cut them into small wedges.
  3. Place the cut beans and potatoes in a katori and steam them in pressure cooker.
  4. If you want to retain the green color of the beans (as I have done), a pinch of turmeric powder can be mixed in the katori along with the veggies.
  5. Depending on the beans, allow 4 to 5 whistles.
  6. Allow it to cool.
  7. Blend it to a smooth paste.
  8. Melt butter in a pan and add it to the puree. (olive oil can also be substituted)
  9. Season it with jeera powder and feed your little one.

Instead of potato, carrot can also be added. Any veggie that tends to become a smooth paste can be added to the beans puree.

French beans may cause gas problems in children so please take care while giving them.

Nutritional Information

French beans per 100 gms yields 31 calories.

They are excellent source of plant derived micro nutrients, minerals and vitamins like A, B1, B6 and C.

They are rich in dietary fiber and acts as an excellent antioxidant

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Hi! I am Dr Hemapriya aka Doctor Mommy. A physician by profession, I quit my practice to take care of my 2 little Moppets ages 5 and 6 months. But the passion to spread knowledge and ideas about health, nutrition and parenting, remained. That is when I decided to rekindle my love for writing and started my blog MyLittleMoppet.  My blog is all about healthy choices in parenting without all the preaching. When not making super healthy foods for my munchkins, I like to watch movies on RomedyNow (a diehard romantic at heart). Come over at our facebook page My Little Moppet and to subscribe my updates . Happy Parenting!

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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