7 Things a Mom Needs to Shop Before the Baby’s Arrival

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Hi Mom’s,

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Being a mother is magical, right? And with the birth of a new- born life, a new- born mother is also brought to life. We know that taking care of your babies are much more difficult than it actually seems. It is almost like taking care of that little plant you bought home for your garden. So, to help you with the “take care” process, here are 7 most important things that would be of real use when the baby is born and it’s a great idea to keep all these products handy before your baby arrives. You know? It is better to be ready beforehand for anything than being clumsy afterwards.

Nappies, Diaper Bag and Wet Wipes

Earlier, people used to get those cloth pockets into action to cover the baby. But with the realization and cautiousness about the baby care, we have grown into a generation of diaper babies and diapers are a boon to motherhood. Keeping the wetness and rashes away from the baby is a necessity for the delicate skin of the baby.

So just ensure that you have your pack handy along with some gentle wet wipes. You will need it as soon as you leave hospital. A diaper bag is a complete must have as you can sort all your stuff. And with some awesome brands like Johnson&Johnson, Mamy Poko Pants, Himalaya Diapers and Pampers, it becomes easy to give the best to your new-born.

Nursing Accessories

Nursing accessories is another important point which should be kept in mind to have a pleasing baby love experience. Usually, the newly born mom’s suffer severe back pains as a result of delivering the baby. And this calls for special care of the mother as well as of the child.

Ensure that you buy nursing gowns, nursing pads and feeding pillows if you have back problems. Some moms don’t have the luxury to go out shopping after birth due some or the other reason. That is when websites like Firstcry are helpful. Visit the website and have a look at the wide range of baby products and mother’s care products. Moreover, one can apply firstcry offers and avail up to 80% off on their purchase.

Grab this little treat for your little angels. Wouldn’t you?

Baby Bath

It is scientifically proved that a baby’s skin is the most delicate thing ever. So, you will need to keep a track while you clean up your baby. Keep your towels, baby wash, shampoos and everything ready before the baby comes to life.

Obviously, when it comes to a baby, you can never compromise. You can also visit exclusive baby stores like Mom&Me or buy efficient products online from different baby care sites like Firstcry, Himalaya and many more.

Baby Sleeping

Baby bed, Cradle nests, Baby nests, carry baby rocker etc. there are so many products for you to give your baby a deep and comfortable sleep. You can decide on whether you want to buy a baby bed or co-sleep with your baby.

If you decide to co-sleep with the baby, do ensure that you buy a small baby mattress with side pillows to protect your baby from falling. Else if you are buying a baby bed, decide whether you need baby monitors and other accessories for the bed or not?

From small beds to take along carriers, you can buy whatever you wish for as per your convenience. Or, if you want to have double protection and efficiency, you want get both of the beds for your little one.

Baby Clothes

Babies are such cute, little fur balls, amazingly adorable. And our fashion portal is not at all lacking behind in providing the cutest baby dresses, suits, rompers, dungarees and many more irresistible clothes. Not just the casual wear, there is a whole lot of formals and even little animal suits in numerous sizes according to the age.

Buy clothes according to the season in which your baby will be born. Always check the outside temperature, easy test will be your own clothing, your baby will need an extra layer of cover more than you. Why? Because a baby’s skin is 10times more soft, delicate and under-nourished than a normal human skin. Hence, appropriate clothes and even more cautious care is a necessary.

Travelling Kit

Your first travel will start right from when you leave that hospital bed. Then there are so many outings, trips and meetings with family where you will have to take the baby along. So, just to be on a safe side and for convenience, carry the baby soothers, baby wraps, carriers, milk bottles, disposable baby wipes, extra diapers, baby care powder, soft cotton towels handy and other much needed travelling essentials.

Ensure that your move from one place to another is smooth. Get a baby wrap which will be able to handle the bumpy road. Moreover, you can easily buy travelling kits and all the required accessories for the baby from online baby care stores.


This should have been the first point to be mentioned isn’t it? But last is not always the least. Living in a socially active world, you would obviously love to capture and flaunt each and every movement and profile of your baby. Camera is a must have to capture all the special moments which will unfold when your bundle of joy arrives. Babies are the best gift to flaunt. Those cute little hands, teeny tiny baby feet, makes your life a living gallery. And saving some precious moments to the gallery of life is mandatory.

We know that becoming mother is a privilege but it is also a huge responsibility for life these are some points and things to have with you for your baby care time. Of course there are numerous things to keep in mind with a new born life in your hands but still, we are here with a little help. All the very best for this hard but magical roller-coaster ahead. Have a happy motherly adventure!

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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3 Responses to 7 Things a Mom Needs to Shop Before the Baby’s Arrival

  1. Shivam Tiwari says:

    Hi Jaishri!
    I am doing a project on mother’s decision making process for buying skincare products (such as moisturizer, soap etc.) for infants. I wanted to ask what are the triggers which affect a mother’s decision while buying? I guess mostly it would be suggestions given by friends or elders (mothers and mother in laws) and pediatricians. But what do you look for in the product while buying it?
    Also, are the products in the market good enough to give an overall protection to baby’s skin, or is there still some problems they are not able to solve?

    It would be great if I could understand answers to these questions.

    • admin says:

      Most people go by word of mouth and some obvious brands which have been used from ages.
      Nowadays moms are more aware and they are looking for products that are recommended by dermatologists and are perfume and paraben free. My top brands are Sebamed and Cetaphil. I would be glad if we have products based on weather pattern like winter care, summer care etc. Also if it could cater to skin type, kids do have different skin types like dry, normal and oily. Hope this helps your research.

  2. Shreya Ullal says:

    Very informative. Useful tips to forward to my friend who is pregnant. I also get relevant pregnancy tips on a blog that tells me more about the do’s and don’ts.

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