What to Gift a Newborn

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Here in India most people who come to see the baby bring some gift with them. If they don’t, they place money in the baby’s hand.
After my baby was born we got so many gifts and the gifts only increased during the naming ceremony. I value the gesture very much; it is very sweet of everyone to bring something for my baby. But at the same time there are some stuff that we did not use. Some which we put inside for use later.

So I want to list out some stuff which can be gifted to newborns, I’ll do a post later on what you can gift when a baby is 3 months, 6 months and so on..
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baby gift 2

Baby Wraps- It’s very essential for newborns while taking them out.
baby gift 3

Socks, Sweaters and Caps-Please watch out the weather, don’t gift if its peak summer, otherwise it’s ok as newborns need to be warm.

Sheets, Blankets, Quits- Babies needs many of these so it’s very useful
Rompers, Sleepsuits- this is one dress the baby wears irrespective of gender, it’s very useful to keep the diaper in place with the buttons at the bottom. You can’t go wrong with the size as most of these clothes are made for specific age groups.

baby gift 4gift 5

Wet wipes- It’s needed for anything and everything, any quantity is not enough.
Money and gift cards- as it’s a custom I think it’s ok, Mom and Me makes these gift cards which can be used in their stores or online.
Rubber sheets, changing mats- essential for changing and oil massage.
Sterilization Kits- Its very useful for heating bottles.

gift 6

Do not gift:

  • Diapers- It can be decided only on trial and error.
  • Frocks, pants, gender specific clothing- Most small babies don’t wear fancy clothing.
  • Feeding bottles- Again trial and error.
  • Johnson Baby gift set- please do not gift these. I have 8 unused sets  And since Im using all of these I smell like a baby.
  • No powders, soaps, shampoos, oils etc etc
  • No jewels silverware so soon, wait for 3 months.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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6 Responses to What to Gift a Newborn

  1. Jaishri says:

    Thanks to you Harini for the gift card idea.. It sure going to help so many.. Thanks for liking my blog.. do subscribe.. and contribute when you find time :-)

  2. Harini says:

    Hi Jaish,

    Wow, now this mommy has taken to blogging by storm. Good way to keep up and build all baby knowledge. Most mothers know pretty well what to gift their near n dear for baby showers, cradle or naming ceremony but for the gift cards are always easy and safe option.


  3. Anjjali says:

    i always prefer gifting gift cards..no confusion at all…and parents can buy as per their wish.

    • Jaishri says:

      Very true, I got gift cards from mom and me but near my house kamanahalli the staff are so rude. They always say the server is down while using the card.. :-(

  4. Megha says:

    Oooooo tnks jaish.. This article was so much needed.. Past so many weeks we have been attending baby functions.. My mum was always in a confusion.. Kya gift den.. Atleast nw i have an answer to her question.. ;-)

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