Useful Tips on How to Childproof Your Bathroom

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By Diana Smith,

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Sometimes it seems that kids simply go searching for trouble and an opportunity to hurt themselves. And while sometimes the entire house seems like a huge minefield where every corner is a catastrophe waiting to happen, the bathroom might be the most dangerous place for babies, toddlers and young children. However, there are plenty of preventive measures parents can take in order to ensure their youngsters are safe.

Restrict access to the bathroom

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Probably the best way to avoid any possible accidents is to make sure your child can’t get into the bathroom that easily. The simplest way to secure the bathroom door is by installing a hook-and-eye lock on the outside as this will prevent anyone getting locked inside the bathroom. Another way to make sure your little one doesn’t get in is by adding a childproof cover, which makes it possible only for adults to open the door.
Keep dangerous objects out of reach

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The bathroom is simply filled with hazardous objects, like razors and scissors, as well as toxic liquids, like detergents, cosmetics and various medications. Make sure all the cabinets containing sharp and small objects like nail clippers, tweezers and scissors are locked. Keep all the appliances which create heat, like curling irons or blow dryers, unplugged and store them on high shelves. Also, make sure that all liquids and cosmetics, as well as drugs, are absolutely out of reach in order to avoid poisoning or choking hazard.
Lock the toilet and secure the waste bin

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The combination of curiosity and undeveloped coordination can be extremely dangerous, and all parents know just how curious and uncoordinated kids can be. In order to avoid any possible injuries or even worse, drowning, make sure the toilet lid is always down and secured by a toilet lock which will prevent a child from lifting it. Another place where kids can get their curious little hands in is the wastebasket, so make sure it’s properly secured and impossible for a child to rummage through it and find any dangerous objects, like disposable razors or anything alike.

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Secure the bathing area
While it’s smart to make sure your young child has access to the bathroom as little as possible, it’s simply unavoidable that they’ll have to spend some time there, considering this is the place where you’ll bathe them. The best way to ensure your child is safe while in the bathroom is to always be with them and supervise them. Bathrooms are covered with slippery surfaces like baths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them less dangerous, so make sure you put non-slip mats in the tub and around it. Another way to avoid any falls is by using a bath seat, which will secure the baby in one position while in the bathtub. Aside from securing the bathing area with non-slip mats, it’s recommended to install a soft plastic or rubber guard over the tub spout in order to avoid any major injuries in case your child bumps their head against it.
Another thing to pay attention to is adjusting the water heater temperature. Baby skin is especially gentle and it takes only three seconds for a baby to get serious burns from hot water. A lower water temperature will ensure a safe and pleasant bath time, but help avoid any possibility of scalding.
While it’s probably impossible to avoid some minor bumps and bruises, it’s recommended to follow these simple tips in order to avoid any major injuries which are quite possible to happen if not careful. Remember to always supervise your child as this is the best possible way to ensure they are safe.

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