How To Teach Your Child To Make Good Fashion Choices

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By Sally Writes,

Parents take the lead when it comes to choosing their children’s clothes. Some pick clothes that are practical and made to last for a long time, while others go for fashionable finds to ensure that their kids look their best at all times. In India, growing fashion consciousness has resulted in the rise of spending on branded kids’ wear products. One particular designer brand whose average transactions are at around Rs 15,000 grew by 15-19% over the last fiscal in the country. However, making good fashion choices doesn’t necessarily mean going for branded or designer items all the time. When we teach our children how to choose their own clothes with cost, versatility, and durability in mind, they learn how to look beyond brands and develop their personal style as they age. Here’s how to teach your child to make good fashion choices.

Allow your child to be herself

Due to the influence of popular culture, kids today get a lot of ideas when it comes to making fashion choices. Eventually, they develop their own style and begin to dress a certain way. It’s important to support your children once they discover who they are and how they express themselves through clothing. Allowing your child to be herself makes her feel comfortable and she develops a sense of style. This unique fashion sense will serve her well and helps her look trendy in later life too. With that being said, it’s also imperative to guide them accordingly especially when it comes to what’s appropriate to wear on certain occasions.

Reserve the right to say no to certain clothing items

Even if you want your child to express herself freely with her clothing choices, let her know that you have the right to say no to certain items. You may want to discuss this with your partner so you’re on the same page. For instance, you can come to an agreement on whether you should allow your child to wear a short skirt, offensive message t-shirts, and the like. Doing so lets your child know that there is a time and place to wear particular clothes and that some clothing choices are simply inappropriate no matter what occasion.

Shop for outfits together

Before going to the department store, it’s important to let your child know what you’re buying ahead of time. If you’re buying back to school outfits, make a list of the things that he needs (jacket, a new pair of jeans, t-shirts, etc.) before leaving and let him know that the two of you will be sticking to the list. This teaches your child money lessons such as the importance of sticking to a budget and buying only what he needs. As he grows, he’ll remember to be prudent and sensible when shopping for clothes.

Teaching your child to choose clothes wisely can serve him well in his adult years. Follow these tips to teach your child to make good fashion choices and avoid conflict over clothing in the future.

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