Drug use in pregnancy: How to avoid problems?!

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By Erica,

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In a particular age, you will find every person on medication, one kind or another. Women need to be aware of the fact that while these drugs may be beneficial for them as an individual but they can cause specific issues during pregnancy. You should look up any medicine that you are using if you have even the slightest chance of conceiving. If not a hindrance in the process of your tries it can affect the fetus in its stages of development.

In a study it was conclusive that 2 to 3 % of congenital disabilities are a cause of these drugs. Whether they are prescribed or not it is better to go through the internet and clear your doubts, for example, a drug used for controlling blood sugar, Invokana proved to be harmful to the baby. You never know when you might conceive so you should avoid consuming drugs as much as you can.

If the medication is recommended, the use can be consulted with the doctor. In case the drug is self-advised such as heroin, cocaine, etc. it can prove to be fatal in the worst case scenario, but it can also lead to miscarriage, small size, premature birth, etc. This, however, depends on what type of drug is used, and when was it used during the pregnancy. Your drug use can lead to the child weighing less than a healthy baby. This can weaken the baby’s immunity system and cause intellectual disability and may even prove to be fatal. Drugs can induce premature birth which can cause lung, eye, and learning problems. Here are a few ways to avoid drugs:


Although this is hard so is bringing a new life into the world, and if you’re ready to do that, you should be prepared enough to say bye to your party lifestyle and get a move on. If you don’t this can even let the baby be dependent on those drugs at the time of birth, and you wouldn’t want to raise a child into a drug addict now would you.

New friends

Although your old friends are sure to mind, still you need to let a few people go in life if not for yourself for the new life that you’re going to bring in this world .are your drug addicted friends who you want to be role models for your child?

Avoid parties

Although you’re used to very party lifestyles, stick to parties that don’t offer alcohol. If you have the slightest feeling that there might be booze involved that is a no-show. Even though your social circle might take a hit, it will be for the better and people who don’t understand that how important it is to cut back they don’t deserve to be in your life.


Try to spend times doing stuff that doesn’t involve alcohol. Refresh your old talents, try to do something that you always wanted to and just couldn’t get to it. Anything artistic that can calm down the baby and can get your nerves to calm down too.


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Erica is a researcher and an expert of the modern pharmacy. She is very concerned about defective drug management and is currently running her own defective drug and personal injury management firm. She regularly posts at https://www.drugwatcher.org/.


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