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Have you ever wondered how life would have been if we got 24X7 medical assistance from the comfort of our homes?  As moms, it’s so difficult sometimes to wait at pediatrician clinics or even visiting a gynecologist. While it’s advisable to visit a doctor for major ailments, what if you had the opportunity of asking an expert before self-medication or could take an opinion from some of the best doctors across India? I think it’s a must when it comes to kids. I found an awesomely interesting and interactive site when I was looking for a second opinion  for my daughter’s medication.

She was suffering from viral with loose stools and was prescribed only medication for loose stools but not for viral. She used to throw up medicines and even water. She was totally dehydrated so I had to look for a second opinion, so we consulted a doctor through All we had to do is select the best pediatrician across India, Ask your question, pay the fees and consult. You can use voice and even video for chatting. Also you can send all the scanned reports to them. I was amazed. You can choose the best of best from 80,000 qualified doctors.

I’m going to share with you another question that I asked on the site and within 6-14 hours I had responses from so many best pediatricians across India. This service I received was for free. So all you need to do is sign up, type your question and it will be answered by the best in the business within hours. Best part is that you will receive email notifications. Here is a snapshot of the same. This is just a snapshot, there were in total 4 responses from doctors.

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You can use the paid service for personal consultation and use the free service to get consultation from doctors who pick up your question. Both the services are great. As a mom it is a definitely a boon to all of us. I have seen mommies posting questions on forums and asking for random help. But what if you get responses from the best qualified? Nothing like it right.

Lybrate has an App which is very easy to use and I suggest all of you to download it on your phone to give you the peace of mind that you all require. The App will ensure that you get the best service from the finest doctors in the country the whole time.

Here are some key features of the app:

Preventive Healthcare –

  • You can get health tips from the top doctors of this country, curate and set the topics that interests you.
  • Get health tips directly on your phone daily
  • Share tips with friends, colleagues and family

Benefits it offers:

  • You don’t have to wait in lines at the clinic
  • No traffic woes
  • Skip the risks of self-medication
  • Let not your chemist be your doctor anymore
  • You can have online consultation on the go

Some Good News!! Introducing Lybrate Widget

Lybrate has collaborated with to allow our users to use their service from our site. So this will make your life simple, you can type in your queries from the site itself.

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