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By – Varda Agrawal

Both I & my husband are fond of reading. So when our little one turned two, we decided to introduce him to books. Better start early than late!

In today’s world of technology, we don’t need to guide our kids, how to use smart phones & tablets, or even a laptop..  But to encourage them to read the books is a tough task. In such a situation we parents need something very attractive, which will capture their attention.

We were in search of the right book for him, which will be very interesting, interactive, A very special book, as it would be his “First Book”.

Then we came across, KloneBooks, it had everything we were searching for.


About Klonebooks

KloneBooks uses latest technology, to give a cutting edge to the storytelling. It puts children in their favorite cartoons / favorite story, which captures their attention & makes storytelling & reading books interesting.

What I Liked About the Book

Easy Creating & Ordering

Ordering of the KloneBook is made very easy.

Create Klonebook

Timely Delivery

We had ordered the book, as the birthday gift to our son & we were very pleased to receive the shipment before time!!

Gives A Real Life Feeling

The Klones of the kids included in the story, gives storytelling & reading of the book, a real life experience.


The book is colorful, full of big pictures, which makes it interesting for the kids.


Easily Readable Font Size

The font size of the content of the book is very easy to read for kids especially.

Easy To Understand Language

The language used in the book is very easy to understand.

Good Quality Pages

The pages used in the book are of good quality & smooth texture.

Wide Variety Of The Books

The books are available in wide variety. Hence this makes it ideal for kids of every age group, be it boy or a girl.

Ideal For Gifting

These are ideal for gifting, as what could be more special for kids than to be in their favorite cartoons & stories.

So, if you wish to encourage reading in your kids in a very innovative , fun & interactive way, You should soon get a Klonebook for your kid.


About Varda Agrawal

Varda is a home maker and jewellery designer who lives in Bhopal. She loves blogging and sharing her sweet moments on the blog. She has completed her education in Pharmacy.
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