C section story

c section

Mine was a precious pregnancy so the doctors were very particular that everything moved smoothly and so we opted for a C section.
I had Homocysteine (link) and gestational diabetes (link) added to that. After I had gestational diabetes, I knew every day was a threat and I had read a lot on stillborns. With diabetes the fetus grows a little bigger and faster. Also, there was a lot of water in the womb.

I was restless towards the end of pregnancy and was literally waiting for the safe time to deliver the baby, once I crossed 36 weeks I started bugging my doctor to perform a C section.
I don’t suggest this to anyone. Anyways when I got the final clearance after my baby was full term and my C section was scheduled. Continue reading

I packed my bag, I made a checklist, and kept my stem cell kit with that. I’ll talk about what to pack in your hospital bag, and Stem cell storage in a separate post here.

I was asked to stop eating or drinking water the previous night at 8. Since I was on thyroid meds, I could take one tablet in the morning with a little water.

Ok then came the day, surprisingly I was not that nervous, see that’s the advantage of planned C section, your well prepared. We reached Cloudnine hospital, (review here) at 6 in the morning. The otherwise bright and active place was all quiet and empty. We were received by a guy at the reception and taken to our room. Just like checking into a hotel. We left all our belongings there.

I was made to change into the hospital gown and they did a stomach wash for me. Then they strapped the fetal ecg on my hand. It was all fine and we saw huge jumps when my hubby used to speak to the baby 

I was taken inside the operation theater and again I was not nervous, I was surprised myself. Guess I went through so much during pregnancy I really wanted a break from this. Then the anesthetist asked me about my allergies and then injected some meds, god knows what.

There were many women in the recovery room and I could hear my doctor choosing me first. Then I was taken to the OT. I was looking around; it was a small room with a black board (just like school) with all my details. I was really scared of the injection on the spine. Thought it would really hurt, but it was fine. I was made to bend and it was fast. It numbed my entire lower body.

Then the doc came in with her big smile and I could feel some pushes and pulls. Before I could know tadaaaa my little princess came into this world.
What to expect after c setion here..

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Post C Section

By Poonam

Everyone talks about C section. Ill share the after effects.
The C section pain lasts for 2 weeks. It’s very difficult to sit and get up. You need to hold your tummy while getting up. Turn to the side and then get up from bed.

It really hurts to go to the rest room, so make sure your not constipated and keep the bowel cleaning medicines handy.
You will not feel like eating anything for 2 weeks, you will just hate the sight of food.

Otherwise things are ok, just that your tummy will be protruding for sometime till you get a go ahead for exercise. It’s difficult to feed the baby.
You will have loads of gas and it’s very embarrassing to let it out. But you pain will reduce only if it passes out of your system. Drinking jeera or cumin water really helps. Boil cumin in one litre water, filter it and drink through the day. Continue reading

After 2 weeks you can remove the waterproof plaster, if there are any stitches it will fall out.
Back pains will be there for sometime till you build strength on your back, so it’s a little difficult when you need to carry your baby.

You can start walking from the second day itself, the stitches are very low and are just lost in the folds of your skin.
If anyone scares you, it’s not that scary, very bearable.

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Arathi’s Breastfeeding Experience

By Arathi


I’m not sure about people who have had a smooth sailing breastfeeding process. For me it was like running into a dark tunnel. So clueless of what was happening. This is one topic I can go on writing I need an entire website for that.

After a C section the pain is so much that I could hardly position the baby. And most babies who are born early are not able to latch properly and I slept through the lactation class as I was so tired. Continue reading

It’s unbelievable how I got through that phase. I don’t want to scare anyone but you should surely know what you’re getting into. Just after surgery in the recovery room, when your leg is numb, they ask you to feed a hungry baby.
I had no idea what I was doing, but it’s unbelievably surprising how the baby starts suckling. It’s so natural and cute. But then the trouble starts from the same night. You will have pain, just wanting to sleep, people visiting, whole night the baby crying.

My god it was difficult. And in all this confusion had bad nipple sore to an extent that it cracked so bad and there was a deep wound by the them before I came home.
From then on I used to read and read on the best positions for latching, tried so much.

Kellymom.com has the best resources so far. For me none of this worked as my stomach would pop up in front.
Finally I had to got myself a maternity pillow. That was one of the best things I did, it helped in holding my baby. Review here.
All this gets better as your baby grows and his head stabilizes. Now we do the side lying position which works best.



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Dealing with a miscarriage

Miscarriage is such a common word we hear around us these days. Because of high levels of stress and changing lifestyle, miscarriage has evolved as a new age disease.

Having faced it twice I can tell you it’s not something that is casual. There are so many emotions attached to it. First every girl is a mother to her Barbie dolls; it’s something every girl wants to be someday. Very few people think differently for varied reasons.

You don’t have to have a baby in your hands to be a mother. The baby in your womb be it for few days to few months has such an emotional connect, only someone who has lost one will know. It’s very difficult for everyone to understand. Continue reading

For the world, you had an abortion and you might have a baby again. But only for the parents who lost a baby in the womb they know what the loss is and what it means to them. The pain is the very same as any loss which and no one understands.

Worse is to talk about it and everyone shooting questions as to why this happened. Most of the time we don’t have answers and the reason is unknown.
For the folks who are going through this pain, all I can say is that “this too shall pass”.

Hope and prayers are the only solution. And for people, who have a recurrent loss, don’t be foolish you should know what went wrong. There are many centers, in Bangalore do visit BACC or Santana near Shivananda circle further down race course I think they are the best in their investigations. Dr Kamini rao is the best.

I’m sure you will find such centers everywhere but read reviews about them before going there. Review of BACC here.

Hope this post helped you.. Please Like our Facebook page for regular updates. Thankyou!

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Homocysteine and miscarriage

After a miscarriage and blighted ovum, I went through an investigation process in a fertility clinic. Both my husband and I went through a series of tests, most of them you might have heard, some that I have not heard are karyotyping, thrombophilia…

All our tests were normal except my Homocysteine was quite high it was 20 where the average range is 3-13. I was treated with high dosage of folic acid and checked my value after a month and its came down.

Homocysteine is a compound in the body that in excess does not allow the body to absorb folic acid and B vitamins. It’s also called MTFTHR mutation. Continue reading

From wikipedia:
A high level of homocysteine makes a person more prone to endothelial injury, which leads to vascular inflammation, which in turn may lead to atherogenesis, which can result in ischemic injury.[2] Hyperhomocysteinemia is therefore a risk factor for coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease is when an atherosclerosis leads to occlusion of the lumina of the coronary arteries. These arteries supply the heart with oxygenated blood.
Hyperhomocysteinemia is linked to an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. It can cause miscarriage and/or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women, and can lead to birth defects.

The treatment for this is high dosage of folic acid (not the regular one), I was prescribed Vitalin 800. Please ask your doctor before you take the pills. In 6 weeks my readings were down, the value dropped to 8 which I think is ok. I was put on heparin injections daily. More on heparin here.
Throughout pregnancy these values went up and down hence I was closely monitored.

I went on to have a succesful pregnancy so dont worry.

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Silverspoon Ragi powder


Image source:

It’s definitely a high end product as 250 grams if ragi powder costs approx around 350 rupees. We can buy kilos of ragi in that price.

Commonly called ragi sere here in Karnataka, ragi is soaked in water overnight, sprouted, sundried and then roasted and powdered. The powder is then added to boiling water and a porridge is made mostly adding sugar or jaggery.

I can go through this process but my baby is starting off cereals so early so I wanted a safer product. With the pollution it’s almost impossible to sundry the sprouted ragi. Once my baby’s immunity builds I will surely work on making this at home. Continue reading

Procedure: Just add powder to water at room temperature, then boil this mixture and stir for 5 mins, then it’s ready to serve. If the porridge gets thick add boiling water and stir again. You can add a pinch of sugar preferably crystalline sugar (they call it kal sakkare here or kalkandu in tamil nadu) or jaggery or salt.

Ragi is very healthy and good for the bones as it has calcium. Though babies like it, it’s better to go slow on ragi. And start off with this porridge when it’s quite sunny outside and not when it’s very cold, as ragi has cooling properties.
Availability can be an issue, you need to specifically order at medical stores. Tell them the company name and they will get it for you.


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Pampers Active baby diapers

By Jaishri


After doing a lot of trial and error with diapers we chose pampers for our baby. We started with Pampers newborn diapers and now moved to active baby small. Diapers are based on the weight of the baby. It’s very important that the diapers fit well and your baby is not allergic to the material.

We were happy with pampers and it has good absorption capacity. I got a little bigger size as I’m not a fan of tight diapers. When my baby was still a newborn, I got the Active baby small. The only problem is urine leaks from the sides. To avoid leaks, make your baby wear jumpsuits with buttons below so that it can hold the diaper. Continue reading

We change around 6-8 diapers per day. Even if it’s not very wet try not to reduce the number below 6.

During the day we leave my baby for sometime without diapers on a quick dry sheet. She urinates very less during the day. I think leaving them open for a while is very important for air circulation and movement of legs properly.

Important: Use a diaper rash cream at least twice a day. Wipe the nappy area with a wet-wipe every time you change the diaper.

Pros: Good absorption, not harsh on skin, the elastic is not very tight.

Cons: Price, availability, not many discounts on the Small range.

Rating: ****

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Nuby hot safe feeding spoons review

By Jaishri

Nuby spoon 2

Nuby spoon 1

Nuby hot safe feeding spoons heat sensing spoon is a nice fancy product. It can be used for age groups 0-12 months.
The spoon changes color when there is a lot of heat in the food. I always watch out for that before I mix the cereals, hence I could not see the heat changing much. Just for fun I dipped the spoon in a bowl of hot water and yes it worked.

It has a nice blunt edge so it won’t hurt your baby’s mouth.
Overall a nice product, I still prefer my silver spoon. But for outdoors it’s great. Continue reading

I wouldn’t say it’s a much have product as we are quite aware of how hot the food is with our senses, but since its almost the same price as regular spoons, why not get it.
I think I paid Rs 175 for 2 spoons, not sure about exact prices.

I bought this from babyoye.com

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Munchkin food grinder

By Jaishri

munchkin food grindermunchkin food grinder 2

My baby is now 4 and half months and my doctor suggested me to start her off with fruits such as apple, banana and avocado. It all should be cooked or steamed before mashing.
Also mashed carrots and sweet potatoes can be given.

I was very attracted to Gerber fruit purees, so she suggested me to get a munchkin food grinder.
She said it makes very good purees similar to Gerber.

Youtube videos here:
Continue reading

My experience: It works well with softer fruits such as bananas and avocados. The apple mash had little harder bits. I’m am not very happy with the product. The lid also falls off very often.

Maybe it is good for bigger babies.

P.S I bought it from babyoye.com

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Mom and me feeding pillow

By Jaishri


Everyone around me knew how I felt breastfeeding was touger than rocket science. I suffered a lot with my C section belly and found it very difficult to feed my baby on a pillow. I tried everything sitting, sleeping etc etc.
Continue reading

For some people things just work and its very easy for them to be in sync with their baby, especially if she is born after the due date. With a premie babies they don’t know how to feed and latch on properly which makes it worse.

So my friend who is a doctor suggested me the mom and me feeding pillow. It has to be strapped around the waist and you can place your baby on it and feed. It really made breastfeeding easy.

Only after I got this one, I realzied that there are so many many brands which make these pillows and there is one that has a nice cover in front. Its better to get that one.

This one is a must for people who are finding breastfeeding very difficult and want to give up..


Comes in bright colors so it wont get dirty easily

The cloth on top can be removed and washed

Quite light but large, you can make it travel friendly

Was very useful for me and it kept my baby in place


Not very useful after 4 months baby just jumps off

Quite expensive its around 2000 I guess

The strap broke once and I had to stitch it up

Rating: ***

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Review of Elcarim Drops

By Jaishri

Elcarim drops

If you talk to anyone down south they would swear by some herbs which they burn and make a paste and later apply on baby’s tongue. It is done daily to improve digestions and prevent colic. My mother swears by it. But I was not ready to use these burnt herbs as I was not able to find a lot of details on the internet.

After a lot of arguing back and fourth we finally spoke to our doctor who luckily was a south Indian. He told me the benefits of these herbs and told me about drops that contains this composition.

He said that it is hygienically prepared and is very safe.

http://www.ttkhealthcare.com/pharma/elcarim.htm Continue reading

My take: my baby was already 3 months by the time I started these drops. She did not like the taste at all and started spitting. Though I found it helping a lot, I did not want to force her.

I think you should start off well in advance but always consult your pediatrician before you start off with this medicine.

Elcarim Drops
Each ml contains:
Total water soluble extracts derived from
 • Phyllanthus emblica 90 mg
 • Terminalia chebula 4 mg
 • Embelia ribes 8 mg
 • Zingiber officinale 4 mg
 • Acorus calamus 3 mg
 • Improves digestive function and thereby regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
 • Offers carminative action that provides relief from G.I. colic in infants and children
 • Enhances appetite and promotes weight gain in patients with non-specific anorexia
 • Prevents flatulence and colic disorders
 • As directed by the Physician




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Review of ColicAid

By Jaishri

ColicAid was our only relief during the first 3 months of my babys birth. She was a colicky child, she would just start crying and crying non stop during the evenings and night.

The only thing which came to our rescue was these drops.

Manufactured by Meyer Organics PVt limited

Effective, safe & trusted aid for infant colic Continue reading

Colicaid Drops is most trusted brand for infantile colic by doctors and parents. Colicaid Drops has been in market for more than 15 years and market leader in its category.

Colicaid Drops offers powerful trio of

  • Simethicone – Reduces flatulence and expels trapped gas
  • Dill Oil + Fennel Oil – Reduces spasm & increases intestinal motility

Colicaid Drops is formulated with only 100% natural colors & flavors.

Pack – 15ml


After 2-5 mins she would pass out gas and then stop crying. Thse drops have to be taken only by pediatric recommendation.


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