Making Bedtime Stories More Fun- Bookyboo Kids Book

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Reading is one of the best activities which a mother can inculcate in her child.We recently got a lovely and a colorful kids’ illustration storybook in our mail- BookyBoo kids book!
We got the BookyBoo kids book a week back, and my toddler is loving it, thanks to the introduction of bedtime stories to her.

Since my toddler is a little too young to read books, we have hopped on the lovely journey of reading out books to her and yes I ensure that I read out a story to her before we go off to sleep.It has become a night-time ritual for us.Reading opens a child’s’ mind to a new world altogether.Books can open up their thinking to a wide array of thoughts and it makes you visit so many places virtually.It improves vocabulary, diction, and pronunciation.


The Bookyboo kids book is a personalized book for your kid.The book is personalized according to a kids gender.We got a personalized book for Varanya from Bookyboo kids.The story of the book revolves around the central character of the book which is your kid.In our case it was Varanya.The story starts with Varanya discovering a letter one fine morning that her parents have been captured by the evil forces of EVILOR.As we move further into the story, she takes the help of various animals who help her in this quest of finding and rescuing her parents.Apart from the usual story, the book also helps the toddler in getting to know more about the animals mentioned in the book.When we are not talking about the story we learn about different animals, the sounds they make, their habitat and the different kinds of food they eat.



1.It is customizable according to one’s own needs.This one was customized for us.It can be customized for one family with one or two kids and even single parents.
2.The book is full of lovely and eye capturing illustrations.Children are particularly fond of big and vibrant images and the Bookyboo kids does just that and manages to get kids hooked onto its beautiful pictures.
3.The book is made out of thick quality premium paper which does not tear off very easily.This is a great feature which I liked because you never know when a toddler or your kid might throw a tantrum on the book.The thick paper ensures the books are safe!
4.Bedtime ritual has become all the more fun with BookyBoo kids Book.
5.Early reading helps in increasing learning aptitude and also expands their vocabulary.
6.It helps in retention of information, improves interpersonal skills and in most cases helps instill the feeling of empathy towards a particular character or situation.
7.It helps a child to get acquainted by his/her name, and the corresponding spellings.

Like we said earlier, the BookyBoo Kids Book has made our bedtime ritual of reading even more interesting and fun.The panoramic illustrations in the book are also one of the other features which caught our attention as well.It also has some lovely messages which will inculcate the values of kindness and love among children.we will give it a 5/5.326

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  1. Jessica says:

    Bedtime stories evoke fond memories of childhood. The feel of the books, the amusing tales, the craving to read! Bedtime stories bring plenty of benefits to your child.

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