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We are living in a fast paced world, where in everything is changing by the second.Technology is advancing at an even faster rate .In this era of booming science and technology kids aren’t farther.Gone are the days when the kids would just sit at one place and read about the world just through their books.Schools these days organize trips, conduct simple experiments which makes learning more enjoyable.The monotony in studies has broken off lately with the booming of digital era.Kids these days spend a larger part of their day either on phones or by learning through actually seeing or feeling the things.Virtual Reality is the new thing in this arena these days.


Kompanions which had launched ‘KUBE” is an educational gaming box, which aims to promote learning among kids , by exploring things through augmented reality .The whole idea of KUBE is to make learning more fun and innovative.They break the monotony of reading and studying from books by sitting at just one place.KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration.These are :
2.Holistic Growth
3.Think New
4.Logical Thinkig
5.Language Proficiency

KUBE is an educational gamebox that redesigns and shapes child’s thinking through brain training.

The KUBE BOX consists of virtual reality glasses, which take you into a new world altogether, and makes learning and reading more enjoyable.It is almost like animals or other objects come alive as soon as you wear those glasses.The box also consists of a book which consists of all the planets.When you see these planets through the app , the planets come alive and your child would definitely feel that he is in a space odyssey.This also enables the kid to take a 360 degree tour of whatsoever he is learning.


The above image shows a planet in 3-Dimensional view through V scan , by means of an App installed on the phone.You can see , other wise how the planet looks like in the book below.

WHAT’S IN SOLAR SYSTEM KUBE BOX?The Mommyswall Team got the ‘Solar System’ KUBE.
It consists of the following:
1.50 Pages of Limiltless Exploration Book- This book consists of pictorial images of the 9 planets and also gives descriptive information about them.When the app is held on these images, the planets come alive, making learning sessions fun.
2.TRIVIA BOOKLET – Just as the name suggest the book contains information about major inventions, scientists and some amazing facts as far as the space and solar system is concerned.
3.ACTIVITY SHEETS- KUBE not only offers visual treat, it also provides some activity sheets to help kids retain whatsoever they have learnt through VR learning sessions.These activity sheets help in building the vocabulary of your little ones.
4.KNOWLEDGE BOARD BOX- Learning often becomes fun for kids , if  a game is introduced with it.The ‘KNOWLEDGE BOARD ‘ box exactly does the same.This box consists of a board game, which kids can play in there spare time,and also learn more about the solar system.The game is quite similar to the popular game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ ,except that there are not snakes , but different planets as the target places to hop onto.Parents can play this game with their kids and have a lovely sunday.This box also has a deck of cards which have questions written with four choices.This will enable the kids to learn more about the Solar system.
5.CREATIVE ILLUSTRATION BOX-This box contains a full scale chart showcasing the Solar system.This particular chart can be pasted on the wall in the kids room.This will enable him to learn about it and the Comet anatomy.
6.STATIONARY KIT- This kit consists of sketch pens , a pair of scissors , fevicol and the playing tokens.By far my kid loved this one.


FINAL REVIEW:The Kube educational gamebox is a revolutionary method to teach kids about various topics.The little ones just cannot get bored with this if they have this tutor at their home.If you are bored of board games, cards and but of course want your kids to get off TV ,and also want studies to be entertaining then the KUBE should  definitely be on your top picks.One more thing we would like to highlight is to make it a little more kids friendly.It takes some time to actually start it off and finally get the hold of things.All in all ,Mommyswall would definitely recommend KUBE educational box to all parents.

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