Introducing dry fruits to your kids

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Winters are in their full swing.With the onset of winters, parents try all sorts of means to protect their little ones from the harsh weather conditions. Introducing dry fruits at this point of the year can be truly beneficial for the little ones.

Winters is a favourable time for introducing dry fruits, nuts and seeds to the kids as they provide the essential warmth to the body and also provide essential oils which help in keeping their skins soft and supple.Dry fruits are an easy source of essential nutrients which are vital for the overall growth and development of kids.They are an abundant source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. These nuts are a powerhouse for nutrition.

Parents are often skeptical in introducing them in kids diet, as they sometimes trigger food allergens among kids.So while starting off, one can start by giving one nut only a day.In case the body is allergic it will produce antibodies against the nut or dry fruit. Read more at Monica’s Health Mag website

Here are some quick tips on how to start giving dry fruits to kids/toddlers:

1.Mixing with Oats/Any whole wheat flour Halwa – This is my trick which I tried at home.It works well for me.When the oats or halwa is just about ready, take 3-4 almonds and grate them using a normal steel grater on top of the food. Mix well and serve. This is a very good method as the fine grating of the nuts does not interfere with regular eating.

2.Granola Bars/Laddoos – Kids are generally fond of sweets and chocolates.What better way of introducing them to home made Granola Bars and Laddoos loaded with the goodness of dry fruits.

3.Dry Fruit Powder- Dry fruit powder can be made very easily at home.Just dry roast the nuts on a low flame in a pan for some time.Allow them to cool down and then grind them to a fine powder in a food processor.You can store this powder for as long as you want in an airtight container and especially if you are too lazy of doing the steel grater technique(described in point 1) every day.This powder can be added in multiple ways.You can introduce it in the daily milk intake as well as veggie rice mash.

4.Wet Fruit Paste – Soak the nuts in water overnight and grind it to a paste.Store this paste in a container in the refrigerator and t is good to go for3-4 days. This paste can be added to porridges, dosa and cheela batter, and yogurts. This paste will go well with almost everything which you serve to your kid.

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  1. Bhavna Sharma says:

    Indeed very useful n knowledgeable n easy to implement variant.thank u

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