How to Improve Your Baby’s Complexion

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Hi Moms,

I have been getting a lot of queries on how to improve the complexion of babies. So I decided to do this post after a bit of research (from friends and family). Please do not judge the author or the readers who have asked these queries. We all know how Indians are crazy about complexion and that is a whole debate altogether. Personally I love the wheat complexion that we Indians have, but Im a big fan of clear, non patchy skin. So I would love my kido to have great skin, Im not so worried about complexion.

Before I start with the points, complexion is purely hereditary, any treatment can only control the production of melanin and lighten the skin by a few shades.

1 – Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric.

2- Chiksa powder will be available at any Unani store, you can apply that with few drops of lime. Please always do a patch test on the hands.

3- Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores.

4- Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash.

5- Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated.

6- Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production.

7- Always use a sunscreen, you can see my post here

8- Do not use oily creams or lotions on babies. Always use a water based lotion like cetaphil or aquasoft.

9- Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties.

10-Many people have told me that using atogla lotion has improved their baby’s complexion, not sure but the lotion is safe.

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146 Responses to How to Improve Your Baby’s Complexion

  1. Sudha says:

    Hi my baby is 4 months old she is becoming dark ,pls help me to make her skin fair.

  2. Ruksana pakzade says:

    Plz anybody reply me is chicco product good for baby

  3. Ruksana pakzade says:

    My daughter is 45 days wen born she was so very fair now becoming darker n darker first I was using Johnson product after some days I started himalaya product plz suggest me how can I bring my baby colour back

    I hd called dr ravi but its showing switched off
    Plz plz plz help me

  4. Dd says:

    Hi, my baby is 10 days old. He has uneven skin tone. I’ve purchased to start using chicco just wanted to know why would his face be dark and body fair. How can I make his complexion even?

  5. Garvita says:

    I have a 1 yr old girl.She has a dark complexion, i have tried all ubtans of milk,turmeric atta and besan still she is not getting fairer. I use coconut oil for massage and mothercare bathing lotion and chicoo cream on face. Please suggest me what can i do

    • Sajana says:

      Use rice flour pinch of turmeric and yogurt and gram flour mix well apply in baby’s skin u will see the color

  6. Noorjahan says:

    Hi mam

    My son color is white when he born…now it was becoming darker. I have used santhoor baby soap as well tedibar soap but I am confused which is best soap for fairness… Can you please suggest me which is best soap for fairness..

    Can you please reply on my number

    Thanks in advance…

  7. Neeta Shirgaonkar says:

    Please help me out

  8. hi im chinni says:

    Plsss tell my baby become so dark day to day pls sguest what type of soap lotion massage oil for become complexion white

  9. Gloria says:

    What product can I use on a baby that is very fair and hairy that is 18months old. His mother is light chocolate in complexion and very sensitive. What body Cream or lotion and soaps will she use? From Nigeria.

  10. Fathima says:

    My baby is 40 days old. When born her body was very fair but face was dark. She has more hair all over body and face. I was applying olive oil but she got rashes. I stopped using olive oil and started coconut oil. I use rice flour for bath. Shall I stop coconut oil and start using almond oil? Also besan flour or green gram flour which is best for improving complexion?

    • Raj says:

      Please contact me on my cell no for more information .8866002849

      • Lakshmi says:

        You can use gram flour, raw milk , turmeric And Rose Water… Apply The body before going to bath… My Baby was born n very dark … but now she s very fair…

        • soniya says:

          Hi Lakshmi…my daughter now she is 2months old…she is also dark from birth..plz tell me hw can I improve her skin using olive oil for bath and Himalaya baby lotion after bath…is olive oil helps to make skin fair?

        • Neeta Shirgaonkar says:

          please suggest me to make my son fair

          • Harika says:

            Use sesame oil. It doesn’t have any bad reviews till now. It makes skin soft and glow.for bath use charoli/chironji paste with rose water or milk

        • Fay says:

          Hi, Please help me on what to use or how to improve baby skin, also born very fair and now skin colour darken. His going to be 3months on the 22nd of September. Looking forward to your reply.

        • ashwini says:

          Hi Lakshmi,

          read ur revert my daughter uis 5 now, she was fair by birth and got darker after a month and again got fair but now she is turning darker pls help me, should we mix also the products what u said like a paste or we can use any one of that, pls revert me

  11. varsha says:

    .My baby is 4 months..he born was fair but now than he gone dark color plz suggest me use product I use coconut oil for his massage nd johnsons baby powder nd Himalaya soap nd use on his face was top to toe wash nd Johnson baby lotion on his body…nd I am useing Johnson baby cream nd powder nd massage by his face of coconut oil…..plzzzzzz I requested suggest me how will color is fair….???? Plzzzzzz suggest me

  12. varsha says:

    My baby is 3 months..he is born was fair but now than he gone dark color plz suggest me use product I use coconut oil for his massage nd johnsons baby powder nd Himalaya soap nd use on his face was top to toe wash nd Johnson baby lotion on his body…nd I am useing Johnson baby cream nd powder on his nd massage by his face of coconut oil…..plzzzzzz I requested suggest me how will color is fair….???? Plzzzzzz suggest me

  13. indujaa says:

    Mam.. my daughter is premature baby 3months old… Can we use butter or ghee for massaging the baby or what else good for using while we bath

  14. Alice John says:

    I will try the home remedies in which the milk is used and i will also try the egg white method because they both are not harmful for the skin.
    Please suggest me a remedy for getting fair baby during pregnancy.

  15. Kiruthika says:

    Hi mam …. I hv 2 month old girl baby… by birth itself she hv dense hair.. shall I use hair oil daily?? Nd suggest me whc oil s best? On alternative days we use gingelly(sesame) oil for hair bath … pls suggest me which oil is best for daily use

  16. Priya says:

    I my baby is 4 month old, he was fair when he born, we using olive oil twice a day for massage, earlier we used seabamed wash and lotion from last three weeks we using chikoo baby wash and lotion, his skin getting dark day by day, please help me which profuct should be use I am so confused

  17. Samsad Patel says:

    My daughter is 7 month old. She is darker and her legs hand very dark. Please suggest home remedies or anything for my baby skin fair. Thank you.

  18. Harshi says:

    Hello mam.. my daughter was born very fair but now she is getting darker.. she is 2 months old.. i use sebamed products nd coconut oil for massaging.. which oil should be used for her face… can almond oil b used in summers too? Please suggest.

  19. varsha says:

    My baby is 3 months..he is born was fair but now than he gone dark color plz suggest me use product I use coconut oil for his massage nd johnsons baby powder nd Himalaya soap nd use on his face was top to toe wash nd Johnson baby lotion on his body…nd I am useing Johnson baby cream nd powder on his nd massage by his face of coconut oil…..plzzzzzz I requested suggest me how will color is fair….???? Plzzzzzz suggest me

    • Sindhu says:

      Hi Varsha,

      Soak besan with pinch of turmeric in milk or water and apply it as a pack leave it for 10 to 15 min and wash it of with Himalaya saop. If you’re baby is fine with scrubbing use the same as scrub instead of pack. And please try to avoid Johnson please products use Himalaya cream o Chicco products.

  20. usha says:

    my daughter as a white patch on her face can u pls tell wat can i do for it, Hi mam, ,my baby is months old…i’m using teddy bar soap for the past 6 month.but now he getting dark ? And also I use mustard oil for massage and Jonson powder

  21. jeya says:

    Hi mam,
    My boy baby was vary fair whn he born. Now he is getting very dark. Me and my husband are very fair. Now he s 46 days old. I’m using Johnson baby oil and soap. Plz suggest me how to back my baby color.

  22. hanna says:

    Hi….my daughter was born with fair…but now she is dark colour .she has 2 years old nw.i am still using nw sebamed baby products apply for her
    ..she s skin too much dry..nw am using johnson baby lotion only…but sebamed bubble bath for bathing…any suggesion for my baby’s fair colour

  23. Elakkiya priya says:

    Hi mam,
    Iam having 15days old girl baby. Me nd my husband both are fair. But my child is dark. Day by day her skin tone becoming dark oly. Am applying kasturi turmeric powder during bath.. Still she is dark. What cream and lotion i want to use to my baby..?? Please say your suggestion mam..

  24. Catherine Francis says:

    Hi ma my baby is 6month now can I use sandalwood, turmeric, sulphur powder in her soap

  25. Rushma says:

    Hi, I didn’t find Hamdard almond oil in my place…can u pls suggest any other brand for pure almond oil

  26. Tiyasha says:

    Wich almond oil can use for my 5 months old baby

  27. Tiyasha says:

    Hello madam
    I’m from sri lanka can I use the cetaphil cream and Teddy bar soap for my 5MONTHS old baby.??? And I want to know which almond oil can use for baby??

  28. Parvathi says:

    my girl baby is 3 years 6 months her skin is dark. please help me to improve her colour

    • rosshia says:

      Just try gentle scrubbing using rice powder and then using jasmine light hair oil after bath to condition her skin and hair. Works wonders. Or just try scrubbing gently using loofa and johnson baby soap then apply the oil. Eventually it will lighten but rice is fast worker.

  29. Sweety says:

    Hii Mam thanks for ur suggestions my baby is 5 months old. She is looking darker can i use cetaphil lotion or cetaphil cream. Can i use chiska powder on her how can i use whats the process pls reply Mam

  30. Sweety says:

    Madam i have a doubt u r suggested for all cetaphil lotion and soap right cetaphil baby lotion or cetaphil lotion

  31. Sweety says:

    Pls suggest me the massage oil also pls reply Mam

  32. Sweety says:

    My daughter is 5months old she is looking darker pls suggest me the better lotion at present im using chicco products

  33. mama k says:

    I have a daughter of eighteen months, she was very fair till her first birthday, now she is getting darker. Pls help me out presently using sebamed baby body milk and sebamed cleansing bar. What to do to get her fair skin back

  34. Achu says:

    Coconut oil or almond oil, which one is best?
    How long will it take to get the result?

  35. Veena Reddy says:

    My baby was fair when she was born in Jan. after few days her skin became black.
    Earlier I used olive oil now I switched to almond oil, dermdew soap and cetaphil lotion
    Plz suggest me I want my by baby colour back.

    • Mounika says:

      Hi. Use olive oil n dont use any soaps to baby. Instead use herbal powder for bathing mix water or milk. Use himalaya baby powder dont apply any creams to baby.

  36. supriya says:

    Hiii dear I saw all or your reviews, suggestions for mommies, food guide and recepis etc everything it’s very nice and useful thank u dear. I have a baby girl 7 months old. when she was born that time her skin is very bad means like beeroot or bad red because she is having jaundice so first 2 months we didn’t give any scrub to her only coconut oil massage after 10 min with soap only we used. After 2 months we used milk cream and green gram scrub she is gaining good color. I used sebamed soap and aveeno lotion but nowadays she is looks sooo oily and also reducing little bit color 2 months onwards I stopped lotion n milk grnad mas told coconut oil is best u have to continue that only so again I stared oil bcz of that or not I don’t know pls tell me which is better for massage now and also tell me good lotion to her in this summer waiting for your reply dera thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Dont use oil based lotion on the face at any cost. Use a waterbased lotion like cetaphil. Coconut oil tans the face. Almond is better and never use oil on face.

      • supriya says:

        Thank u so much for replying me I saw all your reviews so I decide to use Himalaya or hamdard oil for massage

  37. Cephas says:

    Currently using Chico products.its good for dark skins????

  38. Cephas says:

    Please I’ve 3mths baby, am from Ghana. Please what i use to mentains my daughters skin

  39. Sushma says:

    Hello, can you please suggest which powder to be used on baby, currently I am using Himalaya baby powder, and also suggest can we apply directly powder on baby face without applying cream…..thanks in advance.

  40. avni sharma says:

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    Then Log on to
    Spreading smiles for you and your baby.

  41. Priya says: to increase my baby complexion …I’m using Chico baby liquid is it gud one or not..otherwise shall I go for teddy bear soap..

  42. Veena says:

    hi ,my bath sons are becoming darker,presently im using olive oil .is it gud

  43. Anitra says:

    I live in Uk, my 14 months baby got bad eczema also his complexion is dark now.
    I tried hydromol, aveeno baby eczema cream, aqua cream, almond oil, even all products from himalaya too. Doesn’t worked really well for him. His face is still fair in complexion but the body remains deep dark. Could u please suggest some tips for me.


  44. mary says:

    pls madam i have my baby girl very fair but she is 19 months now wit very dark body but her face was fair pls advice me on what cream and soap to use to lighten her whole body,help me and also i have a new born baby boy 3 weeks nw wit fair colour but darking now pls what to use on him to bright his colour too,help me ma, but i bought cocount oil to use for them bt am afraid dat it will dark them more

  45. Sowjanya says:

    I have 1 month baby girl.she was born fair.then she get dark.pls help to suggest my baby fair.i’m using santoor baby soap and coconut oil and bathing powder.pls help..

    • admin says:

      Coconut oil tans the skin. Kids are usually fair at birth and change colors, you can stop the original color but you can protect the skin from sun. Try Himalaya oil and tedibar soap/cetaphil soap and lotion.

      • Sowjanya says:

        Thank u so much mam.sandal wood oil improves babies skin tone or not?

      • Vanita says:

        I am using almond oil tedibar shoap cataphil lotion for my baby skin become fair . But baby having small bump on his face and neck what to do please suggest . He is two month old .and also having hair on his forehead

  46. Kokila.m says:

    Hi this is kokila from Bangalore, my son is 7 yrs old when he born he is very fair after 6month he’s skin turned very dark. Now I have second boy baby 3month old also same problem now m using Himalaya oil, lotion, soap now he’s skin color become fair, plzzzz madam suggest me how to improve for my 7yrs old son’s skin colour :-|

  47. Lakmini says:

    Hello Madam

    I live in Sri baby Is 18 months old and he’s complection changed to dark. what can i use to change skin colour & improve his complexion. please try to recommend something simple.

  48. Amu says:

    Hi… In which website can I get cetaphil baby lotion

  49. Amu says:

    Hi, in which site can I get cetaphil lotion

  50. Lavanya thanooj. M says:

    Hello madam,
    I have gone through ur research work on babies very nice mam, my baby is two months old, having dark skin and she is getting white spots on below the eyes and spreading over all face and back side small red spots it is slowly spreading now I am using teddy bar soap for her that was suggested by pediatrician though I am using I have not found any result and dermatologist suggested me atonide gel and aloe derm though I am using that but no result so kindly suggest me soap and lotion to baby

  51. Nirosha says:

    Hi, my daughter is 6 months old. I have used teddy bar soap, Himalaya soap, Himalaya lotion. She born with very very white on colour. Due to some climate change I didn’t allow my daughter to take bath. She is becoming darker… Please help me how to improve my babies colour. Help me with the packs as well.

  52. ananya reshmi says:

    My baby was fair but now she become darker pls suggest whitening cream and soap

  53. Spana says:

    I have a beautiful 7 month old daughter who has very dry skin. I have been using egg whites for quite some time now. Does eggs whites cause dryness? Also does almond oil have any side effects on body hair growth. We have a family history of body hair so want to clarify before using. Thanks in advance.

  54. Parinita Singrodia says:


    My daughter is 3 months old now. I read ur suggestions can u pls suggest which brand of almond oil should be used. Please reply as I m too confused on which brand will be good for her gentle skin

  55. Gowthami says:

    Hi mam, I have a doubt,,,,,kindly clarify… my baby is7months old…i’m using teddybar soap for the past 6 is good…but now he getting dark ? And also I use ubtan ,ubtan and chiksa is same or not.

  56. Gowthami says:

    Hi mam,
    My 7month baby boy getting dark ,what about santoor baby soap is good? present I use tedibar soap ,ubtan and chiksa is same or different,present i used ubtan for my baby,

  57. laxmi says:

    My son is now17 months old.he born very fair in color.but now he is not looking fair.his body complexion is slightly change.i use atogla lotion and tedi bar soap.plz insist me what to do

  58. Andy says:

    Pls what brand of milk cream is good.

  59. John s says:

    You all are crazy don’t whiten your child’s skin the darker the skin the healthier and the more beautiful, stupid caste systems are for fools. Darker skin means healthier, lighter skin means sick lookin, stop poisoning the beautiful dark children with your nonsense. Trying to be like white parasites of the planet

  60. Radhika says:

    Daffy soap is best

  61. Krishhna says:

    Use Cetaphil soap and Cetaphil lotion for 4times in a day, may help.

  62. shreya says:

    My daughter is born fair…
    First I used Himalaya massage oil for her…then her skin become dark..
    Now I use teadybar soap & cetapil lotion…
    Does it works..???
    What should I do for my daughter’s better complexion…???

    Plz suggest me…

  63. md manik says:

    My baby was born little she is two month.I use Jonson baby oil,powder,shampo& soap.please suggest me what can I do for my baby’s fairness

  64. mandy says:

    I am in South Africa where can i get tedibar soap for my baby she is 4months old……she was born with fair skin buh she had a jaudice so she went fot phototheraphy after she became darker

    • admin says:

      Dont worry about skin color, it keeps changing. Tedibar just maintains the skin it does not improve complexion. Its made by Curatio which is a brand from Switzerland. Please check online.

  65. Anitha says:

    My daughter is just one month old. When she was born she looked very fair and after 15 days we started giving oil massage with olive oil. Now she gas become dark. And for bathing we are using kasturi manual and besan powder.
    I hear that olive oil darkens the skin. I am confused whether to use almond oil or Himalaya massage oil for massaging.
    Please do suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

  66. RUPALI says:


    • admin says:

      Heard Thanaka powder mixed with safflower oil (not sunflower) works magic. Search online and make sure you try on their legs. Before face. Kids get fairer after 1 year when they gain weight.

  67. RUPALI says:

    My daughter born with fair color.. Now they both become dark.. I brought cetaphil lotion ,cetaphil body wash,well’s almond oil & kasturi tramric after seen your artic

  68. neeta says:

    Hi …my baby when she was born she was fair ….as she was growing her skin become dark …now she is of age 4 yr …I m using dermadew soap and Himalaya lotion….her hand are getting tanned… plzz suggest me something..
    I m so worried ABT her..

  69. Lia says:

    Hahaha lol

  70. SARA Camara says:

    hello… i live in france and my baby 8s very very dark he is 4 months. everybody say my baby is very black. how can I lighten him ? I do not now all your cream you said because i live in Francr. please please tell me i am so sad..

  71. shajeetha kadhar says:

    my baby born with fair.but nwo she to whiten the my 6 mnth baby.

  72. Naunita says:

    I used Balaji Tambe’s Santulan C baby massage oil for my baby. He was born with very fair complexion. Now 1 month old. His skin turned dark within 2 weeks after using this oil. Plz suggest what to be used to improve his complexion.

  73. Siphesihle says:

    I live in south baby Is 11 months old and he’s complection changed to dark very dark..what can i use to change that and please try to recommend something simple

  74. surekha says:

    Hi admin,
    I reside in qatar and would like to say my 3 month old skin becoming too much dry. I use sebamed Cream and soap for her and used Nalpamaradi Ayurvedic oil for her. Now stopped this oil and using coconut oil coz I feel that oil made her skin dry and tanned her skin. Could you suggest something that I can use to get rid of the dryness and to gain her colour back.

  75. Pavani says:

    Hai,my baby Bron very fair after one month she gone very dark.I have used milk cream, olive oil and different kinds of soaps.there is no improvement in color now she is in 5 months please suggest me what I have to I am using olive oil,misoorsandal soap,niveya body soft crem,Himalaya baby powder.

    • admin says:

      Using olive oil will tan the kid and dont use powder and nivea also tans :( Use himalaya baby oil, cetaphil cream.

      • Pavani says:

        Thanks for ur valuable suggestions.please suggest me soap I am using Santoor is some wat better than previous skin is normal and very soft and smooth.can I use cetaphil it good for my baby skin

  76. Ligi says:

    My baby was fair. Than he gone dark. He s elevn month. Can I do anything which gives sure result.

  77. sujata sachan says:

    my baby skin dark by sun please tell me sloution

  78. Priya says:

    you have mentioned egg white six months and egg white third month..which is correct?

  79. Priya says:

    you have mentioned egg white six months and egg white third month..which is correct? and what about kasturi-turmeric?

    • admin says:

      Sorry Kasturi Manjal 6 months (only a pinch), egg white 3 months make sure it does not enter the mouth.. milk cream 1 months. Sorry.. Try to get chiksa powder, mix with majal it works very well.. This is for 6 months plus.

  80. Priya says:


    from which month we can try kasturi turmeric, egg white & milk cream??

    • admin says:

      egg white- 6 months, milk cream you can start very early after a month, egg white after 3 months.

      • Priya says:

        thanks for your reply….

        I have a doubt,,,,,kindly clarify… my baby is 3 months old…i’m using teddybar soap for the past one is good…but now few days i find dryness on her both cheeks….any remedies for that…

        • admin says:

          Maybe change of skin during summer. You can use cetaphil lotion on her face.

          • Rapheal miracle says:

            My baby is 3months old nd face is very fair nd hand then are legs are little bit fair but are body is very dark nd presently i use shea butter mixed with coconut oil nd also natural homemade black soap for her so pls tell me out can i use to make her rhythm nd fair pls. Thanks in advance

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