Housefull of babycare products?

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Space crunch ?? Oh yes tell me about it
We always end up stocking a whole lot of unnecessary things at home.and its only during spring cleaning that we get rid of it. But receiving gifts and our very own shopping is something we cant get rid of.

Simple tips to keep your home clutter free

-Dont hesitate to tell your close friends or family what exactly to buy for your baby
-Write a list of things you need for your baby and then go shopping. Stick firmly to the list
-If you cant resist buying something really cute that is not in your list, maybe one or max two things in a shopping trip is allowed :)
-Put away all the big sized clothing and toys/products for a later age , in a suitcase .
-Keep things in your cupboard that is for immediate use only
-Babies grow quite fast , so once in 2-3 months, replace the used/worn out things with new ones of that age. (like clothing, shoes, bottles, rattles, teethers, toys,etc)
- Since most of us are brand conscious and would prefer giving the best to our baby, put away the products that you may not use in a bag.
-Follow the hand me down concept : Reuse things of your older child/cousin/best pal’s child. Similarly, if you know someone whose going to have a baby, ask them if they dont mind reusing things of your child that are in good condition.
- Give away the excess to your maids or any communty helpers. They will be grateful to you always.
- Collect all the things and make a visit to the nearest orphanage and share it with them. They will really love this gesture of yours.
When my son was in his 7-8th month, the cradle was getting too small for him, he would almost crawl out of it. So we took the cradle and few other unopened babycare essentials to one Sishu mandir near our place . We also took lunch for the children there and spent some time playing with them.
- I happened to read about this innovative idea called Precared. Ít is a store for used baby products and is currently based only in Mumbai. I quite liked their model of allowing parents to use their platform to buy or sell used babycare products at an affordable cost. I havent personally tried their service since its not available in my city-Bangalore. They supposedly get all these products undergo a proper cleaning process and verified before putting it up for sale.
My simple mantra that I preach and try to practise with my child is : When he receives a new gift, he has to give away a used one to someone needy.
And off course the age old trick of putting away the toys once done.

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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  2. Sia D'Souza says:

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  3. i am facing these problems since Kathy was born because i’m just too excited about using all of the Kathy’s stuff at a time over her :D you’re tips are all very useful. great post Reks

  4. Jaishri says:

    Points noted Reks.. Thanks for the article !!!

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