Evil Eye/Buri Nazar on Babies

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Hello Ladies..

Here is one topic that I have been hearing so much from when my baby was born. More that the health advices, that everyone showers, people would tell me ways to protect the baby from evil eyes or buri nazar.

I’m not a believer on all this, nor am I promoting this, I still believe that god is the only protector and if we pray he will surely protect us from all this negativity. But then I’m a mommy blogger now, so just for everyone’s benefits here are some tips from my mommy and my baby’s massage lady:

  • Make your baby wear a bracelet with black beads, if not plain black, black with gold or silver, I’m sure you have seen these in jeweler shops. (make sure the bangle does not have sharp hooks)
  • With homemade kajal, place a bindi on your babys forehead and below the feet.
  • This is what my massage lady would do, its silly ok.. but here it is

Mornings she would take water and mix turmeric and chuna/lime (the one they add to the pan), it would turn into a red liquid, she would place it in the corner of my room, it seems when people come to see the baby, they would see the liquid and it would take off their attention. Later in the evening she would take it and throw it off.

  • Take rock salt  in your palms and round your hand in front of the baby and flush the salt,
  • This one most people do, just light camphor and perform an arathi on the child; it takes away the evil effects.

Do you guys believe in this? If so what do you do?

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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10 Responses to Evil Eye/Buri Nazar on Babies

  1. Tracy j says:

    Hi im 30 yrs old african american. Me and my family n every colored person i know always do the black thread on wrist. For girls on right n boys on left. It belueve to keep negative energy away from baby and spirits that may come from other people tgat you welcome in your hone who have touch your newborn. We do the black thread for birth til 3 months

  2. Megha says:

    Cute post.. I have a black thread with silver bells till date.. ;-)

  3. Uhh..we do have so many practices like this … but all these are less harmful , but I refrain from doing all these to my baby..

  4. Jaishri says:

    Thanks guys my mom will be very happy now.. Mahi where are you from?

  5. Anjjali says:

    I too follow this practice as and when required..it soothes my baby when othing else works!!!!

  6. Mahi says:

    Nice post…I personally dont believe that any such things can prevent anything evil or bad. However, at home my mom and sister-in-law did such things for my niece and many times it helped in realxing and soothing her :) :)

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