Beautiful DIY Stuff with Pens

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By Emma Lawson,

No one says that you need a bunch of material when you are making a DIY project. Sometimes just a pen and couple of extra items are more than enough. Not only that you can make beautiful pieces of art but you can also prepare cool and useful gifts for your friends. This can also be a great activity to do with your kids. You will have fun making it and get a cool item out of it. Here are a couple of projects you might consider making.

Make a flower pen


This is a great project to make and all you need besides pen are a jar, rocks, tape and a silk flower. The first thing you have to do is remove the bottom part of the pen and make room for the flower. The flower stem should be cut to the length of the pen so it can be glued in it properly. Choose a tape that will make the most beautiful flower. You can actually find some floral tapes which are a great pick for this. Wrap the tape around the pen until it is covered completely. Now fill your jar with the rocks you can find at any playground or in your backyard. Stick the flower in it and tie a ribbon that matches the flower around the jar. Now you have a perfect piece of art or a gift for a friend.

Make a Pen Birdhouse


If you are a person who just cannot throw away anything this is a great project for you. It is also something that kids enjoy making and like to keep on their desk. You will need a bunch of old felt pends that no longer work and just a couple of extra items. You should use pens to construct the shape of a house. Use a piece of cardboard to make the base for the house and a bigger pen to hold the hold it up. You can put pen tops around that pen to make it look like a gate. A bird that goes with the house can be made by gluing eyes and mouth to a Kinder plastic egg which can also be used to make many other interesting things.

Go back to basics

If you want to make something with pens why not go back to basics and actually draw something you can hang on the wall? Get yourself some artline pens and start working on your masterpiece. You do not have to be a real artist in order to draw something you can hang on the wall. Stick with the simple things. Write down some quotes and decorate the rest of the paper. Another thing you can do is try to draw some simple things like leafs of fruits. Once you frame it and put up on the wall it is guaranteed to look great.

No matter if you are drawing or making something pens can be a great material when it comes to DIY projects. Keep the things for yourself or give them to the people you love. And if you are a real DIY enthusiast always keep looking for new similar projects you can do.


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