Baby@6 months

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Image Source: Baby @6 months

My baby turned 6 months!!
Its an exciting phase and also getting tougher day by day as she is getting intelligent.

Here are some of her growth developments that I notice:

  • She puts anything and everything in her mouth and even chews on my fingers.
  • She wants to eat everything that we are eating.
  • She is able to turn on her own and is making an attempt to crawl.
  • She starts to swim in one place.
  • She very well recognizes me and my husband.
  • She is able to grab toys and pass it from one hand to another.
  • She makes funny noises.
  • She always wants to be carried outside the house, she will reach out to us to carry her.

What new is your baby upto ??

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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8 Responses to Baby@6 months

  1. rani says:

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  2. lol lovely post admin, i enjoyed it so much because my baby does that all specially the funny noises.. very nice post. :)

  3. shreya says:

    Ohhh thts d reason i thought there may ba sum health related issues…n kuporshan n al tht stuff

  4. shreya says:

    Thank u so much jaishri…..i m confused bcoz u must have seen aamir khan advt…..abt breastmilk til 6 mon n no water n nothingg…..thts y i dnt gve him anything….nestle b i m giving bcoz my milk is nt enough for him….n my dr is als telling nt to gve him anything till 6 mon

    • Jaishri says:

      Hi Shreya, in India we have so much poverty and hygeine is also not great in undeveloped cities. So people would not know how to sterilise bottles and give clean food to the baby so keeping that in mind the givernment has fixed 6 months.
      Im sure we live in good conditions and are educated enough to feed our baby clean food. These are exact words my Ped said..

  5. Jaishri says:

    Hi Shreya you can give little water only if your feeding solids. At 5 months I started off with cerelac rice and ragi porridge. See my review of silverspoon ragi.
    after eating I used to give few spoons of boiled and cooled water. you can also give dal pani. but no cows milk till one year as it has bacteria. After 6 months you can give biscuits dipped in nan pro and also give yogurt as it has good bacteria.

  6. shreya says:

    Even my baby do d same he is 5 mon old bt he put anything n everything in his mouth…..btwn i wnt to ask sumthng do u gve her water to drink or anythink toeat like biscuits dip in milk etc…i m askng ths bcoz i m nt giving abything to my baby i.e. i fed him n gve him nestle nan 1 or 2 times a day…..every1 is telling me to start wth dal ka paani.biscuits dip in milk n water as wel i m so confuse wht shuld i do…pls help

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