Baby First Soap & Powder -Product Review

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As mothers we take utmost care of our babies.Motherhood makes us extra cautious, when it comes to using products on their skin. A baby’s skin is extremely soft and often extra sensitive which makes it more prone to allergies and sometimes eczema as well.While selecting grooming skin care products for your baby, you should keep in mind the ingredients which make up the product.Also look out for any additives or preservatives which might harm the baby due to which he might even develop an allergic reaction.As a mother, I am not very keen on experimenting with new products.So when we at Mommyswall Team were contacted by Healthfitz Team, and told about their range of 100% FDA approved baby care products, we thought that this was definitely not worth missing.


1. I first try it on my skin for a couple of days. I think this is a tried and tested formula which many moms across the world would swear by.This is because , as a mom it would be better if in a worst case scenario, allergies landed on my skin rather than the baby itself.
2.I always read the ingredients which make up the products.This helps me in identifying the potential benefits of the ingredients used, and  look out for any additives(if any).
3.I also try to do a patch test as and when possible.


So Healthfitz Team sent us a packet which consisted of the following:
1.Baby Soap
2.Baby Powder


Baby Soap – The baby soap consists of 72% total fatty matter and is made of 100 % vegetable oil.Vegetable oil is said to give conditioning and nourishing properties to the soap.

Baby Powder – The main component of this baby powder is Vitamin E and aloe vera extracts.Apart from keeping your immune system up, Vitamin E also helps in moisturization of your skin.Aloe is used in households across the world.We all know it also has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.


So far  we have good experience with both the soap and the powder.The soap lathers well and keeps my daughter’s skin moisturized and hydrated at the same time.The soap’s main ingredient is vegetable oil which provide the suppleness to the skin.It is Ph neutral, thus completely safe to be used on baby’s skin.It also protects against extreme dry skin- a condition many new born babies face.The entire baby care range is FDA approved.The baby powder also has mild fragrance , and is perfectly well suited for the upcoming summers

WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT?The entire bay care range of ‘Baby First ‘ brand can be purchased from and also have their own site at :

The two products which were sent to us are decently priced :The soap was 50gms and is priced at I.N.R 29.The baby powder also comes at an economical price of I.N.R 45 for 100 gms.

We would give it a 4/5 .The only thing on which they can improve is to make the packaging more attractive.We all know the famous saying ‘Never judge a book by its Cover’, but just making the packet more visually appealing, is surely going to add to its brand value more.

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